When you think of Hollywood royalty, the name Robert Pattinson probably doesn’t come to mind. But thanks to his upcoming performance as Batman in the 2019 film Batman vs. Harley Quinn, the actor is set to make a name for himself.

If you’re not familiar, Robert Pattinson is the older brother of Emily, Princess Elizabeth, and Alexia Robertson-Pattinson. Born in London in 1978 to Donald and Diana, Princess of Wales, he went on to study acting at St. Mary’s Theatre School in London. He subsequently spent a year at university pursuing a sports management degree before dropping out to pursue his acting career full-time. He’s worked in film and television since then, with prominent roles in films like Love & Sex, Gang & Gun, and High Life, as well as Netflix shows such asThe Crown and Downton Abbey. He also provided the voice of the character Viktor Van Loove in the animated film The Book of Life, and provided the English-language dubbing for the character Bizar in the anime series Assassination Classroom.

On the big screen, Pattinson is most famous for portraying vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight films. Though he’s never played a super villain, over the years he’s established himself as a leading man, both in front of and behind the camera. And now, armed with his exceptional looks and chiseled jawline, Pattinson is hoping to take on a completely different role: That of a superhero.

Here’s a closer look at the similarities and differences between Robert Pattinson and Batman.


Both actors have undeniable good looks. Robert Pattinson’s celebrity extends beyond acting, and he’s often touted as one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. His bone structure is iconic: A mix of Laurence Olivier and Marlon Brando, according to Suzy Kasdan, who wrote and directed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. His looks have helped him land prominent roles in major films, not just acting roles. For example, he’s currently filming the crime thriller Shadow which co-stars Cameron Diaz, and he’s set to appear in the upcoming Tomb Raider film as well. And although he’s never played a super villain, his brooding good looks have helped make him the perfect candidate to play Batman.


Just as with his looks, Robert Pattinson’s voice is something to behold. With a deep, baritone voice that can take you on a journey from tender to fearsome, he’s developed a reputation as one of the best voice actors of his generation. And it shows: In the right roles, he can bring an entire scene to life with just his voice.

If you’ve ever watched Deadpool, you’ll know exactly what I mean. There are few voices as soothing as Pattinson’s when narrating a scene of familial affection. Or when he gives a tour of his impressive home, you’ll hear the endless sobs of a broken man. In many ways, Deadpool is the polar opposite of Batman. Where the former is full of sunshine and heart, the latter is often a dark character study. But it’s an interesting mix that keeps the audience guessing.


The Cullen family is an odd lot. The matriarch, Victoria, is a former monarch who abdicated her throne in order to marry a commoner. Her only child, Evelyn, became Queen Victoria II after her mother’s abdication. And Queen Victoria, who was once known as the “wearable art museum,” was such a character that she inspired a 2004 biopic, The Queen, starring Naomi Watts as the eponymous monarch. Watts also played Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna, Victoria’s younger sister, in the 2006 film. And speaking of siblings, Queen Victoria also had two other siblings, Princess Feodora and Prince George of Greece. All told, it’s a clan of fascinating characters that make for one drama-filled family.

As for Batman, he’s haunted by his parents’ murder, and grew up an only child, learning how to be strong and independent from a young age. He’s also deeply religious, and considers his morality to be his defining feature. Unlike many of his on-screen counterparts, Batman doesn’t get along well with other people. He sees them as a hindrance to his goal of being the best person he can be.

Together, these two distinctive figures represent two very different takes on the superhero movie. Though they share some important similarities, their personalities and approaches to life are worlds apart. It’s an interesting pair, one that I’m sure will entertain and impress audiences with their on-screen chemistry.


One of the first major films that Robert Pattinson appeared in was the 2002 film Romance. He followed this up with a major role in the 2004 film The Passion of the Christ, which was directed by his friend and Twilight co-star Mel Gibson. Since then, Pattinson has largely stuck to character roles, often playing a tortured artist or writer, like the characters he played in the 2006 film The Matador and the 2008 film Maps to the Stars. In many ways, his career followed a similar pattern to that of his older brother, working his way up through the ranks before establishing himself as a leading man.

On the other hand, Alfred Hitchcock is Batman’s Godfather. After helping create the Caped Crusader in DC Comics’ 1966 story “The Batman,” the legendary director went on to work with the studio on three more films in the series, before returning to his indie projects. And while many may know Hitchcock for his distinctive, piercing eyes and thick accent, it was his sense of humor that endeared him to fans and kept them coming back for more. His films generally focus on the thin line between order and chaos, and how one choice can lead to disaster. Though his work is often dark, it’s rarely without a sense of humor.

While the careers of these two very different men have followed very different trajectories, they’ve both achieved a certain level of success and acclaim. And as they’ve gotten older, they’ve continued to make movies that are both interesting and enjoyable. It’s an exciting time for both actors as they prepare to take on such iconic roles, roles that will undoubtedly define their careers. And even if they don’t always see eye-to-eye, I’m sure they’ll make for some fascinating on-screen chemistry.