Most people have heard of Robert Pattinson, thanks largely to his role as the notorious “Bennet Lawson” in the upcoming movie, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” More than a few have probably also heard of the city of Delhi in India, where he spent a few days recently on a promotional tour. But did you know that Delhi is also the hometown of Pradeep Mathew, the creator of the comic series, “The Gentleman Jacker?” Or that Delhi is the birthplace of the curry and the British Museum is the home of the punk rock statue? If you’re visiting or live in India, you might want to learn a bit more about the place.

The Making of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

At the “Twilight” premiere in Los Angeles last week, director Chris Weitz spoke about collaborating with director Adam Shankman on “New Moon.” Weitz spoke about his admiration for Shankman, saying that the director “knows how to shoot a rom-com.” Weitz added that Shankman “knows how to direct a scene with a smile on his face.” Weitz went on to describe Shankman as someone who “gets the funny side of things.”

At the press conference following the premiere, actor and producer Peter Mathew spoke about his role as the charming Bennet Lawson in the upcoming sequel to “The Twilight Saga.” Mathew said he was honored to portray such an iconic character in “The Twilight Saga,” adding that he’s a big fan of Shankman’s work. He also said that Shankman gave him some very good advice about portraying an Englishman in India: “You have to keep one foot in both worlds — and that is very hard to do.”

Delhi Is “The Place To Be”

For fans of “The Twilight Saga,” Chris Weitz’s film follows a familiar and highly romanticized narrative — a man meets a woman, they fall in love, and then he leaves to spend some time in India. In the case of “The Twilight Saga,” the man in question is Edward Cullen, and the woman is Bella Swan. Edward travels to India to teach at the British Institute of Hindu Studies, and it’s through his interactions with a variety of interesting characters that the movie achieves its humorous undertones. In Delhi, particularly, Weitz said the city’s rich culture and history offer “a perfect backdrop for a story.”

Delhi is undoubtedly beautiful — a blend of the east and the west, Indian and European. The air smells wonderful, and the food is amazing. It would be a shame to waste a visit to such a glorious city by sticking to an itinerary of tourist spots, however, so it’s important to make the most of out-of-town excursions as well. Delhi is, in fact, a veritable feast of experiences, offering a unique mix of tradition and progress.

A Tale Of Two Cities

It’s easy to get around Delhi on a shoestring budget. You can walk almost anywhere you want, and you certainly won’t need a taxi, since auto-rickshaws are available for hire. You won’t need a verified hotel booking, either, as there are a plethora of budget-friendly options available online. It’s even possible to find a comfortable Airbnb — especially during the off-season, when room rates are more affordable.

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Tourist Attractions In And Around Delhi

If you’re visiting Delhi as a tourist, it’s quite likely that the city’s magnetic pull will drag you to the museums and historical sites, its shopping malls and luxury hotels. The problem is that most of Delhi’s tourist attractions are not free, and it’s definitely worth spending money on tours and attractions that are more worthwhile — and less expensive. Some suggestions: