Is he in a daze? Does he appear to be in a daze? Has he ever been in a daze?

It’s been reported that the Twilight actor is currently ‘in a daze’ after suffering memory lapses that saw him forget his lines while filming the latest installment of the $10 billion-grossing franchise. But what exactly is causing Robert Pattinson’s daze?

Well, according to a source, it’s not drug-related. In fact, the source claims that the actor’s ‘daze’ is actually part of a ‘conscious creative decision’ made to protect his sensitive brain from unnecessary strain.

“He decided that rather than going through the motions of learning his lines, he would rather not speak at all,” the source said. “He doesn’t want to hurt himself, and he doesn’t want to disappoint the fans. So he is choosing not to speak. He is choosing to be in a daze. He doesn’t want to be bothered by trivial things like speaking his lines. He wants to focus on the work and make sure it is as good as it can be.”

Unfortunately, the decision may backfire as it risks making the already challenging role even more complicated. Aside from the pressure of delivering a hit film, Pattinson could be facing the additional pressure of not speaking. And if that’s not enough, fans took to social media to blast the actor for seemingly attacking them. (And we’re sure that Robert Pattinson is not the only celeb fan that took issue with this).

But don’t fret, Twi-hards. It’s okay to love and support your favorite actor even when he screws up. Because even when he makes mistakes, he’s still often able to redeem himself. Take a look at some of our other favorite actors who’ve fallen victim to their fame.

Jim Carrey

During a 2003 episode of The Mask, the then-reclusive Jim Carrey finally opened up about his emotions regarding the release of the long-anticipated sequel, The Station Tour. While most of the film’s stars could hide their identities behind masks, Carrey was uniquely vulnerable, having agreed to take the role of a lifetime – that of a dying man. But although The Station Tour was a critical and commercial flop, Carrey’s efforts in it were not in vain. Because even though he didn’t get to enjoy the popularity that he once had, he was able to make the most out of the role that he took on, becoming an even bigger star than he was before.

Ben Affleck

Speaking of masks, let’s not forget about the Batman. After nearly two decades of acting in films, on television, and even a few Broadway shows, Ben Affleck finally landed the role of the caped crusader in 1997’s Batman Forever, putting an end to his acting career before it even began. Affleck wasn’t the first actor to be offered the role, but he was pretty much assured of getting it because he was the only one who’d actually say ‘yes’ when asked. And although he didn’t make a whole lot of money out of it, Affleck’s experience as Batman gave him the opportunity to act in a number of other, more high-profile films, cementing his status as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand leading men.

Brad Pitt

In the early 2000s, it was reported that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were considering divorce because of the strain that their hectic schedules were putting on their marriage. The rumor mill even had Jennifer Aniston’s wedding dress on the lips of Hollywood’s elite. While it never came to full fruition, the stress of being so famous and successful undoubtedly took its toll on the couple’s relationship, eventually leading to the breakdown of their 10-year marriage. These days, the couple is said to be much happier and having much more fun, though they still have to deal with the stardom that came with their incredible careers.

George Clooney

Speaking of scandals and divorces, let’s not forget about the train wreck that was George Clooney’s marriage to Amal Alamuddin. The couple officially tied the knot back in 2014 but their romance dated back a few years prior, when they both starred in the film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The media went into a frenzy at the time, with news outlets frequently quizzing Clooney about the status of his marriage, and whether or not he planned on keeping his wife. While he did subsequently file for divorce, choosing instead to devote more of his time to his dual acting careers (he’s still best known for his role as George Clooney), the actor has since apologized for his “serious errors in judgement” and admitted that he’s “still in love” with his wife. Nonetheless, the marriage ended in acrimony, with Clooney filing for divorce and claiming that he was “heartbroken” over the separation.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Speaking of breaking hearts, let’s not forget about Leonardo DiCaprio. While the Lost In Translation star may have started out as an adorable young boy named Leonie, he soon grew to manhood, assuming the persona of a rich and famous Hollywood celebrity, often landing on magazine covers. As if being handsome, successful, and wealthy wasn’t enough, DiCaprio even managed to alienate several of his colleagues on the set of The Wolf of Wall Street, with one describing him as “selfish and untrustworthy.” But this was all before the 21st century, when a then-25-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio married his former girlfriend, model and fashion designer Camille Camiola, in a lavish ceremony that drew from the couple’s Italian heritage. Since then, the world has come to know and love Leonardo DiCaprio as an honest and devoted husband, father, and humanitarian, devoting his time and resources to worthy causes like the climate crisis, animal rights, and refugee support. (And let’s not forget about his fashion line, Dicaprio Collection, which is endorsed by high profile fashion houses like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.)

Daniel Day Lewis

Last but not least, let’s not forget about Daniel Day Lewis. After a successful career in theater, featuring iconic roles in plays like Death of a Salesman and Macbeth, the Irish actor took the Hollywood world by storm in 1999, earning himself a place in the prestigious American Cinema Hall of Fame for his debut performance in the title role of Lincoln. Since then, Daniel Day Lewis has appeared in a number of iconic films, earning him the reputation of being one of the greatest actors of all time. Not even Martin Scorsese, who directed him in The Price Of Love, could disagree. (Scorsese’s only complaint about Lewis’ performance was that he didn’t look like Lincoln enough).

So, What Is Causing Robert Pattinson’s Daze?

Well, we’re not entirely sure. But it seems that the root of the problem may lie in the fact that Robert Pattinson is acting in a film. According to sources, Pattinson is currently ‘in a daze’ because he is playing a character named Tom Cullen in the upcoming film, Bad Apple. (And we can’t think of a more apt name for the character, considering the fact that he is the main character’s worst enemy).

Basically, Bad Apple is a horror film in which a group of friends head to a cabin in the woods to celebrate Midsummer Night. While there, a crazed serial killer shows up and begins attacking them, seeking revenge for a crime that one of the friends committed years earlier. The friends must now battle their way through not only the killer but also the wilderness and their own inner demons, to survive. It is said to be a horror scene that will make you scream. And based on early reviews, it seems that it is more than likely that Pattinson will be able to pull off this character, convincing us that, even though he made this difficult choice to protect his brain, it probably wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

In the meantime, we want to hear from you, dear readers. Do you think that Robert Pattinson’s decision to not speak is paying off? Is he in fact acting in a daze? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!