Sometimes, all it takes is a little push from the inside to ignite a massive change. In 2012, Robert Pattinson and Jared Leto both felt a change coming on, and they were both excited to see it happen. They were not only looking forward to new experiences, but they saw their time in the spotlight as a chance to make a difference and help others find their own voice. Inspired by a mutual love for acting and social justice, the two friends decided to pour their passion into a brand that would help people find their authentic selves and be comfortable in their own skin. Since then, CosmoQuest has grown from a small social enterprise to a lifestyle brand that now has retail stores across the world, and they were even recently named one of the top 20 beauty brands to look out for in 2022.

What originally started as a social media outlet soon became a vibrant community of people discovering their own beauty, fashion, and lifestyle preferences. Today, with over 500,000 Facebook followers, 100,000 Instagrammers, and 150,000 Twitter followers, the brand has gained a strong reputation for speaking truth to power and providing a safe space for people to explore their feelings.

In 2022, they’ll celebrate 10 years since their original brand collaboration by hosting a party for their biggest fans. It’ll be a celebration to remember, and one you definitely don’t want to miss. You’ll be able to get your hands on some limited edition merch, and you’ll have the opportunity to speak with some of the people behind the brand about their journey so far and what’s to come next. Let’s take a look at how you can get involved in the celebration and what you can expect.

How to Get Your Hands on Some Limited Edition CosmoQuest Merchandise

If you’re looking to get your hands on some of the limited edition CosmoQuest merchandise, you’ve come to the right place. Just a few days before the anniversary celebration, we’re happy to announce that stores across the world will be receiving a small but exclusive shipment of items for the anniversary party. If you’re in the US, you’ll be able to get your hands on the goods before the celebration at all retail stores, including Nordstrom. If you’re in Canada, you may need to wait until the celebration to get your hands on these items.

Retailers will have items available for purchase, and you can bet your sweet ass we’ve got some beauties in there for everyone. We’re all about diversity, and we always have a special place in our hearts for underrepresented voices and those who need a little boost of confidence. We want people to feel comfortable and excited about expressing themselves through their clothing and accessories, and these two friends from England are helping us help you discover your beauty within, one piece of clothing at a time.

What Can I Expect At The Anniversary Event?

If you want to know what to expect at the anniversary party, our wonderful friends from CosmoQuest have put together an amazing itinerary for us. Here’s a peek into what awaits you at the event.