One of the biggest pop culture events of the year is New York Fashion Week – the biggest fashion event in the world. People from all over the world come to witness and be a part of the fashion scene, which makes it a great opportunity to catch up with famous figures from the world of arts and fashion. One of the most important events of the week is the big fashion week party known as ‘the show’. It’s an opportunity to catch up with friends, connect with figures from the world of arts and fashion, and most importantly, see the latest collections from the most prominent fashion houses.

Every year, there is a big debate about which models are the most influential and which are the most handsome. One of the biggest contenders for the title of ‘the best-looking man in the world’ is Robert Pattinson, the 27-year-old English actor and musician. Having just wrapped up a successful run as the lead actor in the Hollywood movie, The Twilight Saga, the former Sleeping Beauty star is walking the fashion world in New York City these days. We chatted with him about fashion, style, and his famous friends.

Fashion Influences

When it comes to fashion influences, many people think of luxury brands or designers. Not Robert Pattinson. He credits his eclectic style to a fascination with different cultures and their fashion quirks. Growing up in the Hollywood Hills, he was surrounded by celebrities. As soon as he hit puberty, he became interested in the fashion world. He would spend his school holidays visiting museums and art galleries, soaking up as much culture as he could. This is perhaps why his style is such a cultural mash-up – after all, he was never really ‘into’ fashion in the traditional sense. He always had a particular interest in the more eccentric end of the style spectrum.

Best Friends

Besides his obvious good looks, Pattinson is most recognized for his friendship with the late, beloved actor, Christopher Wild-wood. The two were brought up together in Los Angeles, and it was at a dinner party that they first became “best friends forever”. They started with a fashion show in London during which they both wore bespoke suits. After the show, they continued the party at a nearby bar where they were joined by a host of famous faces, including Kate Moss and Lily Cole. The drink and the music got wild, and before long, the two were dancing together. It was an evening that would change their lives forever. Since then, they have been inseparable.


When it comes to style, it’s hard to pinpoint which of the two actors is the most fashionable – after all, they both have their own distinct styles. While some people credit Pattinson with bringing a more “sculptural” approach to acting, Wild-wood had already begun experimenting with his style during his time on Sex And The City. But, perhaps the most noticeable distinction between the two is that Pattinson is never really “into” fashion. He always had a particular interest in the more eclectic end of the style spectrum. While Wildwood was known for his daring fashion choices, including custom-made suits and dress shirts made from ostrich feathers, Pattinson was more likely to be found in a hoodie and jeans, sneakers, or sandals. This is perhaps why his style is such a cultural mash-up – after all, he was never really “into” fashion in the traditional sense. He always had a particular interest in the more eclectic end of the style spectrum. This was most noticeable when he was cast as Cedric in Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire. Not only did he have to dye his hair different colors, but he also had to sport a mustache, wear a wig, and sport a different accent. Nevertheless, he carried it off to perfection.

As for what is fashionable in 2017, we can see that he has been influenced by many different style trends. While some people credit his style to his fame and lifestyle, others see it as a clear demonstration of his versatility.

Fame And Lifestyle

People often associate fashion with celebrities and their influence. While that may be true in some instances, it is not always the case. What is more important is the manner in which celebrities present themselves. And, for that matter, the manner in which we as a society present them. After all, no one decides to be famous – often, circumstances make you famous for being yourself. It is in this sense that Pattinson has been influential. He has not conformed to the typical “rock celebrity” – he has not pursued wealth and fame in the same manner that some of his famous friends have. Instead, he has preferred to lead a low-profile life and develop his own style in the process. This is not to suggest that he does not appreciate the opportunities that fame has presented to him – clearly, he does – but he has not let it change him.

Fashion And Art

One of the things that makes Pattinson so influential is his combination of fashion and art. Many artists and designers are celebrated for their ability to combine the two, but Pattinson really is unique in that he combines the two quite literally. He is a famous and sought-after artist who also happens to be a fashion designer. So, it is not only his celebrity that makes him influential, but his ability to straddle both worlds. He is constantly exploring how he can bring the two together – for example, he collaborated with Japanese designer, Comme des Garçons, on a capsule collection that combined fashion and art.

The Future Of Fashion

While we are often focused on the here and the now when it comes to fashion, that is not always the case. Fashion historians go back in time to note the trends that preceded ours. Looking at how society has changed over the years, it is not hard to predict the way fashion is going, and it is not hard to see where we are heading as a society. For example, it would not be a stretch to suggest that in the not-too-distant future, people will look back on the way we present ourselves today and laugh. While our culture is focused on appearance, in the eyes of future generations, we may seem as strange as we are proud.