There are some places in the world you simply can’t help but fall in love with. For me, it’s Lubbock, Texas.

I’ve been here a few times over the past year and each time has been unforgettable. The scenery is breathtaking, the people are warm and friendly, and most importantly, the music is fantastic. Walking down the street you’ll hear all kinds of music from all kinds of bands and it never gets old.

Being in a place like this makes you realize just how lucky you are to be alive. Every day is a gift and you have to make the most of it. That’s especially important when you’re a young person because life can quickly pass you by. You have to enjoy it while you can.

Robert Pattinson

I first heard of Robert Pattinson when he was picked to play the famous role of David in the movie based on the novel The Scottish Play. This was one of the most anticipated films of the year and it didn’t disappoint. Robert Pattinson did an amazing job portraying the character of David and the role really brought out the best in him. People were saying that he was able to capture the essence of a 19th century Scottish philosopher in a way that no other actor could have.

Since then, I’ve become a big fan of his and have been looking forward to any new projects he might be working on. Well, two months ago he announced that he would be making another film, this time based in Austin, Texas. It was going to be called Bel Ami and was described as a “coming-of-age story and love letter to the American Southwest” and I couldn’t have been more excited. The fact that he would be using an up-and-coming director as well as an all-star cast only added to my thrill. The project was finally made available for public consumption and I’ve been devouring every bit of information about it ever since.

Austin, Texas

Let me back up a bit. You may know that Austin is the capital city of Texas and it’s one of the most exciting cities in the country. It has a thriving art scene, incredible music, and a generally “alt-conservative” vibe. People in Austin are proud of their city and never shy about expressing their opinions. They can also be pretty open-minded which makes the city a pleasure to be in.

The thing about Austin is that it’s hot as hell, so you’ll need to make sure that you drink plenty of water. It would also be a good idea to bring a hat and sunscreen with you whenever you go there. Otherwise, you might end up looking a little like Robert Pattinson.

The Process

Bel Ami is the name of a famous European fashion house and the title of the film is an expression that means “The man of my dreams” in French. It was first used in 1927 by French novelist Jacques Lanier and it was later adopted by designer Pierre Patou as the house name. Since the 1920s, it has been popularized as a way of describing a woman’s affections for a man. It originally described the way women felt about their lovers and it still does today, but it has since become associated with the admiration that a woman may have for a famous man.

As I said, the film is based in Austin and so it was only natural for him to choose the location for his inspiration. He started by going on a road trip with his co-star Kate Hudson and documenting everything in a blog post. In it, he describes the trip and how it led to the creation of the film. He also goes into great detail about his research process, how he chose which music to include in the film, and much more. It’s fascinating reading.

One of the things that makes Robert Pattinson such an interesting person is that he’s a well-rounded person with a wide range of interests. He’s clearly passionate about what he does, but he’s also very down to earth. He has a strong work ethic and always seems to be engaged in some way with a project he’s involved in. He’s extremely intelligent and has a great sense of humor. For someone so famous, he has a surprisingly normal and relatable personality and it makes it that little bit easier to root for him in whatever he does. I think that’s what makes him such an attractive person to me personally; he doesn’t seem like a movie star but more like a friend. It’s easier to like someone when they’re not out of reach. You feel like you have a connection with them because you know what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Stylist & Fashion Fan

I’m a big fan of fashion and I love to look at celebrities wearing clothes that I like. It makes me want to try that style or that piece of clothing because it’s something they are passionate about. In many ways, celebrities give us a glimpse into their personal lives and the types of people and things they are interested in. It’s great when you see an actor wearing clothes that you associated with a character they’ve played before, but it’s even better when they’re wearing clothing that you didn’t even know existed. That’s the power of a good costume designer. It allows them to completely transform a celebrity into someone or something that is completely different from what they normally are when they’re not wearing a costume.

When it comes to styling myself or my children, it’s always a source of great pleasure when an actress or a singer is photographed wearing something that I’ve previously seen them in. It gives me a little thrill because I know that they had to wear something that wasn’t their everyday wear just to make the picture look unique and artistic. It’s a form of artistry that I enjoy. This is the reason that I love Robert Pattinson’s blog posts so much; they allow me to get a peek into what he’s interested in and it gives me an idea of what kind of style he could bring to my own closet. I don’t need to be a fan of fashion or styling to see the appeal in this; it’s a simple fact that it’s a way of making an outfit unique and therefore special.

The Music Industry

Speaking of special outfits, this is something else that really interests me about Robert Pattinson. The man is a music fanatic and he always has been. He plays a lot of instruments and is clearly passionate about all sorts of music. He’s said to have perfect pitch and from what I’ve read, he can identify any song that’s played just by listening to it once. It seems he has an incredible ear for music and he uses this ability to his advantage by creating playlists for specific uses. This is why Bel Ami is a coming-of-age story because the main character, Leo, is entering adulthood and is finally coming to appreciate the world of music in a deeper way. In the blog post that he wrote about going to Austin for research, he makes many references to the city’s music scene and even names a few bands that he credits with helping him in his journey to adulthood.

Austin is famous for being the “live music capital of the world” and it’s a city that celebrates its music. Anyone who goes there knows exactly what kind of music scene they’re going to find. It’s broad with a vibrant mix of blues, country, and rock music that can be found on any given day. There’s also lots of outdoor cafes where you can enjoy some coffee and live music at the same time. It really is the perfect place to be a music fan.


Everywhere you look, you’ll see people in love. It seems that Hollywood has finally discovered love itself and everyone is showing it off on screen. It’s great when couples are happy to be seen in public, but it’s even better when they’re enjoying a private moment that is precious to them. There is something so intimate about sharing an affection with someone that you love and it creates a feeling of warmth that can only be described as magical.

When I think about love, I always think about my husband Will. We’ve been married for almost three years now and we couldn’t be more in love. One of the reasons that Will proposed to me was because he wanted to make sure that I always felt safe and protected. He wanted to give me a safe place where I could feel comfortable and myself. Ever since then, our love has only gotten deeper and we’ve been trying to have a baby ever since. It would be great to have a family with Will but we’re waiting until we can afford to move to a bigger house before we start trying to have children. Right now, we’re just busy enjoying each other’s company.