Everyone has an opinion on who the worst Batman is. Most people will say that it’s either Thomas or Barbara, or sometimes both. But which one is the worst? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

What is the Definition of a ‘Worst Batman’?

To determine who the worst Batman is, we must first establish what makes up a ‘worse Batman’. The term ‘batman’ originates from the comic books, but in modern day superhero parlance, it refers to the dark and brooding counterpart to the popular superhero Batman. Like its famous counterpart, the ‘worse Batman’ is usually dark in complexion and attire. Sometimes characters that are similar to the Batman exist in other media as well, such as the vigilante who appeared in the 1990 animated series, and the villainous ‘Nana’ who is based on the DC Comics villain, the Enchantress. She first appeared in the 1952 comic book, Forbidden Worlds and is one of the handful of characters that have survived into perpetuity.

Which one is the Worst?

Deciding between two characters that are so similar in many ways is like deciding between chalk and cheese. One of them will inevitably stand out from the crowd as the worst of the two. Let’s take a look at how we came up with our top two picks for the 2018 Halloween Costume Contest, which will be held on Halloween night, October 31st.

Batman v Superman

On one hand, you have Batman v Superman. Two of the most popular and well known superheroes on the planet colliding in a cinematic event billed as the ‘ultimate test of strength’. Fans of both characters were able to choose between two very different looks for their Halloween costumes, which makes it a versatile option for those that didn’t want to commit to just one. Both Batman and Superman are dark in color and have a flair for drama and fashion. But which one is considered the worst?

While many will argue that Batman is the undisputed king of the dark, twisted imagination of comic book fans, Superman is the character that most people recognize as being associated with optimism and hope. But even Superman has his flaws and mental anguish and the fact that he’s often seen as a father figure to many makes him the target of some of Batman’s more personal attacks. In the comics, Batman has taken on the role of mentor to a young Clark Kent who is often torn between his admiration for the Dark Knight and his desire to be seen as his own man. This tension is what makes Batman such an intriguing and complex character and it’s the reason that his villains are usually so memorable.

But beyond the differences in the characters’ personalities and the fact that they’re from different mediums, there are other, more pertinent factors that separate the two heroes. The first is that Batman is a vigilante, a solitary figure that operates outside of the law in an effort to right the wrongs that plague Gotham City. By contrast, Superman is an idealist, someone who wishes to uphold and protect the law and order that he sees around him.

Ironman 3

Another factor that makes Batman the worst is that he’s not actually that great of a superhero. As entertaining as it can be to see Ironman clash with his various enemies, most of whom are also powered-up individuals that share an uncanny resemblance to the Marvel Comics character, the truth is that Tony Stark’s superheroing is pretty pathetic. His suit is junk, his fighting style is awkward, and he talks way too much. Even as Ironman, his body is never really in the right place at the right time. And when he does fight, he usually gets beat up really bad.

While Batman is often criticized for being a one-dimensional character, it’s important to remember that he is a character that is defined by what he cares about. In a nutshell, Batman is a comic book character that is the product of a very dark and twisted mind and he continues to exist solely because of the unique stories and characters that he creates. If you’ve ever read the comics, you’ll know exactly what we mean when we say that Batman is a product of his environment. Despite all of the technological advancements that have made his world so much easier to live in, Batman remains a lonely vigilante that patrols the streets of Gotham City, doing his best to protect its residents against evil, even if they aren’t necessarily aware of his existence.