Ever heard of Robert Pattinson? If not, then you’ll probably know him as the older brother of Kate (or, if you’re American, the boy toy of Brangelina). The actor-turned-director has been in the limelight ever since he shot to fame after winning the hearts of Hollywood actors and fans alike with his sweet and innocent romantic lead in the beloved movie, Twilight. Since then, he’s worked on several films, including the aforementioned Twilight, and the box office hits, Serendipity, Water for Elephants, and The Great Gatsby. He also recently directed the critically-acclaimed movie Welcome to the Ball, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Reese Witherspoon.

Another Successful Trip to Santa Monica

Last year, we reported on Robert Pattinson‘s first trip to Santa Monica since his meteoric rise to fame. The actor-turned-director was in town for the opening of his brother’s restaurant, PJW Soho Restaurant and Bar. The Hollywood actor had some very kind words about Santa Monica and the restaurant (which serves the usual English fare – fish, chips, and boiled eggs with ketchup), telling the Los Angeles Times, “I love coming here. The people are so nice and the food is terrific.”

So it seems like his love for the city and its eateries are undeterred. Recently, the actor visited Santa Monica once again, this time for the premiere of his newest movie, Only Lovers Left Alive. Like his last visit, this time around he had some kind words about the city and its residents, telling the audience at the premiere, “I love everything about it – the people, the vibe, the food. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. I could live there.”

The Upcoming Movie Strikingly Different From His Past Work

While we’re happy to see the actor is still finding success, it’s worth noting that he’s never directed a movie quite like Only Lovers Left Alive. The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic future where humans have been forced to coexist with the very creatures they hunted and feared once upon a time.

The plot centers around the adventures of young couple, Eve (played by Tilda Swinton) and Jay (played by Pattinson), as they navigate the perilous world of love and sex in an effort to survive. Swinton and Pattinson previously collaborated on the 2013 movie, Cosmos, and are clearly having a ball playing off against one another. However, their scenes together still manage to feel a little bit too similar to the adorable brother-sister romance we’re used to seeing them play.

The movie itself is stylish and striking, mixing sci-fi with romance and humor. Despite the apocalyptic setting, it’s still very much a romantic comedy. Much like his previous work, Only Lovers Left Alive features several charming and funny supporting characters including a cranky neighbor and a hilariously gosh-darned optimist.

The Title Stands For What?

We can’t help but be a little confused by the title of the upcoming movie. One would think that after such a successful run with his previous works, the actor would want to continue to try something new. But instead of picking a new name for his company or directing a different type of movie, he’s decided to continue playing the same character. Instead of exploring new worlds, he’s going back to familiar ones.

It’s not that we’re not pleased to see the actor exploring new territory. In fact, we think it’s amazing that he’s finding such creative and successful ways to continue growing as an artist. Still, we’re left wondering if this is really the best move for him, creatively. Why not try something new? Why not take a chance on a big idea that could change everything? If he’s happy with what he’s created and is confident that the world is a better place because of it, then so be it. But for someone who has always stood for originality and creativity, why did he choose to make such a small and unoriginal move?

Ultimately, it’s not for us to decide what would make Robert Pattinson happy. He’s undoubtedly a very talented individual capable of making any decision he wants. However, we can at least question the choices he’s made so far, wondering if perhaps there’s still something more out there for him to discover. We’ll have to wait and see what new projects he decides to tackle next.