If you follow the news, you’ll no doubt been bombarded with reports of the latest celebrity scandals, court cases and prison sentences. But, one person who hasn’t captured the public’s attention is a woman named Pattinson (no, not that Pattinson). While the rest of her family have had a long and largely public history with the law (her father is currently serving a 7-year sentence for fraud), Pattinson has kept a relatively low profile. Until now.

‘Dangerous’ Robert Pattinson

With the help of a publicist, Pattinson’s profile was recently increased after she gained a reputation for being ‘dangerous’ and ‘difficult’ on the set of her new film, The Lost City. While it’s hard not to be fascinated by the Hollywood enigma that is Pattinson, her tumultuous relationship with her family and the legal system must be examined. From Twilight to Killing Eve, her life and legal issues have been tabloid fodder for years.

‘Brave’ New Girl’

In 2019, Pattinson stunned fans by turning up to the premiere of The Lost City looking radiant and young. The 39-year-old beauty appeared to have put her turbulent past behind her and was accompanied by her boyfriend, Benicio del Toro. Not only did she look incredible, but she was also accompanied by dogs, which had been banned from being seen alongside her in public due to her previous legal cases and the perception she still held court over others.

‘Private Life’

While filming The Lost City in Morocco, Pattinson maintained a low profile. Aside from a few red-carpet appearances, she kept a relatively private life. However, it was reported that she was busy writing a memoir, which was set to be published in December 2019. One of the titles that had been reported was Private Life: An Unauthorized Account of the Romance Between an Athlete and a Teenage Idol.

‘Inexplicable’ Lifestyle

While most of the world’s top celebrities can be seen sporting designer labels and expensive accessories, Pattinson shuns the limelight and opts for simple, everyday outfits. For much of 2019, she was seen sporting jeans and T-shirts, with very little in the way of accessories. Similarly, while other celebrities are known for their outrageous parties and hedonistic behaviour, Pattinson has stayed away from the nightclubs and has instead focused on spending quality time with her loved ones. In interviews, she has said that she wants to be known for her work and not her scandals.

‘Soberish’ Demeanor

Aside from her wild lifestyle, Pattinson has also attracted criticism for her tendency to stay within herself. In an interview with the New York Times, del Toro, who she is currently dating, praised her as a’soberish’ person, stating, “She’s like a little monk.” The newspaper went on to say that, while it might appear that she was trying to keep a low profile, it was actually because she was focused on her work. In the same interview, it was claimed that she had been avoiding interviews due to her fear of disappointing reporters.

‘Devastating’ Legal Issues

In 2017, Pattinson was arrested and later charged with assault after allegedly throwing a shoe at a man who was harassing her on the street. While the case was eventually thrown out due to lack of evidence, the incident was followed by a tabloid frenzy. In 2018, she was again pulled over by the police and later charged with driving under the influence. It was later reported that she had been drinking vodka and coke prior to getting into the car. The case was postponed due to her pregnancy at the time.

Pattinson’s father, Mitch, has been her legal representative throughout these proceedings. He has always strongly defended his daughter and has questioned the motives of those who have spoken out against her. After her debut in The Lost City, he gave an interview to The Telegraph in which he said, “I have always tried to protect my girls, both publicly and privately. I think that people are just looking for an opportunity to cause my daughter trouble. Whether it’s intentional or not, I couldn’t care less.” He went on to explain that he had hoped that her fame would have faded away and that people would have realised that she was just a regular person who had worked really hard to achieve her success. Unfortunately, he said, that wasn’t the case and now that her profile was being raised, the trouble was set to begin.