Most people have a favorite Harry Potter character or moment from the books. For actor Robert Pattinson, it’s probably his Quidditch match against Slytherin’s Quiletto — although he did have a soft spot for Ginny Weasley.

The Twilight star was recently interviewed by Katie Couric for the latest edition of her daily podcast, “Katie Couric’s Daily.” During the wide-ranging chat, the actor dishes on everything from his favorite costume (a tie between his Harry Potter character and the Marauder’s Ghost costume), to which of the books is his absolute favorite (the fourth), to the future of the Twilight series.

The interview begins with Couric asking about Pattinson’s first love, English literature. The actor then launches into one of the funniest quotes about English literature we’ve ever heard. Check it out:

“I first started getting interested in English literature when I saw a picture of Charlie Chaplin — I think it was in a magazine, and I was like, that’s a really good-looking guy, kind of like the archetypal English gentleman. And then, of course, it clicked — he was a fantastic English gentlemen. And that’s kind of how I see myself. I want to be a man of letters, like a raconteur of sorts, not unlike Erasmus. So if you want to understand me you’ve got to get ahold of a copy of the collected works of Erasmus, preferably in hardback. I think that’s the best format — because, as you’ll soon discover, I’m a bit of a word nut.”

Pattinson then goes on to discuss his favorite Harry Potter character and costume. The actor is shown holding one of the most important Quidditch balls in history. Although he doesn’t mention it by name, we assume this is the same Harry Potter ball Couric is referring to:

“I really like Ron. I think Ron is the ultimate English gentleman. He’d just as soon talk to a rock as an idiot, and he doesn’t mince words. He doesn’t hold back. I mean, when he finally gets the courage to tell Harry that he’s a bastard and that he’s fat, he doesn’t hold back. That’s the kind of honesty that I respect, and that I think is so important in life. I was reading a biography on Sir Thomas More a while ago, and one of his most famous quotes is, ‘Silence is golden.’ I think that’s so important, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Just because it’s your opinion doesn’t make it stupid.”

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On Which Book Is His Favorite?

While we were waiting for Couric to return with the second half of the interview, we learned that one of Pattinson’s favorite books is Pride and Prejudice. In fact, he lists it as his favorite among all of the Harry Potter books:

“Pride and Prejudice was the first book that made me cry, and then laugh, and then cry some more. It’s one of my favorite books — just absolutely magnificent. There’s something about it that, even now, when I think about it, makes me tear up. That’s not an easy feat for a book to do. It’s a beautiful story, and I think Austen does it with such elegance and perfection that it still makes me cry every time.”

Even more surprising is that Pattinson revealed his favorite book from the Twilight series is the second, New Moon. He gushed about its literary merits and quipped, “I had to read it again last year; I know it by heart. So that was quite an event when I read it for the first time, and I had to read it again last year — that sort of sums up my relationship to the Twilight series. It’s a tough act to follow up on, now that I’ve read New Moon once. It’s a fantastic book. It’s got some fantastic scenes, some incredibly evocative passages, and it’s just a joy to read.”

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What Is His Favorite Movie?

When asked to choose a favorite movie, Pattinson mentions that it’s hard to pick just one. He also mentioned the 2010 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice as one of his favorites. He went on to explain that the movie allowed him to see the characters and the books as something other than what they are:

“It’s such a rich adaptation, and they did a fantastic job with it. You could tell that they really got into the spirit of the books, and it’s just such an amazing experience to watch it. It really is one of my favorite films. It was just such an incredible opportunity to see these books come to life in a way that I felt like I was a part of something special. It’s a beautiful story, and I think it would be an injustice to put it down as just one of the many wonderful film adaptations of Pride and Prejudice.”

Pattinson then went on to praise the work of director Joe Wright. The director helmed the 2010 film adaptation of the beloved book and went on to helm one of its two live-action adaption sequels, released in 2016. Wright is also responsible for 2012’s celebrated Pride and Prejudice, which he adapted from the famous Jane Austen novel. The latest trailer for Wright’s forthcoming film, set for release in 2019, can be viewed here.

Did He Have Fun At The Premieres?

Of course, as the interviewer, Katie Couric, pointed out, these are some of the most anticipated movie premieres in recent memory. So, did Pattinson have fun at the premieres? He had a bit of a giggle with it, but mostly he seemed to be having a good time. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“I think it depended on the premiere. When it came to the Golden Globes, I didn’t really have time to fully appreciate it, because I was rushing from one place to another. I was so busy. But, you know, I had a good time. I guess I’ve been in a bit of a bubble in my life, because it’s been such a hectic year. There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by where I haven’t worked, and it’s been like this for so long that I just haven’t had time to think about anything else. It’s been a really, really exciting time, but it’s also been a lot of work, and it’s kept me very busy. So, you know, it’s all good. We’ve had a really good time. I had a giggle at some of the premieres — I could actually picture myself in some of the scenes, because I’ve seen the movies so many times.”

Walking down the red carpet before the premiere of The Favourite, which opens in theaters today, was certainly an indelible moment for Pattinson. The actor couldn’t hide his delight as he posed for photographers, and his face revealed a cheeky grin as he made his way to his seat in the movie theater:

“I just loved that dress. I saw it and just thought it was a stunning dress, so I had to go and buy it. I actually saw that dress and thought it was so stunning that I had to go and buy it. You know, there were a few premieres that I didn’t have the chance to go to — like the Hobbit premiere — but I had such a good time at the rest of them. It hasn’t been an easy year, but it’s been a good year, as well. It’s made me grow as an actor, and it’s also made me realize how much I love what I do. It’s given me a deeper appreciation for being out on the road, working hard, and being able to give fans what they want.”

In the end, it’s hard to choose just one Harry Potter book or film to be your favorite. Pattinson’s versatility as an actor, coupled with his affinity for British literature, makes for a compelling case for all of Harry Potter’s adventures. What’s your favorite Harry Potter book or film? Let us know!