Rumors have it that Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson is expecting his first child with Twilight co-star and fiancee, Kristen Stewart. If this is indeed true, fans of the pair can rejoice as this would mean that their favorite on-screen couple would be gracing us with an addition to the family very soon! Let’s examine the evidence and see if Robert Pattinson is indeed pregnant with Kristen Stewart’s child…

The Evidence

There are several lines of evidence that suggest Robert Pattinson is indeed going to be a father. First off, he recently bought a luxury home in Los Angeles’ Bel-Air neighborhood. Additionally, he’s been spotted wearing a baby bracelet and carrying a baby bag in interviews recently. Most recently, Kristen Stewart revealed that they’re expecting a baby in the future in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Keep in mind that this was before news of Robert Pattinson’s possible pregnancy broke.

This news will no doubt make many fans extremely happy, as it would be a dream come true to see Stewart and Pattinson’s on-screen chemistry mixed with real life fatherhood. The perfect combination!

What Is The Surrogate Decision?

It is well-known that Hollywood actors and actresses often find themselves in difficult situations where they feel unable to give birth themselves. To avoid this, they often turn to a surrogate to carry their child. Surrogacy has been around since the early 1900’s, but in most cases, it was used as a last resort when other traditional methods of having children failed. However, in more recent years, celebrities have turned to surrogacy to give them the family they desire.

For Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, this may be a way to fulfill their child-worthy dreams. It’s not always an easy decision for surrogate parents, as they have to give up their baby for part of its life. However, in most cases, surrogacy is a fully collaborative process where the parents and the surrogate work together to create a healthier baby. This way, everyone benefits and no one feels left out. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

How Is This Different From Previous Rumors?

It’s not clear if this rumor is new or old, but it has been around for longer than you’d think. Just weeks after news of Stewart and Pattinson’s wedding broke, fans began wondering if the newlyweds would give us the “pregnancy rainbow.” The speculation started when Stewart was photographed wearing a babydoll dress with a rainbow strip on the bodice. The image received mixed responses from fans, with many seeing the dress as a symbol of their support for the couple while others compared it to Stewart’s infamous rabbit fur coat from the Harry Potter films.

In that same interview with Entertainment Tonight, Stewart called the babydoll dress a “wardrobe malfunction,” adding, “I’m not pregnant.” In the days that followed, fans tried to make sense of Stewart’s statement, speculating that perhaps she was trying to ward off pregnancy rumors. However, since that time, Stewart and Pattinson have been the subject of much speculation and rumors regarding their personal lives. What’s more, with news of their engagement breaking in early 2016, it’s virtually certain that Stewart was already pregnant at the time.

Despite all this speculation, whether or not Stewart and Pattinson are actually expecting a child is something that we will probably never know for sure. However, one thing is for sure – they are a very dedicated couple!

The question now is: will the rest of Hollywood follow suit and embrace fatherhood?