Ever since the release of the first Batman movie in 1939, fans have been trying to figure out whether or not the Caped Crusader needs a sidekick. Although several actors have tried their hand at playing the Dark Knight over the years, none of them have been able to capture the same charm as Robert Pattinson. Now that he’s set to play the role in two more upcoming movies, it’s time to ask: Will Batman do well without a Robin?

Robert Pattinson Is The Solo Act

While it’s always great when a talented actor is able to carry a film on their own, it’s not always great when the leading man is the solo act. Robert Pattinson is the solo act in the upcoming Batman movies, and although it’s his first leading role and he’s proven himself on the big screen with films like Water for Elephants and The Lost City, it still feels like a risk to put all your eggs in one basket. Especially since, as we’ve established, Batman is the kind of character who needs someone smarter and more athletic than himself to keep him company on his adventures. Not to mention that the world still has a lot more to offer when it comes to superheroes. With so much diversity in TV and film, there’s bound to be a role somewhere in the world for anybody who wants it – including Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson And Batman Have A Similarity

What if I were to tell you that Robert Pattinson and Batman have a similarity that goes beyond just being the same character? What if I were to tell you that they’re both tortured artistes who became superheroes because they couldn’t find the personal inspiration that their art required? What if I were to tell you that their biggest difference is that Batman doesn’t need anybody’s help except for his own tools and resources?

As a child, Robert Pattinson painted and drew constantly. He wouldn’t venture far from the easel, but whenever he did – even for a brief moment – he would experience that feeling of awe and inspiration that comes with creativity. When he was 16, his parents bought him his first real camera, and ever since then he’s been on a creative roll, constantly experimenting with different genres and approaches. Since graduating from the Actors’ Centre in London, he’s starred in several short films and TV series, with roles in Black Sails, the upcoming Batman films, and High Life. He also played the lead in the indie drama, The Lost City, and provided the voice for the lead character, Bruno, in the animated series, Aggressive Dogs.

Like many artists, Robert Pattinson needed a way to channel his creativity and channel his emotions through his work. He found that outlet in the form of Bruce Wayne, the socially awkward millionaire who finds himself burdened with a great deal of guilt and fear. Through a series of tragic events, Bruce lands in a place of self-rediscovery and personal epiphany. It’s a fascinating character arc that will hopefully resonate with viewers and make the Batman films stand out amongst the sea of superhero movies.

The Importance Of Family

It’s been said before, and it’s always been said in relation to Batman: he’s a loner who doesn’t really need anybody. That’s mostly true, but what about the people who need him? What about the people who love him?

Batman may be a loner, but when it comes to family, he’s actually quite the opposite. Batman needs people. He needs his family. He needs the small village of Gotham City. He needs everybody. Even if he doesn’t always show it, Bruce Wayne is a man who believes in family. You can see it in the way that he treats his butler, Alfred, or in the way that he speaks about Rachel, his wife. The Wayne family is close-knit and traditional, and it provides Bruce with the stability and security that he needs to keep his sanity, especially considering his troubled past. There are lots of dark secrets coming from the family tree, and it’s always been said that the Wayne family will pay for their sins.

The Difference In Quality

When comparing the two upcoming Batman films, it’s important to remember that, while they both share the same general premise, they are not equal. While The Dark Knight is an origin story that sets up the character, it doesn’t reach the same level of quality as the comics upon which it is based. It doesn’t even come close. The Dark Knight Rises, on the other hand, is the epitome of quality, and it was made entirely within the realm of the comics, with no deviation whatsoever. Despite the differences in the source material, these two films are very much equal in terms of narrative, character chemistry, and atmosphere. It’s simply a question of preference. If you’re a big fan of The Dark Knight and were let down by The Dark Knight Rises, then it might be a good idea to wait for the upcoming Gotham Knight, which is an attempt to blend the best of both worlds, before you write off Batman entirely.

Which One Do You Prefer?

Ultimately, it’s not just about what we know and love about Robert Pattinson and Batman. It’s about the character themselves, and it’s about the kind of actor who can bring that character to life. It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

For me, I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for a tortured artist, and Robert Pattinson possesses all the makings of a brilliant one. He’s got a face that could stop a clock, and in Water for Elephants he gets to showcase his amazing range as he plays both good and bad, father and son with amazing dexterity. The scenes with Ben Mendelsoh, the father who raised him, were some of the most heartbreaking and realistic scenes in Water for Elephants, and even now, three years later, I find myself tearing up every time I think about it. The film’s director, Richard LaGravenese, has stated that he wanted to do an R-rated film, but with a family film feel, and I believe he succeeded in bringing his vision to life. While most people will agree that Water for Elephants is an amazing film, it’s also interesting to note that it was essentially panned by critics at the time of its release, because it was so unconventional, so unlike anything we’d seen before in a movie.

Ultimately, this is why I think that Robert Pattinson and Batman will work so well together. They are both, in their own way, tortured artistes who become superheroes as a result of their emotional turmoil. While Robert Pattinson may be trying to carve out a niche for himself in Hollywood, it’s always been his true calling to be a part of the Batman films. Since the day that he declared his desire to play the role, fans have been asking the question: Will Batman do well without a Robin? And while it might be hard to find a worthy replacement for the irreplaceable Robin, it’s also hard to find an actor who embodies all of the charm and innocence that Robert Pattinson does quite like him. As long as Warner Bros. keeps casting directors like Melissa Silverstein and Stephanie Campingopolous in the role of Wayne’s love interest, it’s pretty safe to assume that we’ll keep getting to look at the Batman films, and hopefully keep on getting to enjoy them as well.