If you’re a superhero fan, you’re probably well aware of all of the recent movie news surrounding Batman. With Ben Affleck stepping down as the Dark Knight, many fans have been speculating on who will take over the role for the next film. One of the most famous faces that pop up in your head when you think of Batman is that of Robert Pattinson. The 25-year-old actor has played the character in several films, with the most recent being the highly anticipated movie Dark Shadows.

While working on his doctorate in Medieval Studies, Pattinson spent a year in Oxford and conducted extensive research on the subject. One of his main interests was in pursuing acting excellence while also honing his academics. Fortunately, the two blend together quite well, and the end result is an amazing actor.

With filming set to begin on Dark Shadows in just over a month, it’s time for us to take a look at the latest photos of Mattie Roth’s (Robin) famous cousin as he gets ready to play Batman. Check out the photos below.

The Dark Knight

The first and most obvious comparison fans will make is to the 1989 film directed by Tim Burton, who also helmed the great Batman movie of the same name. With its gloomy, almost Halloween-like atmosphere and unsettlingly brilliant visuals, Burton’s classic put a dark spin on a classic comic book character.

Pattinson’s Batman looks nothing like Michael Keaton’s and instead he projects an image of a more ruthless and intimidating character. While Keaton’s performance won him an Academy Award for Best Actor, it was Robert Pattinson’s portrayal that really stuck out to viewers. He managed to capture the essence of a ruthless detective while also making the character somewhat sympathetic. In some ways, you could say that Dark Shadows is the culmination of everything Pattinson has learned from acting in his previous films. In the next few weeks, it will be interesting to see how much more he shows us of Batman in the upcoming movie.

No Regrets

Speaking of which, it’s time to revisit one of our previous articles. If you missed it, you can check out our take on what will happen to Batman in the next movie here. In case you want to refresh your memory, here’s a brief recap:

When Affleck stepped down from the role, there were many fans who were worried that Batman might not continue on its current trajectory. Many blamed the disappointing performance by Warner Bros.’ Justice League as the nail in the coffin. The team-up film underperformed at the box office, bringing in just $130 million globally versus the $533 million that Justice League (just the main character) made in its debut year. But now that Dark Shadows has arrived, it appears that fans of the Caped Crusader will have something to be thankful for. The film was met with favorable reviews and became a modest box office success, earning $220 million globally.

Dark Shadows was also able to sidestep many of the pitfalls that often plague such films. Yes, there were a few hiccups here and there, but overall it was quite an achievement for a first time director. The film’s success is mostly thanks to its exceptional cast, which includes some of today’s brightest talents. Although it is the cousin of Batman, Mattie Roth’s character of Dr. Frankensteins has her own story arch that is as interesting as that of the Dark Knight. Fans will also remember Kristen Scott Thomas as Aunt Harriet, who becomes the second leading lady in the film after Anne Baxter. Watching Scott Thomas work is a lesson in itself. As for Edward Furlong’s police detective Harry D’Amour, he is a joy to watch as well. He’s such a confident and capable lead that you really wouldn’t want to mess with him. In fact, the only scene that gave me chills was the very first scene, when D’Amour meets up with Harvey (Kyle MacLachlan). At that moment, the audience knows exactly what kind of hero they are going to see. Even the villains (played by Michael Madsen and Jared Leto) have some wonderful scenes and you’ll certainly have one of your top five movie experiences with this film.

Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Robert Pattinson and Batman (and maybe even between Pattinson and Harvey Dent). After all, the Caped Crusader has a bit of a soft spot for his cousin. In Batman vs. Predator, Barbara Gordon mentions that as children, they used to play together, and that it was actually Batman who gave her the nickname “Barbara”.

Even the Predator seems to enjoy the company of the Dark Knight, as the two fight side by side in the final battle. After all, what is a superhero movie without at least one confrontation with a giant monster? While it would be great to see Robert Pattinson’s Batman continue on its current course to completion, it’s important to remember that the fates of these two cinematic characters are ultimately out of their control.