The Hollywood superstar was injured while filming the fifth installment of the Divergent series. What makes this incident even more tragic is that the actor suffered this blow while filming something of which he is truly passionate about. The incident came as a result of a freak accident while filming in Budapest, Hungary. The actor was on a scuba-diving expedition with co-stars Kate Winslet and Idris Elba when the mishap occurred. According to police, the accident was caused by unknown third parties who were trying to harm the British actor. The police also stated that the suspects’ motive was financial gain. The paparazzi who attended the scene quickly photographed the injured star as he lay on the wet pavement. The incident was later reported in the media, drawing considerable attention to Mr. Pattinson’s mishap.

The Movie In Question

Mr. Pattinson’s latest film, The Divergent Series: Ascendant, is currently in theaters. The movie features the actor in the role of Tron Bonne, a famed computer programmer. Tron Bonne is a billionaire inventor who has created a program that will allow individuals to indulge in all of their favorite hobbies while enjoying recreational activities as a group. The program is called the Decentralized Entertainment Network or DEN for short. After creating the software, Tron Bonne commissions the design of a physical home for his creations, known as the Digora. This is where the bulk of the action in the movie takes place. In the beginning of the film, Tron Bonne travels to Budapest to oversee the installation of his new home. During the process, he encounters a former lover named Estelle (played by Winslet). Estelle is also a software designer who worked for Tron Bonne. She creates a hostile work environment that forces Tron Bonne to take a hiatus from his work and getaway to reset his system. While in Hungary, Tron Bonne and company dive into a lake and get trapped in an underwater cave by a group of mercenary divers (played by Elba and his crew). Once the cave is sealed off, Tron Bonne must use his skills as a hacker to break into the divers’ lair and escape.

The Accident

The accident that befell Mr. Pattinson occurred as he and his scuba diving companions were preparing to ascend from the underwater cave. After spending over an hour in complete darkness, the divers surfaced and began to make their way to shore. Just as Mr. Pattinson reached the shallows of the Danube River, a group of five men in full scuba gear suddenly appeared and attacked him. There is no indication as to who these men were or why they decided to harm the Hollywood star. While not wishing for harm to come to anyone, particularly a talented artist such as Mr. Pattinson, the attackers’ actions were not unforeseeable. The five men surrounded Mr. Pattinson and started beating him with wooden sticks. The starlet fell to the ground in agony. A few minutes later, Mr. Pattinson’s bodyguard, Lukasz Kowalski, entered the fray and began to fight off the assailants. One of the assailants was apparently armed with a firearm and pointed it at Kowalski during the fracas. Luckily, no one was injured seriously in the altercation. This was likely due to the fact that Mr. Pattinson and Kowalski were both trained in karate and have extensive skill sets that helped them avoid confrontation. It is also likely that the bodyguards were prepared to defend themselves in case things went south.


The following day, Mr. Pattinson underwent a routine surgery to remove two bullets from his left buttock. The procedure was uneventful and the actor made a full recovery. He subsequently returned to work and completed filming The Ascendant in early June. The movie is scheduled to be released in theaters later this year.

Just this week, Mr. Pattinson joined Twitter and began to share news of the incident as it occurred. His first tweet reported that he was in “good spirits” and thanked fans for their well-wishes. The actor’s account is now private, indicating that he has taken the necessary measures to protect himself online. Mr. Pattinson’s next movie, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of ‘Cathy’), is due to be released in February of next year. It will mark the beginning of a new trilogy that will continue the Dark Knight saga. The last installment, The Batman vs. Dracula, is currently available on home video. Mr. Pattinson can also be seen in the upcoming movie, Gucci Mane’s House of Gucci, which features a supporting role. In the movie, Mr. Pattinson plays fashion designer Gucci Mane, who is also known by his real name, Robert Pattinson.