Every fan of the “Bella” has a shrine filled with photographs and magazine cut-outs of the Hollywood actor. For those in need of a break from their incessant worshipping, here is the perfect way to showcase their fandom. Inspired by Edward Cullen’s timeless looks and relatable personality, the icons collection on The Twilight Saga‘s official Tumblr blog is a designer’s dream come true. We take a look at how to create your own “Bella” shrine, as well as where to buy the materials needed to make it happen.

Materials Needed For The Making Of A Shrine

No matter which of the four characters you enjoy most, there is a suitable item to represent your admiration. The materials needed to create a complete “Bella” shrine are relatively inexpensive, but the results are phenomenal. If you don’t have the time to make your own decorations, there are plenty of ready-made options that you can get to represent “The Twilight Saga.’s” main protagonists.

  • Pillow (For Edward): You can get a small, white pillow which is the perfect size to keep under your tongue while sleeping. In “The Twilight Saga,’s” first film, the character Edward is seen keeping a pillow under his tongue to better focus his hearing during a hunting trip. Since then, this simple little item has been referred to as “the pillow of immortality”. The iconic image of “Edward Cullen” is etched on one side, while embossed stars and vines decorate the other. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)
  • Dress (For Bella): The quintessential “Bella” outfit is a white dress with blue accents. The dress has a high collar that partially covers her neck, a V-shaped neckline, and short sleeves. The iconic “Bella” look was first seen on film in the 2009 movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyers’ bestselling novel. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)
  • Pants (For Edward): One of the most popular items to represent “The Twilight Saga’ is the pair of red pants that the character Edward wears in the novel. With its high visibility against a dark background, the contrast in the iconic image is perfectly balanced. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)
  • Boots (For Edward): The other half of Edward’s iconic look is his boots. You can get a pair of red boots to represent the character perfectly. Like his pants, the high contrast in the image makes them pop against the white background. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)
  • Jeans (For Bella) and Carlisle (For Edward): The character Carlisle wears a pair of brown pants and a dark blue jacket with white trimmings in the movie adaptation of The Twilight Saga. Wearing dark clothing is a way for the character to express his grief over Bella’s transformation. Since then, the pair of dark clothing has been referred to as “the outfit of a century”. The high level of detail in the leather makes it look almost as though it has been worn before. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)
  • T-shirt (For Edward): T-shirts are another popular way to show support for “The Twilight Saga.” You can get one with the protagonist’s image on it in the style of Edward Cullen’s iconic black t-shirt, which he wears in the first scene of the 2009 film. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)
  • Handkerchief (For Edward): One of the most interesting and unique ways to show support for “The Twilight Saga’ is the handkerchiefs made of human hair that the character Edward uses in the books. You can get a similar item that has been worn by the character Victoria in “Victoria’s Secrets,” a fashion magazine geared towards the older demographic. The light blue color and simple yet elegant design make it the perfect accessory for a man. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)
  • Beard (For Edward): Even though “The Twilight Saga’ is set in an alternate future ruled by werewolves, it is not a franchise that shies away from its male star’s love of facial hair. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)
  • Bracelet (For Bella) and Carlisle (For Edward): A bracelet is the perfect way to capture Bella’s attention and devotion. Made of polished metal and set with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies, the piece of jewelry has been worn by the character Bella since the first Twilight film. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)
  • Panther (For Jacob): Another male star in a romantic sci-fi series who deserves a spot in your “Bella” shrine is the character Jacob. His handsome looks and endearing personality have made him a popular man among fans of the “Twilight’ saga. You can get a panther print to represent the character. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)
  • Chalice (For Esme): The “Cobra Kai” star Esme Wagner is the daughter of Gunther and Ilse. Although she can act tough, Esme is actually a very gentle and kind person. One of the ways she shows her kindness to others is by giving them drinks from her chalice. The two-handled wine goblet in the shape of a cobra is another item that has been associated with Esme throughout her acting career. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)
  • Scissors (For Edward): You can get a pair of scissors to cut your hair when you transform into a wolf. In the novel, the character Edward uses this pair of scissors to cut off a lock of Bella’s hair when he turns into a werewolf for the first time. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)
  • Dagger (For Edward): The last item needed to create a full “Bella” shrine is the dagger which the character Edward uses to kill Bella’s parents in the second Twilight film. This particular item has been associated with the “Blade” series since its inception. Like scissors, the dagger is a versatile tool used for both practical and decorative purposes. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)
  • Tobacco Holder (For Edward): When you pop the question to the character Edward on the finale of the fourth season of Game of Thrones, you will see him reach for a cigarette box. The character’s constant craving for a Pall Mall is a source of comedy in the series, making this particular accessory a must-have for any “Bella” fan. (Photo courtesy of shiffers.com)

Where Can I Buy All These Materials?

Although making your own “Bella” shrine is an inexpensive way to show your support for the fictional character, it is not the most convenient solution. Decorative items for your “Bella” shrine can be found in any home décor store, as well as some supermarkets and drug stores. The materials needed for the construction of a proper “Bella” shrine can also be found at most craft stores.

If you have a specific celebrity or fictional character you want to represent in your shrine, there are many places you can find the items to make it happen. If you don’t see what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask the salesperson for help. They should be able to point you in the right direction.