Robert Pattinson is one of the most beautiful men on the planet; there’s absolutely no denying that. But aside from his gorgeous looks, the actor is actually quite shy and soft-spoken. And this is a trait that some think makes him even more attractive. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can help the actor/model feel more comfortable speaking to the media and interacting with fans.

Introduce Him To People Who May Surprise Him

Pattinson already has a very small circle of friends and family, especially since he rarely leaves the house these days. This has led many to believe that he may be slightly overwhelmed by the attention of the public. To avoid this, you could introduce him to some of your friends or family members who may surprise him with a friendly greeting or loud applause. This could help him get used to interacting with people and make him more comfortable speaking in front of large groups. It’s never easy being the center of attention, but especially when it’s not something that you desire or expect.

Don’t Forget The Little Things

Although he’s been in the public eye for years, Robert Pattinson is still very much a youngster at heart. This means that he may occasionally find himself forgetting that he’s famous and expecting everyone to act like his “normalfriends.” To help him realize that he’s indeed a celebrity, don’t forget the little things – like the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he holds a door for a woman, etc. By remembering these things, you’ll help him maintain his identity as a regular person even though he has a lot of cameras and people watching him all the time. This will also make him feel less like a superstar and more like your average joe.

Create A Privacy Screen

If you really want to make a difference for the actor’s mental health, you could set up a simple screen in the hallway where he can escape the paparazzi and their cameras. This could be as simple as a curtain – something that allows him to retreat to his privacy while retaining some sense of security. Of course, this isn’t a perfect solution, but it could definitely help.

Be The Quiet Surprise

Instead of calling him “Robert Pattinson” all the time, you could try saying his first name – “Rob” – when you realize that he isn’t in the room. If you want to be extra careful, you could add a small “sir” or “ma’am” – just to make sure that he maintains his composure and that he doesn’t lose his head and start baring his teeth or cursing. (Yes, we know that cursing is an inherent part of being human, but there are so many pretty cool ways to curse, and some can even sound quite classy.) In any case, this could be a simple act of kindness that helps make him feel less like a giant freak and more like your average joe.

Offer To Help With His Entourage

If you think that he might benefit from having some extra support people around, you could offer to help arm his “posse” with some staff. This could be a handy thing to do, especially if you know that he isn’t exactly equipped to fend for himself. In the moment, you could say that you’re just giving him some moral support – something that he needs considering his fame and sensitive nature. Later, though, if this behavior becomes a regular thing, you could think about offering to help with his security or lifestyle. He will appreciate your help with these things, and it could make a huge difference.

Create A Relaxing Atmosphere

To help create a relaxing atmosphere for the actor, you could turn down the lights and play some soft background music. This could help him get rid of any excess energy and relax before filming a scene or attending an event. It’s always good to have a few candles around, too, to create a more intimate atmosphere – not that he’s ever been accused of being too private.

Let Him Be Quiet

Somebody has to be the bad guy in a movie, right? If you want to be the hero, you may need to let the villain do all the talking. This could be especially beneficial for Robert Pattinson, as he often finds himself in the middle of scenes where he’s supposed to be the center of attention. To truly become the hero of your story, you could say that you’re sorry for all the attention that he’s been getting and that you want to help make him feel comfortable in his own company. This could be something as simple as asking him about his interests or hobbies, or it could be making him a delicious meal that he can’t keep his hands off of. Whatever it is, just make sure that he stays quiet – no talking! – and saves his energy for what’s important.

Avoid Overstimulation

If you want to make a difference for the actor’s well-being, you could remove all of the electronic devices from the room. This could help reduce the amount of stimulation that he’s receiving from the outside world and allow him some peace and quiet. Naturally, this isn’t something that you should do every day – it depends on how big a difference that you want to make.

Let Him Vent

Of course, the main reason that you’re trying to help Robert Pattinson is because you find him so attractive – you want to see him naked! Although it’s not against the law to dream, you could say that you have a brother, sister, or a parent who is a doctor and could give him some serious medical advice. If you want to be extra careful, you could even suggest that he gets a checkup before talking to your family members or friends about his love life. This could be something as simple as getting a physical or taking a vitamin C regimen – both of which could help promote healing in his body and mind. While his fans may find this odd and even a bit creepy, you could also say that you’re just being protective – as a doctor or nurse, it’s your duty to keep your patients healthy.

Be Creative

When it comes to helping out some of our favorite celebrities, we are often limited by what they allow us to do. Sometimes it can be hard to get permissions or access to film certain areas or people. Even if you do get a permit, it can be difficult to pull off a perfect shot considering the amount of security that celebrities are sometimes shielded by. To make a difference for Robert Pattinson, you could be creative and figure out a way to help without getting noticed or risking your health – or the health of those around you. Start by brainstorming with your fellow fans. What can you do to help make a difference for this beautiful soul?