Most people know Elizabeth Taylor as the iconic movie and TV star, and the wife of former U.S. president, president John F. Kennedy. However, she was also a successful businesswoman who ran her own production company and produced several movies, including the legendary Giant, with John McClure. After Taylor’s passing in April 2014, her son, Jackie, completed a documentary about his mother’s life, which premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, and was released in theaters soon after. In it, we learn that even as a child, Taylor was driven by a need to succeed, and that she worked hard to ensure her family’s financial security. As one would expect, this manifested itself in her adult life as an overwhelming desire to provide for her beloved children. This also explains her entrepreneurial spirit in establishing her own production company, which she eventually sold for a large profit.

While it’s fascinating to learn about Elizabeth Taylor’s fascinating life story, it’s not always easy to relate to, particularly as an adult. For this reason, in honor of the upcoming Christmas holidays, I thought it might be fun to try something new and interview some of today’s most exciting and popular film and TV stars, both famous and humble, about their favorite foods and beverages. Given that Christmas is right around the corner, who knows? Perhaps this will help you relate to or understand something about one of these fascinating individuals that you’ve never really thought about.

Robert Pattinson

I’m quite sure you know who Robert Pattinson is, as he’s one of today’s most recognized and popular movie stars. After starting a production company with his wife, Vanessa, in 2010, they began acquiring and producing various TV and movie projects, both in and out of the United Kingdom. Most notably, they produced the highly acclaimed dark comedy, The Great British Bake Off, which premiered on Masterpiece in October 2014 and became the most watched Christmas special in Prime Video’s history, with 147.3 million cumulative views to date. (Check out the trailer here).

Among its many other awards, The Great British Bake Off won the Royal Television Society Award for Best Comedy, and both Vanessa and Robert were nominated for BAFTA TV Awards for Best Entertainment Performance for their roles as Bob and Mel Giedroyc, respectively. The show also received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series.

If that wasn’t enough, in October 2015, they announced that they were engaged to be married, and will be tying the knot in April 2017. (Get the latest details here). In addition to all of this, Bob and Vanessa have two sons, Edoardo, age nine, and Jack, age five. So, you might be saying to yourself, “Wow, what a busy guy!” Indeed, he is.

Jason Derlatwa

You might also know Jason Derlatwa as the actor who plays Zach on The Handmaid’s Tale. Derlatwa is a native East Anglian whose family moved to London when he was a child. He went on to attend Nottingham High School, where he acted in the school’s productions, and then the prestigious RADA, where he earned a BA in Acting. Afterward, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he began receiving critical acclaim for his starring roles in The Changeling and The Tempest. In April 2017, Derlatwa made his screen debut in the hit movie A Star Is Born, starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, and also co-starred in the forthcoming horror flick, Crimson Peak, opposite Mia Wasikowska and Tom Hiddleston. (You can read more about Derlatwa here).

Tom Hiddleston

Perhaps you’ve also heard of Tom Hiddleston, who will star in and produce The Nightingale, a film about the infamous 19th century poet, William Mackail, and his life in Mackail’s birthplace, Finland. Hiddleston is best known for his portrayal of the J. Sherlock Holmes in the Bafta-winning Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, as well as his starring roles in The Avengers, The Lord of the Rings, Les Misérables, and The Nightingale. (Learn more about Hiddleston here).

Colin Farrell

As I mentioned above, Jason Derlatwa will star in and produce The Nightingale, which is set for release in April 2017, so he’ll be appearing in two films in quick succession. While he’s busy acting and producing, Colin Farrell also has a few more appearances lined up, including in the upcoming Halloween episode of Masters of Sex and the recently released movie, The Sisters Brothers, in which he plays an outlaw. (Learn more about Farrell here).

The man can work!

Eva Green

And then there’s Eva Green, the beautiful and talented French actress, who you might know from such films as Dior (celebrating its 20th anniversary this year), High Marlowe, and The Dreamers. (Learn more about Green here). Eva stars in The Professional, which comes out next month, in which she plays an aspiring actress who poses as a nanny to gain access to a prestigious school for children of the elite. Green has also been cast in the upcoming Bond 25, due out in December 2018, opposite Daniel Craig. 

She’ll be playing Séverine, one of the film’s main characters, and in the same year, she’ll be hosting the 76th annual Cannes Film Festival in the summer. (Learn more about Green here).

Jackie Chan

Speaking of Bond, let’s not forget about the legendary Jackie Chan, who recently wrapped production on Secret Service, the first English-language spy movie Jackie ever made. When it comes to food and beverage, Chan is best known for his wok stir-fries and his ability to perform incredible flips and spats (high-flying kicks) while dancing. (Learn more about Chan here).

Mad Max: Fury Road

I couldn’t leave out Mad Max: Fury Road, the just-released action-adventure franchise starring Tom Hardy, whose previous Masters of Sex appearance I mentioned above. In fact, Hardy plays Max, a drifter who becomes embroiled in a violent conflict with a group of female immortals who hunt him down, forcing him to go on the run, which is where we first meet him. During production, the cast and crew had to travel to and from Keswick in North Cumberland, England, for location shooting. (Learn more about Mad Max: Fury Road here).

Geri Kellenberger

Continuing on the subject of food and beverages, and sticking close to home, let’s not forget about Geri Kellenberger, who you may know as the “other Masters of Sex gal”, due to her appearances in the award-winning film and its sequels, The Tourist and The Contract. However, you might not know that Kellenberger is also a talented chef and owns restaurants in London and Venice. She was a contestant on Britain’s next Top Baker, which premiered on E4 in 2015 and saw her compete against amateur bakers from across the country. (Learn more about Kellenberger and her culinary talents here).

Kate Winslet

Here’s another English actress cast in a leading role, this time in The Reader, which comes out in theaters next month. Winslet plays Joanna, a London resident who falls in love with, and later marries, a man from the country. During production, Winslet had to change her hair and skin texture, as well as learn to bake. (Learn more about Kate Winslet here).