After months of speculation, it was finally revealed that Robert Pattinson would be appearing in The Batman as the rogue vigilante known as The Batman. The actor debuted the black and gray attire that is synonymous with the character for the premiere in London on March 24th, and since then, the internet has been abuzz with theories as to what role Pattinson may play in the highly anticipated sequel. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.

Political Analyst

One of the more popular theories making the rounds is that Robert Pattinson will play the role of the political analyst in The Batman. It’s no secret that the British actor is a political junkie, and it sounds like he was actually considering accepting the role, tweeting on March 5th that he was “honored” to be considered for such an iconic part.

However, considering his busy schedule as of late, it doesn’t seem like he’ll have much free time to devote to a role that doesn’t have anything to do with his acting career, especially since the sequel to The Batman is rumored to be even more political in nature. So as much as we would love to see Pattinson play The Batman, it doesn’t seem likely at this point.

Militant Journalist

Another popular theory about Robert Pattinson in The Batman is that he will play the role of a militant journalist. The rumor has it that the actor’s management company, WME, pitched the role to him, as it fits perfectly into his supposed character arc in the film. It’s also said that he was one of the first choices for the part. One of the reasons behind his being chosen for the role is that he is already well-known for his journalism, having covered wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan for the British newspaper The Guardian. If this role interests him, then it’s possible that he’ll end up doing some of his own stunts in the movie. This is something that the actor has already done in his other movies, and it would be rather interesting to see if he continues in this cinematic fashion or if it’s only a one-time deal.

Intelligence Analyst

While some may see The Economist as an unbiased news source, the publication is actually quite right-wing, having been described by Politifact as having a “Conservative bias.” It is well known that Robert Pattinson is a fan of the magazine and its editorial stance, having even written a foreword for one of its recent issues. What’s more is that he has quite a bit of experience in the field of intelligence, having attended London’s Imperial College and then carrying out his National University Education at the University of Aberdeen. In the same vein as the analyst role mentioned above, it’s said that he was considering applying for the role of an intelligence analyst in order to fulfill his interest in the subject matter.

It seems like he’s had some interesting options to choose from in terms of the roles he could play in The Batman. Despite his busy schedule and the fact that he’s still considered relatively unknown in America, Pattinson seems to be having a blast with all the attention that the film is bringing him, and it seems likely that he’ll continue to enjoy himself as the series progresses.