The Man

It is often said that Robert Pattinson is the heart and soul of the Twilight movie franchise. While that may be true, it is more accurate to say that he is its biggest fan. As a devoted Twihard, he has been seen wearing Twilight gear on more than one occasion.

Pattinson didn’t always love cats. In fact, when he first heard about the Twilight books, he thought they were about werewolves. When he discovered that they were actually about vampires, he became infatuated with the characters and their world. He even went so far as to create a Twitter account specifically to discuss the novels with other fans. To this day, he continues to follow the saga and even created his own Tumblr blog to celebrate it.

Pattinson’s love for Twilight was apparent during the filming of the movies. He would often show up at the sets dressed in his trademark black and red outfits, and he took the opportunity to ask the actors for their autographs. The fact that he was a walking meme made it even more memorable.

The Animal

For Puss in Boots fans, the news was devastating. While the world was still buzzing over the casting of Twilight, it was announced that Twilight would share the screen with a real-life cat. Pattinson had been cast as Edward Cullen, the vampire protagonist from the books, and his feline co-star would be a house pet named Boots.

Boots was not originally planned to appear in the movie, but he was soon adopted by the actor after his family fell ill. The eight-year-old kitty had to leave his home in Texas and arrived on set in England with his new owner. He was filmed wearing a tracking collar and a leash so that the production could ensure he stayed close to Pattinson at all times. The actor even took the time to bathe and brush Boots, and he reportedly fell in love with his furry co-star the moment he set eyes on him.

While the thought of sharing screen time with an animal might make some people squeamish, Boots proved to be the perfect addition to the series. Fans were quick to point out his striking resemblance to Edward Cullen, down to the slicked-back hair and matching tattoos on his paws. In one scene, he jumps on to a table and begins purring, which enabled the filmmakers to capture his natural, living sounds in the final cut.

The Fan

The biggest surprise related to the Twilight films was none other than the revelation that some of the audience members were actually feline fans. For those who grew up watching Disney movies, it was reminiscent of meeting Elsa from Frozen or Snow White in real life. When the movie first came out, many fans were able to relate to the story because it was slightly reminiscent of their childhoods as well.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Pattinson was asked if he had any other famous fan connections. He replied:

“I have a few but they’re not famous enough for you to know who they are. Let’s just say that in the past few years, there has been a big increase in the number of people that love cats and have adopted them as a result of becoming obsessed with the characters in the books. So it’s lovely to meet the real owners because you can tell that they’re just as proud as ever of their cats’ resemblance to the characters.”

The Meme

It’s been more than five years since Stephenie Meyer and her vampire novels first graced the big screen, and even then, the movie still regularly makes cameos on social media. The meme for the actor’s latest Instagram post shows Robb swinging a cat by his tail. His caption reads: “Wanted to try something different… what do you think?” In another post, he is shown posing with the caption: “I love cats!”

If you’ve been following the saga since its beginning, you might recognize the cats from the movies and books. While some still prefer to keep their identities secret, others love to show off their celebrity feline companions.

The memes for Robb’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are pretty self-explanatory. One features him in a chicken costume, and the other has him in a variety of Halloween costumes, including a ghost and a zombie. He’s also been seen in a superhero outfit and Star Wars gear. When his character Edward starts to grow his hair, fans have gone crazy with the memes.

While memes will never die, it seems that the original star of meme-worthy content is slowing moving away from Instagram and towards Facebook.

The Influencer

While the meme creator cannot be replaced, it is apparent that social media influencers are filling the void left by traditional stars. In fact, the top YouTube commenters are now the ones influencing moviegoers. Influencers have a larger following than average users, and it’s easier for them to interact with their audience, especially on social media.

“The audience is consuming content at light speed, and it’s becoming more and more difficult for content creators to keep up,” James Griffith, a social media marketing strategist and co-founder of digital marketing agency MCM Strategies, told Business Insider. “People want quick and easy entertainment, and they’re finding it on video platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.”

The speed at which audiences are consuming content means that video content is the best way for creators to attract an audience. It’s also the perfect place for creators to gain brand exposure. For example, if you’re a fashion YouTuber and you have a popular segment on your channel titled “Stylish Summer,” you can bet that you’ll see some of your clips show up on TikTok.

The Legacy

The success of the Twilight movies cannot be denied. Not only have they spawned several spinoffs and inspired countless memes, but they also introduced the world to two very famous felines. While there is no denying that much of the fandom’s enthusiasm comes from the unexpected reunion with Elsa from Frozen, it is interesting to note that the first wave of Twilight fans were largely composed of young women. As much as technology and the internet have evolved, it would seem that our attraction to these novels and their characters has not wavered.

When compared to other films of its time, the relatively mature content of the Twilight franchise didn’t bother audiences the way some other films of its era might’ve. Perhaps that’s because the characters are already well-established by this point in the series. Fans have grown up with these characters and they’ve been there for them throughout their entire lifespan. There is no question that they will be cherished for many years to come.