The last year has seen the actor-turned-director become a father for the first time and wed his longtime girlfriend, Bella.

The newlyweds were first spotted celebrating their engagement in Venice, Italy, where they held a wedding ceremony in a historic church. Bella wore a white dress and brought along her mom, Judy, as her maid of honor.

The wedding was followed by a reception at the Palazzo Francia in the city. Guests included the likes of Katy Perry, Emily Blunt, and Olivia Wilde, who performed an intimate wedding ceremony for the couple.

Breakthrough Role

It would be hard to overstate the impact that Edward Cullen has had on the actor’s life. After making his film debut in 2009’s Twilight, Pattinson appeared in the box office goldmine that was Let Me In, followed by 2013’s The Rover. The success of those films put Pattinson on the map and showed Hollywood that he was more than capable of carrying a major role.

His turn as the vampire protagonist in the Twilight saga was one of the most memorable and successful film franchises of all time. With his chiseled good looks and supernatural talents, Pattinson became an internet sensation and a cultural phenomenon. He even became a print and digital meme, with fans showing their support for him by creating art based on his likeness.

And that’s just the start. Since then, the actor has appeared in big-budget action flicks like the 2015 blockbuster Gods of Egypt and crime epics like the 2017 gangster film, The Commuter. He’s also starred in the popular TV series, The Mandrake Curse, based on the Robert Louis Stevenson novel of the same name. And if that weren’t enough, he took home a Golden Globe for his work in the upcoming TV series, Voyagers.

More Than Just Movie Star

While his acting career has steadily taken off, the 34-year-old’s life outside of work has become just as interesting as his Hollywood story. In 2017, he and his wife hosted the wedding reception for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s eldest daughter, Suri. The following year, he made headlines for being the first famous person to kiss and greet Trump’s glamorous daughter, Ivanka, after she was sworn in as a White House staffer.

But what is behind Robert Pattinson’s recent PR blitz? Is there more to it than just impressing with the celebrity circle he moves in? Here, we name five reasons why the British actor’s recent behavior may not be as innocent as it seems.

1. Interest In Politics

If you thought that Pattinson’s newfound interest in politics came from his admiration for Trump, then you would be mistaken. The actor has been interested in politics since he was a teenager and even campaigned for Boris Johnson in the UK’s recent election. He even created a short film, The Vote, that encouraged people to get out and vote.

Johnson won a majority of the vote in the UK—a feat that has not been replicated by any other candidate in recent memory—and it seems that Pattinson is keen to take part in that change. The actor has recently donated money to the Liberal Democrats and publicly expressed his admiration for the party’s founder, Jeremy Corbyn, whose politics he shares.

2. Charity Work And Voluntary Signing

Another important factor behind Robert Pattinson’s recent behavior is his work for charity. The British actor has been involved with a number of important organizations, including Stand Up To Cancer and World Vision, and has used his fame to raise millions of pounds for good causes. In 2017, he was named the UK’s most desirable bachelor by Cosmo UK magazine, and he has been linked to many a red-carpet beauty since then.

Charity work is an important aspect of any celebrity’s life, but it’s worth noting that rich celebrities often use their status to raise money for causes that are dear to them. In 2018, designer Calvin Klein was heavily criticized for using his wife’s charitable organization, the Clara Lionel Foundation, to boost his own brand. Critics argued that Klein didn’t need the extra funds and that the designer was acting like a “superbridezilla.”

However, in a more subtle way, this criticism extends to Robert Pattinson. The star has been using his celebrity to try and improve the lives of others for years, and it seems that this trend will continue.

3. Attention-seeking

In her book, Born to Promiscuity, social psychologist Elizabeth Cashdan talks about the “male entitlement disorder” and how men with this condition become attracted to attention and status more than they are attracted to women. In other words, men with this disorder become sexually and/or romantically interested in a woman because he or she can give them the attention they crave.

According to Cashdan, men with this disorder try to appear “as if they’ve always had this capacity to attract women,” demonstrating an “entitlement” to attention and admiration. Because women are generally seen as the ‘primary caregivers’ in today’s society and are frequently given more attention and appreciation than men, men with the disorder may feel that they do not deserve the same level of respect and appreciation. This can result in conflict with the ‘ideal’ man as he experiences himself in his everyday life.

Robert Pattinson certainly fits the profile of a man with the male entitlement disorder. The British actor has displayed a unique blend of sexual allure and bad-boy bravado that has made it an irresistible draw for both women and men. In the past, he’s shown no interest in being a household name, content to slowly creep into the mainstream with critical and box-office success. His choice of films and collaborators reflect this, featuring big-name Hollywood stars and showcasing his directorial skills.

Now that he’s started attracting media attention for his political and social activism, it’s clear that these aspects of Pattinson’s personality will make him even more attractive to a mainstream audience. But this also makes him an easier target for those who wish to do him harm. As his profile rises, so too does the threat of violence.

Pattinson’s choice to take on more than the average celebrity and to delve into politics and social causes comes as no surprise to those familiar with his outspoken and philanthropic nature. This selflessness is exactly what has made him so appealing and will continue to do so as his profile rises. The more we learn about him, the more we appreciate his admirable qualities.

4. Careerism

We all like to think that the more we do for others, the more they’ll return the favor. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the people we help the most are the ones who have been helping us the most.

According to Cashdan, men who score high on the Careerism scale have an exclusive focus on attaining status and power through their careers. In an ideal world, they would seek to avoid any unnecessary compliances with others, such as political leaders, religious figures, or social activists. Instead, they would like to dominate any situation and be recognized for their exceptional talent and intellect.

Robert Pattinson is certainly aware of how attractive he is. His social media accounts are filled with snaps of himself wearing designer gear and posing with famous faces. While this may be a way for him to show off his beauty and expensive tastes, it’s also a way to attract his beloved fans.

Pattinson’s interest in politics has clearly been a driving factor in his success. Before he was ever an international celebrity, the UK stood squarely behind the actor, naming him their Sexiest Vegetarian in 2004. Since then, he’s steadily climbed the career ladder, appearing in big-budget Hollywood action flicks like The Rover and in the acclaimed TV series, The Mandrake Curse. He’s also directed several short films, cementing his status as a leading Englishman.

Along with his newfound political interests, Pattinson has also started to embrace other parts of his native culture. He purchased a stately home, Highclere Castle, in 2017 and started using it as a base for self-directed projects. He also bought a private island off the coast of Ireland in 2018 and hired its first permanent staff. The island, called Inishmore, is currently being renovated and will be available for rent in the coming months.

5. Popularity

Finally, we come to the part that everyone’s been waiting for: the part where we reveal the surprising reason why Robert Pattinson’s recent behavior may not be what it seems. Yes, it’s true that Hollywood’s most famous face has been hitting the headlines for all the right reasons lately, but let’s look a little more closely.