There was a time when reading a Robert Pattinson novel was enough to make you swoon. Since the start of his acting career, the British actor has been known for his dashing good looks and charming persona. Now that he is established in Hollywood, however, the charming actor has revealed that he is actually a pretty private person. In fact, in a recent interview, he told MTV News, “I don’t really like being featured in front of the camera that much.”

While promoting Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2, the sequel to the hugely popular Twilight series, Pattinson revealed that the film’s director, Bill Condon, went above and beyond to make him comfortable on set. “I have never felt more seen or heard than I did working on this film,” he admitted.

The talented actor was interviewed by MTV News’ Josh Horowitz at the Toronto Film Festival. In the interview, he discussed a variety of topics, including his transition from books to movies, his favorite scenes from Twilight, and much more. The following is an excerpt from the chat:

On Moving From Books to Movies

Pattinson admitted that he did not expect that Twilight would turn out to be such a huge success. “People always say that as an actor, you never know what’s going to be popular and what’s not. But I certainly did not expect that out of the blue. I mean, I had seen a lot of successful people’s films before, but this was different. It was really quite surreal.”

The actor was asked how he prepared for the role of Edward Cullen. “Well, I did a lot of research into albinism, which is a condition that I have, and into autism, which is a condition that Chris (Pattinson’s character) has. So, I did a lot of reading and listening, and it was a case of trying to put myself in their shoes for a while.”

Though he enjoyed researching the role, Pattinson pointed out that it was challenging to channel someone else’s thoughts and feelings. “It’s always difficult to find the right words when you are trying to portray someone else. But the great thing is that the script really helped because it gave me a clear picture of what was needed. It was very different from what I was actually doing, which was acting normal.”

He continued, “So, in some ways, it was like I was getting the best of both worlds.” The actor was encouraged by Condon to use his experience with the camera as a way to capture Edward’s vulnerabilities. “I think that is what made the character so relatable, honestly. He’s a character that you can identify with in some ways because we’ve all been there. We’ve all felt vulnerable, at times, and wanted to protect ourselves. So, I think that that is why the character has struck such a chord with people.”

On Being An Actor And A Singer

Pattinson is best known for his starring role as Robert Pattinson in the international bestselling Twilight series. The actor has also had starring roles in several other major motion pictures, such as The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Hobbit. In 2012, he was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Beautiful Creature.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of years for the 32-year-old Englishman, and he is still going strong. With so much popular media attention, he now has the chance to do whatever he wants, and he is taking advantage of it. “I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best directors in the world, and it has been an incredible learning experience. I have really enjoyed exploring different genres and showing off my versatility as an actor, as well as singing.”

Pattinson first broke into the industry as a child singer, and he even released an album, Songs from the Movies, in 2003. Since then, he has not looked back, and he now has three full-length albums under his belt. His upcoming album, Good Things, is due for release in April 2019.

As an actor, he has been noted for his versatility. In addition to playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, he has played a variety of supporting roles, including a schizophrenic in Mike Mills’s 2006 psychological thriller, A Beautiful Mind and a priest in the 2012 biblical epic, Noah. The most recent role he played was that of a drug lord in the 2019 movie, Never Tell Me the Truth.

Pattinson has also been featured on the cover of numerous magazines, including Playboy, GQ, and Wired. In addition, he was voted the sexiest man of the year in 2013 by Woman’s Health Magazine.

When asked what advice he would give to up-and-coming actors, he had this to say: “I think it is really important to find your own style. Don’t be afraid to be different and unique because that is what will make you stand out.”

On His Transition From Books to Movies

Since Twilight, Pattinson has appeared in a variety of films, including Gucci Mane’s Trap House, the drama The Light Between Oceans, and Wes Anderson’s upcoming The Grand Budapest Hotel. In addition, he voiced a role in the animated feature Megamind and starred in the British comedy, What Happens in Vegas.

Pattinson told MTV News that he did not have any reservations about taking on a dramatic role in Megamind. “I have always loved cartoons and comedy, and thought that it would be a good fit. I think it is important to not be scared to try new things. There is always room for improvement, and I will always be trying to do my best work.”

On The Cinema Trip Of A Lifetime

Pattinson has been able to travel the world thanks to his work as an actor. He has visited some of the most beautiful places, including Rio de Janeiro, Australia, and Turkey, and he even had the opportunity to explore the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Though he usually travels alone, he has made several film trips. His last solo travel adventure was to Iceland, where he explored the geothermal pools in between takes. He even caught a glimpse of the Northern Lights from above deck.

Pattinson is not only a talented actor, but he is also a skilled musician who can play the guitar and piano. In fact, the Englishman even collaborated with singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey on her 2018 album, Norman Fucking Rockwell!

The Twilight movies have not only been a commercial and critical success, but they have also spawned a variety of merchandise, including key chains, hoodies, and socks. While promoting New Moon in 2013, Pattinson revealed that he found the movie-related merchandise to be “really fun,” and he even plans to start his own clothing collection. “I love trying on different stuff, and it is really fun when people come up with ideas for Halloween costumes,” he said. “I have a long way to go before I start creating my own line of clothing, but it is something that I have always wanted to do. It is great to have ideas from the top down as well as the bottom up.”

On The Evolution Of Twilight

Though the Twilight series has not been without its critics, the young adult fantasy has been embraced by fans and critics alike. Several months after its premiere, Twilight was still the number one bestseller on Amazon, and it continues to be one of the biggest bestsellers today. In honor of the fifth anniversary of Twilight, the entire series was released in paperback, and it remains one of the bestselling YA series of all time. Since then, Condon has continued to adapt the popular franchise for the big screen, and he is currently in production on the highly anticipated Breaking Dawn, Part 2.

Pattinson had this to say about Condon’s work on the sequel: “I have never felt more seen or heard than I did working with Bill on this film. He really went above and beyond to make me comfortable, and I am grateful for that. It was amazing working with such a talented director.”

On His Favorite Scenes From Twilight

When asked which scenes from the Twilight series are his favorites, Pattinson did not have to think for very long. “It is difficult to say, because, you know, there is just so much. But, I mean, I think that there is a reason why my scenes are some of the most popular scenes from the series. They are just very funny and quite moving at the same time.”