It’s been almost a year since the release of the last installment of The Twilight Saga, and since then, fans have been left to wonder what the future holds for the young vampire-hunting Cullens. While we await the next big story from New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Meyer, here comes the news that one of the stars of the series will soon be returning to theaters in a live-action remake of the iconic Japanese horror film King Kong. The film will be produced by Working Title, the company responsible for the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, as well as the upcoming remake of Dune. Working Title’s CEO, Richard Wenkham, had this to say about the upcoming adaptation:

“King Kong is one of the greatest stories ever told and an amazing inspiration for the whole industry. It’s incredibly exciting to help bring Rupert [Gregory]’s vision of the character to life. Bob [Pattinson]’s performance as Kong is going to be incredible, as is the entire film. We can’t wait for audiences to see this spectacular collaboration.”

While we are glad to see this classic monster movie getting a live-action remake, we have to say that this adaptation definitely has us worried. Not because we don’t want to see Bob Pattinson play King Kong — far from it — but because of all the other actors that the makers of this film have lined up for the project. Among them are the likes of Jessica Chastain, John C. Reilly, and Frank Langella. We’ll discuss each of these actors and whether or not they are suitable for the roles they have been cast in later in this article, but first we need to discuss why Robert Pattinson is the most annoying part of the King movie franchise.

The Most Annoying Part of the King Film Series

It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson isn’t a particularly likable actor, and his portrayal of the sadistic and sexually-confused poet, Lord Byron, in the 2016 flick, The King, only served to cement that fact. Much has changed in the last year, however, and the world seems to have become a much better place for Pattinson. His Twitter following now stands at over a million, and he has a new girlfriend, the actress Bella Hadid.

The Twilight cast member made his Broadway debut last year, playing the role of J. Alfred Prufrock in William Shatner’s one-man play Backstage, about the actor’s life and career. The role was a resounding success, and Pattinson was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical. Now, with both Hollywood and Broadway behind him, it seems that the world is ready to give the actor the career he deserves. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case if the upcoming King Kong film turns out to be as bad as its trailer suggests.

In that trailer, we are presented with a dark and stormy night where a huge creature emerges from the mist — and it’s not Bob Pattinson wearing a gorilla mask! Fortunately, there are some things that we know about the making of this film that give us some hope that it won’t be as bad as its trailer would have us believe. Namely, it was once reported that the film would be directed by Andy Serkis — the actor behind the brilliantly-realistic motion-capture performance of Gollum in the Peter Jackson-produced The Lord of the Rings franchise. This was followed by an even bigger announcement that the famed creature-maker Ray Harryhausen would be joining forces with Peter Jackson to lend his special effects magic to the upcoming King Kong remake.

While we are overjoyed that Serkis and Harryhausen will be involved in such an iconic movie project, it doesn’t change the fact that this adaptation has us worried. Not because we don’t want to see Bob Pattinson play King Kong, but because of the other actors that have been cast in the film. Specifically, we’re worried about the characters that they have played in the past — and it goes without saying that none of them are as likeable as Robert Pattinson.

Here’s a short list of some of the more famous, and infamous, characters that these three actors have played in the past: