I was excited to learn that British actor Robert Pattinson was going to be in Iowa. It was a chance to catch a glimpse of my favorite Hollywood star. I was not disappointed. The actor was charming, polite, and took time to sign photos and talk to fans.

The Car Accident

The way I saw it, Pattinson was in Iowa to film an accident scene in a car film. As he was being interviewed, he was standing next to a golf cart that had crashed into a pick-up truck. The SUV that hit the truck was flipped onto its side and was blocking traffic. It was an opportunity for me to ask the actor about his new film, The Rover, and find out more about his character, John Preston.

It turns out that what I saw was somewhat different than what was actually going on. The car accident was being simulated for the cameras – it was not real. The truth is that the actor was at the wheel of a hired golf cart driven by a professional stunt driver, and the whole scene was choreographed. This was for the benefit of the camera crew, who were shooting from multiple angles and needed to make the scene look realistic.

Signing And Shaking Hands

I have to admit that I was not expecting the actor to spend that much time talking and signing autographs, but he did. The actor was at the Pedernales County Fair for the Texas premiere of his film, The Rover, on August 24th. It was my chance to talk to him about the movie and get some photos.

I was not the only one. Fans went crazy and lined up in long lines to get some photos and meet the Hollywood star. I was not really sure what was going on at first, but then I saw the police had to step in and control the craziness. It was at this point that I understood what was happening.

Pattinson was kind enough to take the time to talk to each and every fan who asked for an autograph. He also took the time to greet and thank the actors who worked with him on the film for the dedication they showed.

Pattinson is known for being one of the most reserved and private people in the entertainment industry. He rarely gives interviews or does any sort of publicity, and he definitely does not attend fan conventions. It is rare to see him at a social event or talking to fans. He is generally very private and keeps things professional.

An Opportunity To Talk Movies

This was an opportunity for me to talk movies and find out more about his character, John Preston. I had seen the film once before, but I did not remember too much about it. I was not familiar with the story, but I knew enough to ask some questions about the themes and political issues addressed in the film. I did not want to spoil the end of the movie for myself, so I did not ask any questions about it, instead wanting to focus on the character of John Preston and how he was developed.

The actor was also kind enough to spend time speaking with some of the high school students who had come to the premiere with their class. He was an excellent speaker and was able to connect with the kids. He was able to answer questions and give some fascinating perspective on the filmmaking process.

More Than Meets The Eye

More than anything else, the premiere of The Rover was an opportunity to see Hollywood’s finest in all of their glory. The cast and crew of the movie put on a great show for the audience and proved that even when a film is bad, it can still be fun to watch. It is rare to see a film that is this bad and also this entertaining – the two do not generally go together.

Pattinson plays John Preston, an intelligent, college-educated man who is forced to return home after being falsely accused of a crime. He is a recluse who lives in his parents’ house with his twin sister, Jane (played by Olivia Williams). The family has always had a bit of a dysfunctional relationship, and as a result, John has always felt like an outsider. It is clear that this is a very complex character and it is hard not to be greatly sympathic towards him.

Pattinson’s portrayal of Jane’s boyfriend, Milo, was also a highlight. The two share a great chemistry together and seem to genuinely like and respect each other. It is clear that Milo represents the best parts of both men in one and is the type of person that John might be attracted to.

These are truly complex roles that Pattinson tackles with ease and grace. His performance is a tour de force and easily one of the best I have seen this year. It is clear that he is at the top of his game and will be heading to Hollywood soon to begin work on his next project.