Are Robert Pattinson, Jamie Dornan, and Andrew Garfield dating? It seems like they are! After spending the last few months apart, the Three Musketeers are back together in London, and they seem to be spending more time with each other than ever before. What does this mean for their romance, if any? We discussed it all with our columnist, Emily, who interviewed the actors for her column “First Impressions.” We’ll unpack their cryptic messages and try to decode what is going on.

A Whole New World

When it comes to their professional lives, Robert Pattinson, Jamie Dornan, and Andrew Garfield are in a whole new world. They’ve worked together before, with the 2011 movie, The Debt Collector, which was based on the William Tepper’s bestselling novel, Pawn. But this is the first time they’ve been actively working towards a common goal since The Debt Collector wrapped—a year and a half ago. When they were last together in London, they were merely celebrating the fact that The Golden Compass, the first in a trilogy of films based on the first Nicky Bryant‘s series of Animal Kingdom books, had just opened to rave reviews.

Their reunion in London was brief, but sweet. They had dinner, caught up on each other’s lives, and then headed to the airport separately. Their schedules for the next year are jam-packed, with The Rover being released in theaters on January 10th and The Book Thief hitting bookshelves a week later on January 17th. Both of these films are set for wide release later this year.

All The News That’s Fit To Eat

The last we heard from them, Robert Pattinson, Jamie Dornan, and Andrew Garfield were hanging out together in London. While there is no question that the capital city is full of exciting opportunities, it also has a way of bringing newsworthy stories to light. Whether gossipy magazines want to print stories about the stars or something more substantial like The Times wants to write an in-depth story about the city, there is always something going on.

It was only a matter of time before the tabloids got their hands on this story, and here we are. Even The Sun, one of the more reputable tabloid newspapers, ran with the story, albeit in a more discreet manner. The headline read, “ROCKY REUNION: Andrews Garfield and Jamie Dornan have been spotted shopping for lingerie together.” We kid you not. It seems that the three stars are doing their best to keep their relationship off-camera, which is understandable, considering everything that is going on. But with so much press around them, it is hard to keep a secret these days.

The Perfect Match

If there is one thing that these three actors have in common, it is their undeniable charm. Even before they became famous, people were talking about how much they would enjoy being around them. While that certainly isn’t an uncommon phenomenon, it is rare to see three handsome men with such natural chemistry. Whether it is the banter or the compliments, it is clear that they enjoy each other’s company. For those reasons, it is hard to imagine them not being perfectly suited for each other. We can’t help but wonder what their romantic story will be like.