Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse were an iconic power couple in the spotlight for years. They were often photographed together at red-carpet events and major awards ceremonies, and their fans followed their every move. But in 2018, their fairy tale romance was struck by a sad reality when the “Twilight” actor filed for divorce. Since then, they’ve been spotted less frequently at events and have mostly kept out of the public eye. Here’s what you need to know about their breakup and how to move on.

Why Did Robert And Suki Get Divorced?

Even though they’ve been through a lot together, Robert and Suki’s divorce was amicable. According to the statement they released at the time, both parties “wish to keep their marriage alive,” and they’ve remained friends ever since. They did, however, agree to disagree about some things, like the custody of their children.

But while their romance blossomed over the years, their careers sometimes got in the way. In an interview with Vogue, Suki Waterhouse joked that she would have tied the knot with her idol if he hadn’t been so busy working. “I would have married him when I was 23,” she said. “I would have given him my whole life.”

While Robert may have dedicated more time to his acting career, it’s clear that Suki’s star rose faster and brighter over the years. In 2019, she was appointed Special Ambassador for the United Nations’ Sustainable Fashion Programme and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She also started her own children’s clothing line, which provides a safe environment for children to explore their creativity. It’s safe to say that Robert didn’t stand still over the years and pursued many other ventures, including painting and design. Just last year, he collaborated with the brand Balmain to create a capsule collection.

How Long Has It Been Since They Last Spotted Each Other?

It’s been nearly two years since we’ve seen the iconic power couple and their supporters in action. At the 2019 Emmy Awards, they were both spotted sitting at the bar of a restaurant in Hollywood. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Suki Waterhouse said they decided to go for a night out to “celebrate the success of ‘Waterhouse,’” adding that it had been quite a while since they’d seen each other. “We’re both very busy,” she said. “We both have a lot on our plates, so it’s really good to get a moment to ourselves.”

It’s not exactly known what brought them together in the first place, but it’s clear they have a strong connection. At the 2018 MTV Movie Awards, they were seen sharing a passionate kiss while presenting an award. While most of the press focused on their on-screen chemistry, it was their fans’ collective squeeing that attracted worldwide media attention. The public’s reaction was understandable: the pair had been dating for over a decade and was often photographed together holding hands, as seen here.

Where Has Robert Pattinson Been All This Time?

Since their split, Robert Pattinson has largely kept a low profile. In 2019, he was last spotted at a premiere for “Joker,” in London, England, wearing a black shirt and holding a drink. But in an interview with The Telegraph, he opened up about his ex-wife’s influence on his work and life, saying, “I learned a lot from being married to her. I learned to be more responsible. She taught me there was more to life than just work.”

He also said that while he wasn’t proud of his drinking days, he now realizes they were a “scared reaction” to his wife’s death. “I couldn’t function after that,” he said. “I had to escape from the people around me.”

How Has His Career Changed Since They Split?

It’s been a very different road for Robert Pattinson since he and Suki Waterhouse called it quits. He began replacing his public appearances with more private engagements with friends and family, and he continued to work on growing his acting career. He often took on more substantial roles in films, gaining a reputation for playing brooding heroes and troubled men. In 2019 alone, he appeared in four studio films and one documentary. He also made his Broadway debut in August as an understudy for the role of Willy Loman in “Death of a Salesman.”

Despite his busy schedule, he still found time to collaborate with famed makeup artist and beauty icon Pat McGrath on an exclusive makeup collection. They worked together to create a full range of looks inspired by Pat’s friendship with the Duchess of Cambridge. The two also designed a makeup box that can be personalized with the winner’s name and a special message. The collaboration was announced in April and will be available for purchase in August.