For years, Twilight was the biggest thing in Hollywood. The phenomenon became so famous that the term ‘Twilight fan’ was synonymous with ‘enthusiastic female movie-goer.’ Now that the movie has been out for some time, it’s time to see how many fans there really are and what has happened to the love affair between Hollywood and its favorite vampire movie.

We caught up with Robert Pattinson, who gained worldwide fame as the charmingly awkward and slightly effeminate Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies, to get his thoughts on the series, why he still watches it, and if he’s ever considered doing the movie himself. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him onscreen, but his charm and beauty still shine through even in the aisles of IKEA.

Why Is Edward Cullen So Popular?

It’s hard to put into words just how much of an impact Twilight had on the world. Not only did the movies become a worldwide hit, but people actually started dressing up like Edward. We all know the meme ‘dress like Ed’ which now has over 50 million views on TikTok. Even now, six years after the last movie was released, there’s still a lot of speculation about whether or not Bella and Edward’s love will ever be able to survive Hollywood’s harsh light.

When it comes to fame and success, Edward is definitely a case to study. It’s only natural that people would flock together in groups based on the characters they love most. For those who played a role in Twilight, it’s like a reunion every day. Seeing all of the leading men and women who played a part in one of the most popular series of all time must feel amazing.

Why Is He Still Not Over Twilight?

When it comes to our favorite Hollywood heartthrobs, there’s usually one that stands out. For me, it’s always been Robert Pattinson. I’ve been a huge fan of his since I first saw him in the movie High School Musical as the dashing and charming Prince Charming. Since then, I’ve followed his career with bated breath. I remember back in 2013 when he was named Forbes’ highest paid actor of the year. Unfortunately, since then, he’s only gone and got himself engaged to Kristen Stewart, whose movies I’ve also really enjoyed. I think what has kept Pattinson interested in Twilight is the chance to work with Idris Elba. Elba played the muscular and intimidating Sheriff Marcus in the first three Twilight movies. It’s no secret that I have a massive crush on the actor and would do anything to work with him. It seems like that dream may have been answered, as the very first look at Pattinson in character as Elias Cole suggests that Elba may have assumed a role in this upcoming sequel.

Will He Ever Direct A Horror Film?

While we’re on the subject of dream jobs, let’s talk about horror movie directing for a moment. I think it’s safe to assume that, at some point, Pattinson would love to try his hand at the scary movie genre. He’s got the looks, the talent, and the charm to pull it off. There’s no question that he’s got the eye for detail and the attention to detail necessary to make a successful horror movie. In fact, the director of the upcoming Annabelle: Creation has said that they modeled the central antagonist, The Dolls, after Pattinson. If that isn’t a sign that the ‘still not over Twilight star is trying to break into the horror movie business,’ I don’t know what is.

Has He Seen The Other Films In The Twilight Series?

It’s always wonderful when a series draws such a devoted fan base, but it can also be frustrating when the movies in a series don’t live up to your expectations. The Twilight movies are no exception. While they’re not bad by any means, they aren’t quite as good as one would hope given the incredible popularity of the series. It would be great if Edward Cullen could save the world once and for all, but I’m afraid that won’t be happening. The Twilight series will never live up to the grandeur that is Peter Pan. As a result, fans may be disappointed when they realize that these aren’t the movies that they’ve been waiting for. Still, it’s great to have something that they can still look forward to. While it would be great if the Twilight series continued, the fact that we won’t see any more may be for the best. The last thing that anyone wants is for Hollywood to lose touch with reality. It would be great to have Edward Cullen back, but he probably had more movie magic in him than he ever had in real life. It’s great when fiction becomes so real that people start dressing up like their favorite characters just to feel that sense of awe and magic again. While I’d love to see more from Edward and Bella, the series may well have run its course. It’s still a paradise for fans, however, and I think that’s what matters. You can still smile and laugh and cry and feel all of that wonderful feeling that you had when you were a kid while watching these incredible stories of love and life, betrayal and redemption unfold before your very eyes. It’s not often that we get to experience such genuine feeling in fictional stories, but it’s what keeps me coming back for more. It’s not everyday that we get to feel that sense of magic and wonder, and to witness the ups and downs of two young lovers who find strength in each other and prove that true love can prevail. That’s something to look forward to. While it’s not quite as exciting as getting to see Edward Cullen fight giant birds or skeletons or wolves, it’s certainly something to watch and feel good about. That’s the magic of fiction. It makes us feel things that are impossible to feel in real life, and that’s what makes it so special. While it’s sad that the Twilight series will come to an end, at least we still have the movies. It’s like a gift from Hollywood, really. Thank you for always making me believe once more that true love will triumph in the end.