There’s a reason why Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson is often referred to as Suicidal Robert or Vampire Robert: Not only does he have an incredible knack for slicing his wrists (in real life, not on film), but he’s also been known to hunt humans for food. You’d think that with his good looks and charming personality, he’d have no trouble finding a girlfriend. But, the opposite seems to be the case. Here’s the lowdown on the star’s romantic style and why every woman should try it.

A Romantically Inclined Life

If you’ve been following the news, you’d know that the 25-year-old actor and musician (Pattinson has two other siblings, a brother and sister) has been linked to several famous women in Hollywood. While he’s never publicly acknowledged his romantic intentions, he did recently share a sweet moment with another famous ex-girlfriend. On April 10, he posted a picture of himself on Instagram holding Ex Machina star Domhnall Gleeson’s newborn daughter Ruby. He wrote: “Just held a baby for the first time. What a rush!”

Gleeson, who plays Augustus Wells in the sci-fi flick, previously dated Twilight actor Peter Facinelli. And it wasn’t long before the two were seen together. In November 2016, they were spotted holding hands while walking in New York City. A few months later, they were vacationing in Italy when they were spotted holding hands again. In March 2017, the rumors became reality when Gleeson shared on Instagram that he and Facinelli were engaged.

A Closer Look At His Romantic Style

If fame and fortune haven’t already broken your heart, consider this: Pattinson is one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. And yet, he seems to have trouble keeping a relationship. Since 2010, he’s been romantically linked to British singer-songwriter Lily Collins, actress Kate Bosworth, and model-turned-actress Rose McGowan. And, we couldn’t talk about Robert Pattinson’s romantic style without mentioning the most famous ex-girlfriend. Here’s a closer look at the Hollywood heartthrob’s style choices:

Dressing To Impress

No, we’re not talking about his clothing style: we’re referring to his romantic style. Do you remember that famous quote by author John Berger about a woman’s look being “a visual shorthand for the way she thinks and feels”? Well, we’d have to agree. It’s safe to say that Robert Pattinson dresses to impress.

Pattinson usually wears black or dark brown, smart-casual separates that complement each other well. But, he’s been known to wear colorful dresses and skirts, too. As for his shoes and handbags, they’re usually simple and understated—just like his fashion style. But, we get the feeling that the handsome actor wants us to pay attention to his every detail. In 2017, he shared a picture on Instagram of himself wearing a black dress with a sweetheart neckline. He captioned the photo: “Dress to impress.” We can’t help but agree.

When he’s not dressed to impress, the star usually dresses in accordance with the weather. In cold and blustery conditions, he often prefers a thicker layer, while the opposite seems to be true in hot and humid weather. And we have to admit that we love watching him dress in separates because it makes us appreciate his unique style more. For instance, his time in rehab undoubtedly changed his dressing style (as it does for many people who have been through similar experiences). After his time in a treatment center, Pattinson became determined to avoid using drugs and alcohol. Nowadays, he mostly dresses in separates and opts for simple yet effective style choices. But, he still occasionally wears some of his classic high-end leather jackets and colorful shirts. He’s also known to wear his Twilight jacket from time to time.

Romantic Dates

We mentioned earlier that Pattinson seems to have trouble keeping a relationship. Since 2010, he’s been linked to Collins, Bosworth, and McGowan. But, it wasn’t until 2016 that the actor revealed that he had a serious girlfriend. Sharing a picture of his new lady on Instagram, the actor captioned the photo: “So happy to share this with you. Getting to spend this time with my best friend is one of the most important things in my life. I love you, Rose.”

The picture prompted many of the actor’s followers to question whether or not he was actually serious about the relationship. Not that it was a secret that the ladies liked to hang out with him. While dating Collins, he took her to see the band OK GO. And, in 2014, Bosworth attended one of his concerts in London. But, it wasn’t until 2016 that he revealed that he had a girlfriend. And even then, he did so on social media.

A Modern-Day Romantic

One of the main reasons why the star hasn’t married or committed to anyone is because he doesn’t feel ready. “I’m just not sure about getting married. I think I want to enjoy life and see what happens. For me, it’s not about ticking boxes,” he told The Telegraph in 2016. “I want to meet someone who I can share my life with. But, I’m not opposed to getting engaged. I don’t see it as a problem.”

In any case, it’s obvious that Robert Pattinson isn’t your typical Hollywood star. He dresses to impress, enjoys spending time with his friends, and is open to a new romantic relationship. What’s more, he has no trouble expressing his feelings. When he was in high school, he wrote a letter to a friend, revealing his romantic intentions: “I guess I’d like to be in a relationship with someone I really care about. I don’t just mean with someone I sleep with. I want to make sure that I connect on a more personal level with the person I’m with. Does that seem weird?”

Well, what is a romantic style anyway? Is dressing in black to impress your partner? Going on romantic vacations? Or, planning a luxurious wedding? Style and taste are subjective, so it’s great that we can have a different opinion. But, mostly, we think that the most beautiful thing about a romantic style is that it’s simply your way of expressing yourself. And that’s something to celebrate.