Yes, you read that right. A day after the world was introduced to the terrifying and amazing Caped Crusader in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” the “Twilight” actor took to social media to debunk some of the more popular claims surrounding his portrayal of the Dark Knight.

While many fans have approached Batman differently over the years, Pattinson always saw the character as “someone who is trying to do the best he can to protect the city and himself,” according to a press release issued by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment.

And true to that spirit, Pattinson takes on one of the most iconic villains in “Batman” movie history—the Riddler. In the process, he also addresses some of the other players in the cinematic crime drama, including Alfred (Jeremy Irons), Selena (Christina Hendricks), and Gordon (Tommy Lee Jones).

Let’s dive into this fascinating chat.

‘Batman’ Director Jayce Ray Chan On The Leaked Cut Of The Film:

Jayce Ray Chan, the director of “Batman,” previously spoke with Yahoo Movies about the much-anticipated superhero movie, explaining that while some of the scenes were inspired by other, better-known films (“The Dark Knight” in particular), the overall story is pretty unique.

“What makes it stand out is that we’ve never gotten that deep into the Batman’s world, exploring all the facets within it,” Chan said. “This is a really cool opportunity to explore a character as iconic as Batman.”

Indeed, “Batman” is full of gems that will satisfy even the most hardened fans. From the first time we see Batman in costume, crawling through a window and onto the rooftop of a tenement building, to the climactic fight scene, set to a remix of “The Dark Knight Theme” by Michael Giacchino, the movie never ceases to entertain. And while there are a few plot points that are similar to “The Dark Knight,” they are more than offset by the fresh material that distinguishes it from other Batman films that came before it.

Riddler’s Theme Park And Why It’s Awesome

If you’ve seen “Batman,” you may remember that one of the major plot points in the film involves a Riddler-themed amusement park that pops up right after the Caped Crusader slaughters all of the riddler’s henchmen. It turns out that this wasn’t just a random, evil plot on the bad guy’s part but, rather, a sort of sick joke played on the unwitting public in order to drum up business for his new amusement park. Naturally, Batman has to shut it down once he’s figured out what’s going on. But aside from the laughs, this section of the film is pretty chilling as it presents viewers with a dark vision of what might happen if crime were to be legalized and rewarded. The Riddler’s warped sense of humor is also on display in the scene when he delivers his famous line, “I love to see a man in a cape,” before revealing his true identity to Bruce Wayne.

The Inspiration For The Penguin

Another interesting facet of “Batman” is its exploration of the origins of some of Batman’s most notorious enemies, and the inspiration behind the Penguin, from Jack Nicholson’s character in “A Few Good Men” to the animated series “Batman: The Animated Series.”

The Penguin, one of Batman’s most famous adversaries, is, in fact, inspired by an LSD trip that went wrong that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character took while shooting “The Man in the White Suit,” a film directed by Baz Luhrmann. While in the hospital after the accident, DiCaprio heard about a drug trial that was going on at the time, involving a drug called lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD for short. In the trial, a psychiatrist dosed his patient with LSD before surgery and, as a result, the patient woke up with a terrifying smile on his face. This unnerved the psychiatrist and the rest of the staff and, ultimately, helped to spur the creation of the Penguin.

The animated series “Batman: The Animated Series” also played a huge role in expanding our conception of what the Penguin looks like. In the show, the character’s design is inspired by Fiorelli’s interpretation of the creature from “The Birds,” complete with white feathers and red accents. The series also gives us an insight into the Penguin’s mind, where he sees himself as both an aviator and an animal rights activist.

Why Alfred Is Batman’s Greatest Friend And Assistant

Alfred is arguably one of Batman’s most important allies, as he’s been by the Caped Crusader’s side for as long as he’s been patrolling the streets of Gotham. One of the reasons why Alfred is so integral to Batman’s world is that the assistant to the detective sees himself as part of a team, alongside his friend and partner.

In “Batman,” Alfred is played by Jeremy Irons, who also happens to be one of the greatest English actors of all time. In the scene where we first meet Alfred, we see him sitting at a table in the middle of a chessboard, surrounded by cardboard boxes. In front of him is a teetotaller with a clipboard, taking notes.

It’s clear that Alfred is extremely intelligent and, even after all this time, he still sees himself as a student of the law. As such, he often delights in giving Bruce Wayne pro-bono cases, which the billionaire finds extremely useful.

Why Selena Is The Most Beautiful Woman In Gotham

Selena is another important character to note in “Batman.” At first, we don’t see her as a person of interest in the investigation, but as Bruce Wayne starts to court her, the police become aware that she may know more about his parentage than she lets on. She doesn’t want him to know the truth about his parents—that is, that he isn’t the biological son of Thomas and Martha Wayne—because she thinks he’ll be forced to leave Gotham, which is where she and her family live. But it’s not long before we discover that she has a reason beyond her concern for Wayne’s well-being for not wanting him to know the truth about his parents.

As it turns out, Selena is the daughter of a crime lord named Ricardo Alvarez, and has been raising Wayne as her own since he was a baby. Naturally, this gives her a great deal of reason to fear that revealing his true identity might somehow endanger her family. When she tells Alfred about her concern for Wayne’s well-being, he encourages her to trust him and, eventually, she agrees. Of course, in the meantime, she has no idea how much Alfred’s words truly mean but, even so, she feels more at ease in his company than she ever has with anyone else.

Why Gordon Will Have A Part In ‘Batman v Superman’s’ Sequel

As we mentioned above, “Batman v Superman” is, at its core, a tale of two opposing superheroes, each trying to save the planet from the other. Naturally, given that these are two of the most iconic superheroes of all time, it’s only natural that their fans would be excited about seeing them fight once more. But while we were talking about the first film, it occurred to us that there are a lot more characters in it than there are in “BvS.” For instance, both Batman and Superman have sidekicks, who often accompany them on their adventures and who are, in fact, instrumental in some of the film’s most pivotal moments. (Not to mention that “BvS” could have used more villains.)

So who is coming back for round two? Well, the answer is Gordon. While the original Caped Crusader was busy saving the city and avenging the deaths of his parents, Alfred became the primary detective in Wayne Manor and took on the role of mentor to the young Bruce.

The detective sergeant was one of the first characters we saw in “Batman” and he’s the one who first called Bruce Wayne out on his adventures. While the two did not get along at first, thanks in part to the overly protective nature of Alfred’s assistant, Rachel (the remarkable Erin Blakemore), they eventually developed a close relationship. (Note: We know that Alfred is a he because, in the original comics, his gender is never specified.)