Robert Pattinson’s life changed dramatically when he suffered an injury at the age of 28 that forced him to take a seven-month sabbatical from his acting career. While the actor would go on to reclaim his status as one of the busiest performers in the world, his injury would serve as a wake-up call that changed the course of his career. Now, at the age of 31, Pattinson is looking to make up for lost time and is seeking a fresh start with a new role in a new film.

A Brush With Death

The first of Pattinson’s two films to be released this year is the action adventure film, Good Time. Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Charlie Jane Anders, the film also features Elle Fanning, Joel Kinnaman, and Amber Heard. While preparing for the role of Richard Nixon in the film, Pattinson had to learn how to ride a bike, how to tie a knot, as well as how to box. As the character of Nixon comes with his own unique set of skills, the actor had to practice these new hobbies in order to prepare for the role.

The journey to the top for Nixon was never easy, and even though he was born into privilege, he always felt like an outsider. After suffering extreme childhood abuse and discovering alcohol at the young age of 10, Nixon would go on to become one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century. While many people are still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy, it was recently revealed that Nixon’s net worth increased by over 400% between 2020 and 2025.

While we’ve seen many stars take a hit during these troubled times, it’s an unfortunate fact that not all the economic growth has been good for society as a whole. With fewer industries keeping people afloat during the pandemic, opportunities have opened up for those who want to make a comeback. For those who have previously suffered a career-threatening injury, now might be the right time to prove themselves once more and make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. For those who want to follow in Richard Nixon’s footsteps and find success in the film industry, how should they prepare?

Create Scenarios

In order to prepare for his role as Richard Nixon, Pattinson worked with the creators of the upcoming film, Good Time, to create a series of scenarios that would help him understand what it means to be the 37th president of the United States. During one of these scenario sessions, Nixon opened up about his past and shared with the actor:

“I’ve always had this dream of being the greatest film actor of all time. Now, more than ever, I feel like I have the tools to make it happen. If I can just stay healthy, continue to work hard, and play my cards right, I know it’s just a matter of time before I’m back out there, leading armies and changing the world. I just have to believe in myself more than ever before.”

For those interested in a comeback, it might be a good idea to take a step back and consider what would make them most effective as an actor. Did you ever wonder why some people seem to bounce back quicker than others? Take a look at the lives of some of the most successful actors in the industry and you’ll begin to see a common theme: they all used their time off effectively. Instead of sitting on the couch all day, eating snacks, and watching TV, they got out there and started acting again. Maybe this was a result of the pandemic, or maybe it was due to their determination to succeed once more, but either way the creative minds behind the scenes recognized that these individuals had something special and came up with a plan to make sure they worked hard while they were away from the cameras.

Whether we’re talking about the COVID-19 pandemic, or a more traditional break due to personal or professional reasons, now might be a good time for you to consider what you can do to prepare for a comeback. Some suggestions for those who want to make a name for themselves in the film industry:

Take A Less Focused Approach

While we’ve been conditioned to expect our favorite actors to be in high demand, perhaps the most successful individuals in the industry are the ones who made a conscious decision to limit their options. Take a step back from the limelight and consider what made you most effective as an actor in the first place. With more people working remotely as a result of the pandemic, the world of entertainment has changed, but perhaps not in the way we expected. While the sheer volume of work might be overwhelming, at least it’s allowed a degree of specialization and creativity that we hadn’t seen before.

These days, it’s more important than ever to consider what made you successful as a civilian before committing to a comeback. Instead of following the crowds and going where the money is, consider what you can offer the film industry that they can’t get anywhere else. Perhaps you’re the only actor who can give the character of Nixon an authentic American accent, or maybe you’re the only one who can play a certain type of sleazy but charming character. By specializing in certain roles, you might be able to carve out a niche for yourself and give the industry something new to attract potential employers.

Actors who took a step back and focused on what made them good rather than looking for the next big thing ended up creating some of the most iconic characters in cinema history. If you’d like, take a look at some of the most successful actors in the industry and you’ll see that they’ve all taken a more deliberate approach to the process. With more opportunities available now than ever before, those who want to make a comeback might be better served by taking a less traditional route. Instead of looking for the next role, consider what you can offer the film industry that they can’t get anywhere else. If you’ve got something special that sets you apart from the rest, now might be the right time to stand out.

Get The Most Out Of Yourself

In preparation for his role as a DEA agent investigating the drug trade, Pattinson had to learn a totally new set of skills. While many people might consider acting to be a form of self-expression, for those who want to succeed in the industry, acting is really nothing more than a tool to get what you want. For those who want to make a comeback, consider taking this approach. Instead of waiting for others to recognize your potential and give you the opportunities you deserve, why not do the same for yourself? While we’ve seen many stars hit the big time after suffering a career-ending injury, it’s an important fact that not all the opportunities will be good for you. Even if the roles are fantastic, if you’re going to overexert yourself, you’re going to end up putting yourself at risk of serious injury again.

Instead of looking for the next big break, consider what you can offer the film industry that will assist you in getting back on your feet. Even if you’ve gone through a rough patch before, now might be a good time to use this experience and get back on your feet. While we’ve seen many famous faces take a hit during these troubled times, the opportunity to rebuild and reshape your life might be the best thing that could have happened to some of the most prominent stars.

Actors who’ve taken this approach have a significantly higher rate of success than those who’ve focused solely on what’s next. If you’re determined to succeed once more, consider taking this approach and being smart about what you put in and put out. Even if you’ve had experience with addiction and abuse, hopefully you’ll use this opportunity to create a brighter future for yourself. For those who want to make a comeback, what should they do?

For those who suffered a career-ending injury, how did you spend your time off? Was there anything you did to prepare for the next stage of your life? Please let us know if you have any tips or suggestions in the comments below! And if you’re looking for an opportunity to get back on your feet, consider taking this approach and making a difference with your creativity instead of just seeking opportunities to make money.