When news broke that Robert Pattinson had gotten engaged to be married, much
of the pop culture world lost their minds. The 27-year-old actor had previously
been engaged to actress Bella Swan, but that relationship ended in 2011 when
they called it quits. Since then, he’s been linked to a Hollywood dream cast of
female characters, ranging from high-school students to super-spies.

While most people were just excited to hear that Robert had found love again
(and for good reason), others took the opportunity to speculate about his
character and private life. Most people think of him as the “tough guy” or
“alpha male” actor who plays a character that gets the girl. One Reddit user
described him as a “trophy husband,” while others referred to him as a “lifer”
or a “player.”

Now that the dust has somewhat settled, it’s time to look back and see how
fans of the actor have experienced his upcoming wedding. If you’re a fan of
Robert Pattinson and have loved ones who share your affinity for the
English-born actor, then you may want to consider buying them a gift that will
have them raving about you for the rest of their lives. We’ve put together a
list of some cool ideas that will allow you to express your undying love for
Pattinson, no matter how many times he breaks your heart.

A Special Dinner

If you’re looking to buy a gift for a fan of Robert Pattinson, then why not
purchase something special that will give them a lasting memory of the special
person who had inspired such devotion in their hearts? An Italian restaurant
specializing in seafood may not seem like the most original idea, but it’s one
that will make your giftee laugh because it embodies something that they
really value. That is, loyalty. If they’ve been a dedicated fan of the actor
for years (which, based on his previous relationships, we can assume they are)
then this may be the type of gift that will make them feel like they’re honoring
a dear friend who had finally found someone worth being loyal to. The gift
might even have a spiritual aspect to it; after all, they had been through a
lot together over the years. Their bond may be more tangible now that they
stand at the altar; however, you can bet that this will not be their only
special meal together. This is the type of gift that will have them saying #Jeeves
to anyone who will listen.

A Fancy Coffee Maker

Another idea that can be uniquely personalized is a coffee maker that
features the actor’s image on the cup. Those who love coffee and miss the taste
of home may find this to be quite the thoughtful gift. It is, however, a more
expensive option and requires a bit more work. If you want to give this gift,
then you may want to consider buying the best quality that you can afford. It’s
an investment, to be sure, but it’s one that will be worth it in the end. After
all, your giftee will cherish this small, but important, gift.

A Photo Album

The last option on our list is a simple yet unique gift that will make any
fans of Robert Pattinson proud to receive it. A photo album is, in fact, very
common among fans of the actor. He’s always been a popular subject for
photographers, and albums filled with his stunning images are highly prized
amongst his admirers. It’s no wonder that he’s emerged as one of the most
influential and recognizable stars of our time. What’s more is that the
photos will serve as a testament to the strength of their relationship. Whether
they met on a movie set or one of his famous interviews, the candid images
capture the very essence of their connection. This is the type of gift that
will be worth more than one night out. In fact, it may even be the gift that
keeps on giving. Each time they open it up, they’ll be reminded of the
passion that they share for one another. It wouldn’t be the most original gift
on the planet, but it’s one that will mean the world to them.

While we can’t control how others perceive or label us as per se, we can
always control how we choose to react to these stereotypes. Some of us may
choose to embrace them as a badge of honor. Others may want to eradicate them
from their vocabulary. Regardless, at the end of the day, we know that
ultimately we are responsible for our own actions. We can choose to love who
we want to love…but maybe not always as easily as we’d like to. So, next time
you’re thinking of buying a gift for a devoted fan of Robert Pattinson, take
into account their personality traits and preferences. That way, you’ll be
sending them a gift that they’ll value and cherish forever. And, as an added
bonus, it’ll be an experience that they’ll always remember.