It’s no secret that celebrities can be jerks. Let’s be honest, most of them are just plain weird. This also goes for the famous people we see on the red carpet. Let’s not get started on the paparazzi, we’ll just say that they’re a completely different breed all together. Unfortunately, there are always a few that go above and beyond to get a picture of you when you don’t want them to. Or to keep tabs on your every move. Or to sell you stuff they think you might like.

Luckily, there are still a few good ones out there. Like Robert Pattinson. And we’re going to tell you why he’s one of the good ones.

He Plays the Part

It’s not easy playing a caricature, especially one with so much attitude. But Robert Pattinson nailed the sass-snarfing aristocrat down to a tee. Even when he was playing Edward Scissorhands, he kept that same haughty attitude. And sometimes, it’s exactly what we need.

Take a look at him in a scene from the trailer for The Great Gatsby,

  • He’s got that sassy line about wanting money.
  • He looks like a real monster when he’s pretending to be an animal.
  • He has a monocle and a cane
  • He can beat up a woman with his bare hands

For some reason, the trailer for The Great Gatsby made Robert Pattinson’s sassiness and bad attitude seem more real. Maybe it’s because we know how great the book is. Or maybe it’s because we saw how perfect of an actor he is. Whatever it is, let’s just say he’s improved our perception of Edward Scissorhands.

He’s Got Charisma

That’s another word for charisma. The ability to command attention, like a charismatic leader. Edward Scissorhands was the very definition of a charmer. He had it with him before he even opened his mouth. And let’s be honest, the guy is just plain gorgeous. It doesn’t hurt that most of his movies have beautiful costumes, great sets, and fantastic actors. He also has that whole ‘dangerous and unpredictable’ thing going for him. We’re not sure if it’s his good looks or his acting talent, but either way, he has our attention. And he knows how to keep it.

He Knows A Thing Or Two About Women

While most vampires aren’t very attractive, Edward Scissorhands is an exception to the rule. He has that whole ‘I’m irresistible to the opposite sex’ thing going for him. Which is probably why he has been able to stay childless for so long. Being unable to attract a mate is probably the downside of being immune to aging. You get all sorts of hilarious stories when you’re that guy. Like the time he chased a woman around her apartment building with a sharp piece of wood. Or how he tried to convince a homeless woman that he wasn’t a monster at all, but just a misunderstood creature. Basically, it’s funny because he doesn’t seem that scary or dangerous. Just a little kooky. Which makes him even more interesting.

He Isn’t Afraid To Try New Things

While a lot of vampires are stuck in the past, trying to live in the shadows of society, Edward Scissorhands is determined to be unique. He wants to break free from the regular rules and live his life how he wants to live it. This isn’t your normal vampire movie. Sure, he’ll drain your blood, eat your flesh, and make you his slave. But it’s more than that. He wants to become part of the society he despises so much. He wants to be accepted, even if it’s just for a little while.

This determination to break free from the norm is why we’ve enjoyed watching him over the years. He’s always trying to find a way to express himself; even if it means putting on a dress and acting like a girl for a little while. We’re always on the lookout for unique characters like him. People who don’t want to fit into the social niceties of ordinary life. People with a thirst for life. The ones who want to break free and live how they want to live. People like Robert Pattinson. Because he’s honest and willing to try new things; willing to push the envelope and take a chance. People we can root for.