When it comes to celebrity crushes, most people think of Taylor Swift and her exes. But did you know that there is a passionate battle raging between the men of the Twilight series and their exes? And what about the newest addition to the family, Gigi Gorgeous? We ranked the top five celebrity couples according to kissing abilities.

Kissing Game

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, but did you know that there is a specific type of kissing that can help you get the best night’s sleep? The ability to give a delicate kiss has proven to be a significant contributor to better sleep. According to sleep experts, the perfect evening kiss can help your body produce melatonin, which helps promote sleepiness. So, if you want to be in a better place when your alarm goes off, make sure that you brush your teeth, wash your mouth, and perform a loving but not too long kiss on your sweetheart before going to sleep.

1. Robert Pattinson and Robin Wright

This year alone, Robert Pattinson and Robin Wright have performed a magical wedding ceremony four times over — in Ireland, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. It was initially thought that they would just live in separate countries, but it appears that they have found a way to have a long-distance relationship. While they haven’t shared many details about their relationship, they have been quite open about their admiration for each other’s beauty. And that’s what makes this kiss so special. It’s not just any old passionate kiss; it’s the sweet taste of love. You can see more of Robin Wright’s beauty secrets and tips in our previous article, and if you want to learn more about Robert Pattinson, click here.

2. Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Bosworth

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Bosworth are another celebrity couple who were arguably never meant to be. It was initially reported that Leonardo dropped a huge amount of money to buy Kate as a present. And what a present! Kate Bosworth is one of the most stunning women of our time, and Leonardo DiCaprio is the king of Hollywood. This year was undoubtedly their year — they had celebrity status in every way imaginable. It was only a matter of time before they went public with their affection for one another. Their first-ever appearance as a couple was quite emotional, as they broke down while filming their own version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Since then, they’ve been fairly busy promoting their upcoming film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Just last month, they were spotted vacationing in London with their three children. While we can’t put their love into words, their kisses speak for themselves.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal and Anna Kendrick

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anna Kendrick were meant to be. It was initially thought that Anna would play Cinderella in a Disney movie and Jake would be the prince charming. But it appears that they have something more unique planned. While they haven’t said much about their relationship, it’s clear that they adore each other. The star-studded cast of the blockbuster Ender’s Game includes not only Jake Gyllenhaal and Anna Kendrick, but also Harrison Ford, Woody Harrelson, and Ben Kingsley. With a blend of classic Hollywood stars and A-list celebrities, it’s safe to assume that this is going to be one of the most memorable Christmas parties of all time. But while we’re waiting for the world to see what the future holds for this couple, there are still questions about whether or not they will end up together. But as long as they keep their love alive, we’re sure they will. And the best part is, we get to watch them do it on screen.

4. Matthew McConaughey and Janice Dickinson

Matthew McConaughey and Janice Dickinson may have met online, but it was clear that they were meant to be. The couple began dating in secret, but their romance became widely known when Janice was photographed wearing a ring on her left hand. Since then, they’ve been relatively quiet about their relationship. But in May, they made their relationship official, when they announced they were engaged. While they haven’t said much about their wedding plans, we know that they want to keep their ceremony as intimate as possible. With the support of friends and family, the question is: will Janice and Matthew bring their unique blend of humor and chemistry to the altar, and will their guests be able to keep their laughter and tears in check? Or will this be yet another instance of a famous love story gone wrong? We can’t wait to find out!

5. Jared Leto and Isabella Rossellini

Jared Leto and Isabella Rossellini are like two peas in a pod. The Hollywood star and the Italian actress have had a long history together, which began when they were both 21 years old. In 2007, they were married in a lavish ceremony in Italy. While their personal lives remain private, people who know them well say that they have been inseparable ever since. They currently live in Paris, where they enjoy a low-profile but busy schedule. Their celebrity status is not something that they play up — they prefer to fly under the radar and keep their privacy.

These five couples aren’t the only couple to have a special connection. There are plenty more where they came from. But these five have stuck with us, and it’s for a reason. When it comes to kisses, these couples are the best of the best. For other couples, performing a passionate kiss may be difficult. But for these five, it’s almost second nature.