I’m not sure if you guys have heard, but Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson has a new film coming out this year. It’s titled The Lost Honour of Phineas Finn and it’s based on the classic book by Jack London. The film is set to be released on 15th August 2017 so you have about a month to wait.

The book and film versions of The Lost Honour of Phineas Finn are both beautiful stories about honour and duty. It follows Phineas Finn (Pattinson), who is travelling to London to claim a bet that he lost years ago. Along the way he gets into a fight with two guys, loses his wallet and is shipwrecked. When he finally makes it to London, he sees an old friend and is determined to look him up. But it’s already too late – his friend has died and left him an estate worth millions. There’s a lot more to the story, but I think you get the general idea.

Here’s a trailer for the movie:

With The Lost Honour of Phineas Finn coming out, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at Robert Pattinson’s suit collection. So here are the best of the best of his trendy, classic and timeless suits.

Classic With a Twist

Probably the safest colour to sport is black. The most popular colour amongst the British public for suits is also black, with 66% favouring the colour. As you would expect, the most popular style amongst those who voted for it is classic (55%), and a modern twist (16%).

Black is a timeless, classic colour for suit and remains fashionable even now, with 85% of those who wore it in the past year still doing so.

The Three-Piece Suit

We’ve all seen photos of Donald Trump wearing a three-piece suit, the iconic American leader’s affinity for the formal look is well-known. Well, it turns out that a lot of men wear this style of suit, with almost half (45%) of all men in America identifying as wearing it at least sometimes. It’s become a bit of a fashion trend in recent years, with 88% of those who wore it in the past year favouring this look.

It’s not just American men who wear three-piece suits, with 34% of Brits also opting for the style. It seems like a classic look for men, especially as we’ve seen so many stylish variations on the theme.

What’s more, the style is very versatile, suitable for many occasions, from a formal affair to a night out. It’s easy to see why this is a popular choice amongst men – there’s something classic and stylish about the look that is quintessentially manly.

A Good Fit

There’s a lot of style in the way a suit fits – it can be a nice contrast to a garment’s cut or pattern, or it can be a subtle, classy compliment. Good fit is undoubtedly the key to a stylish look. This is why so many people wear suits – they feel good and look good too. This was the case with 80% of those who wore suits in the past year, with a tailored fit (62%) and a modern cut (18%) being the chosen styles.

There’s also a difference in quality when it comes to the way a suit fits. The majority of Brits (65%) wore cheap suits in the past year, with only 16% opting for high-quality suits. This is mainly down to cost – high-quality men’s suits can cost as much as £500, so poor quality ones are cheaper and more widely available. It’s a similar story for women’s suits too.


Not only is black a safe colour to sport, but so is gold. This versatile shade is favoured by men and women alike, with 37% of those who wore it in the last year saying they did so because it is both classy and fashionable.

There is a clear pattern forming when it comes to the style of suit that Brits wear – we’re using Google Trends data to examine the trends in Britain vs the USA when it comes to men’s and women’s suits. We can see that black is a common choice for both men and women, while the most-searched term for men is slimmer fit and for women is a good fit. This indicates that people are looking for information on how to lose weight or how to improve their figure. Maybe we should be telling our members to fit in a workout every day before they put on their suits – it’s good to be prepared!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should only put on the same colour or style of suit every single day – it’s great when variety is the key to maintaining fashion trends. It’s also worth remembering that not all trends are created equal, with people often wearing what is popular at the moment but not necessarily what is chic or fashionable. For example, the search interest for grey suit in the past year was 130% higher in the United States than in Britain. However, it still remains the most popular colour in which to sport a suit, with 59% of those who wore one in the last year saying they did so because it is stylish.


We looked into the past year’s most fashionable colours for suits and found that red is the go-to choice for men and women alike. It seems that people are experimenting with different prints and textures too – it’s a trend that will be popular for 2020.

We can also see from this data that pattern has become a popular option for both men and women – 18% of those who wore suits in the past year sported a pattern on their garment, with 6% opting for a floral print. Texture is another popular option, with 44% of those who wore suits in the last year wanting their garment to have a rough texture – this could be through a method of weaving or using specific fabric types to achieve the desired effect. It seems that people are wanting to experiment with different techniques and styles to make their suits look unique.


As the name would suggest, a suit made of cloth has been worn for centuries by gentlemen and ladies alike. This type of suit is traditionally associated with older generations and comes with cultural connotations – it’s good to keep these things in mind if you decide to sport this fashionable attire. It is, however, a look that will never go out of fashion – 95% of those who have worn it in the past year said they would still choose this style if they were to put on their suit for the first time in a while.