Last night, Robert Pattinson stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new movie, Valerio. After the film’s premiere, fans were excited to see the actor and singer on television. During the interview, Robert talked about the movie and shared stories from the set. However, after the interview, things took a turn for the worse. Fans noticed that Robert seemed agitated and distracted during parts of the taping, even looking somewhat pale.

At the end of the show, Jimmy asked if he was okay and if he needed to take a break. Robert replied, “I’m good, thank you. I just had a bit of a headache.” However, this was far from the truth. The headache was apparently caused by an insect bite and wasn’t anything serious.


News broke on Sunday that Robert had been exposed to malaria earlier this year while filming in Kenya. According to a report from The New York Times, the actor was bitten by a mosquito on set that was infected with the disease.

There are several cases of malaria that are transmitted through mosquito bites. The most common type is called falciparum malaria and can be quite serious. If not treated promptly, it can lead to coma and death. Fortunately, Robert only suffered from a mild case and wasn’t hospitalized. He was given anti-malaria medication and has reportedly made a full recovery.

It comes as no surprise that Robert would be exposed to malaria while filming in Kenya. The country is home to several species of vectors that carry the disease, including Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles funestus. Most of these mosquitoes are active throughout the year and are not particularly concerned with avoiding humans. As a result, the disease is generally found everywhere in Kenya, including in populated areas. However, it is most prevalent in the north-eastern part of the country. The area is known as the ‘Malaria Belt’ and is inhabited by several tribes whose members are often exposed to the disease because there are so many mosquitoes there.

Insect Bite

While it is not always easy to determine the cause of a headache, it is usually relatively easy to identify what brought about the pain in the case of an insect bite. When an insect bites you, it injects saliva into your skin. This irritates the nerves and causes the headache. The bite itself does not generally cause any pain, but the fact that you have it makes you more vulnerable to getting sick from other ailments.

The most common insects that spread malaria are not actually mosquitoes but ants, ticks, and fleas. These insects carry the disease to their next host when they bite them. Although they can also transmit the disease through contact with an infected animal’s blood, their bite is seldom serious enough to require medical attention. Aside from the risk of an infection, an insect bite can also cause rashes and inflammation, which makes the condition harder to diagnose.

If you suspect that you have been bitten by an insect, it is best to get rid of it as soon as possible. Cleaning the wound with soap and water will help to remove the saliva that has been injected by the insect. If this is not possible, wiping the area with an alcohol-based cleanser will help to dry out the wound and prevent further irritation. There are also several products available that can relieve the pain caused by an insect bite. If you have been bitten by an insect, an oral anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin or ibuprofen can help to keep your joints pain-free.


Last night’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live should not necessarily be cause for concern. It is common for celebrities to appear overly- or under-prepared for a TV interview because they want the audience to understand that they are being sincere when they say they are nervous. The truth is, Robert Pattinson looked like he was having a good time on set and was looking forward to sharing his stories with the world. Even during the taping, he seemed to be in good spirits.

After the interview, fans noticed that Robert had a slightly distant look in his eyes and seemed distracted. The actor seemed to avoid eye contact with the camera and was unusually quiet during parts of the program. When Jimmy asked if he was feeling alright, Robert replied, “I’m good, thank you. Just had a bit of a headache.” This is similar to his response on the film’s set, where he also said he had a headache. As Jimmy noted, there is usually no reason to be concerned about a headache, but in this case it seems strange that it would come on after the interview. There are no reports of what might have caused Robert’s headache and it is difficult to speculate. It could have been something as simple as an allergy to the makeup that he was wearing during the interview.


For those who are not aware of it, Robert Pattinson is a well-known animal lover and was one of the first celebrities to publicly come to the aid of a homeless dog. A photo of him with the dog went viral and he has been photographed with several animals ever since. As a result of his compassion for animals, it is not surprising that Robert would be concerned about avoiding being infected with malaria while in Africa.

After the news of the actor being exposed to malaria broke, several fans expressed their concern for his health on social media. Like many others, they were worried about his well-being and wondered if the disease could affect his ability to star in future films. Although it is still early days, it seems that Robert is coping well with the disease and does not appear to be suffering any long-term effects. He still plans to star in at least one more film in Africa, but has been advised to be more careful in the prevention and treatment of malaria. His fans should not lose hope that he will be able to star in films in the future, but they will have to be more vigilant in the prevention and treatment of malaria.

In order to avoid contracting the disease, it is recommended that you take the following precautions while in Africa: