Last week, news broke that actor Robert Pattinson and comedian/radio host Howard Stern were engaged to be married. Though the story was quickly buried under a deluge of paparazzi photos of both stars, it was impossible not to notice the resemblance between the actor and the comedian! The rumour mill got into full swing, and Twitter became awash with speculation about whether or not this famous pairing was indeed meant to be. Naturally, we had to dive in and find out for ourselves.

The Haunting Parallels

If you’re unfamiliar, Robert Pattinson is a Welsh actor best known for his role as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter film adaptations. He’s also done plenty of acclaimed work in theatre, earning him a Tony nomination for his performance in David Mamet’s Speed the Plow. Now 41, he’s one of the most prominent movie stars to come out of the Harry Potter era, and if you caught the premiere of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice you know exactly what kind of charm he exudes!

Stern is best known for his weekly radio show, which he’s hosted since 1986. He’s also had his own TV special, been the subject of several books, and starred in his own documentary, The Howard Stern Video Archive. One of the most recognisable voices in comedy, Howard Stern is known for his loud, brash public persona and blunt opinions. He’s often associated with the Jewish community, where he volunteers as a spokesman for various charitable organisations.

The two are clearly a match made in heaven! It’s not hard to see why, as they have so much in common. They’re both famous for their sharp wit, no-nonsense public personas, and passionate support for the British theatre. As fans of both will undoubtedly have noted, their public personas are rather similar. For example, both are often mispronounced and referred to by their initials. Additionally, both have an unfortunate tendency to get tongue-tied in interviews, leading many to compare them to Peter Sellers (another famous Englishman!) and Bob Newhart, whose catchphrase, “What?” was inspired by Stern.

The Differences

Like any other relationship, the connection between these two also has its differences. For one, Howard Stern is an octogenarian, while Robin is 41. According to Business Insider, Stern is worth an estimated $400 million. Not only is he one of the most successful public figures of all time, but his entire estate is reportedly worth over a billion dollars. Not too shabby for a guy who started his career as a radio DJ at the age of 22!

Stern’s been married twice, and has five children, while Robin is yet to settle down. While we don’t really know too much about his personal life, we do know that he’s been in a relationship with actress Kristen Stewart since 2013. The two are rumoured to be engaged to be married, but have yet to officially confirm it. In fact, they’ve been busy setting up wedding venues and making travel arrangements.

Additionally, we don’t know if Howard Stern is musically talented. He’s never really spoken about his artistry, and his acting career happened almost twenty years before he started hosting his radio show. So, musically, he has a lot to learn from Robert Pattinson.

The list of differences goes on. Howard Stern is a self-made man, having gained fame and fortune largely through hard work and gumption. He also famously sued his former employer, radio station WNEW, for defamation, after the station referred to him as “the Howard Stern radio show”. It wasn’t until 1994 that his birth name, Herbert, was revealed to the public. While he’s never been very open about his private life, Howard Stern is very much a public figure. He’s been very vocal about his support of Donald Trump and other conservative causes. This makes him very different to Robert Pattinson, who’s generally been associated with liberal causes and who’s opposed to Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit policy.

Still, the similarities between the two are too uncanny to ignore. Even the way they dress and act can seem similar! For example, like Stern, Robert Pattinson frequently wears black. Interestingly, a large number of fashion icons have appeared in both men’s closets, from Fred Picard and Yves Saint Laurent to Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs. What’s more is that many of fashion’s most prominent designers, including Dior and Saint Laurent, have designed outfits specifically for the two of them! We can’t help but wonder if this is some kind of strange ode to their famous initials, or just plain old fashioned celebrity clique!

The Biggest Surprise

Another major similarity between these two is that they have a lot of fun together! Whether it’s playing Scrabble or telling off-colour jokes, they seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. It’s not uncommon for them to be seen laughing and joking around on set or at a red-carpet event. They’ve also been spotted playing golf, singing karaoke, and even dancing together. It’s clear that they have a good time with each other, and it’s an affectionate relationship, too.

The funny thing is that we didn’t really see this pairing coming. They’ve been friends and working colleagues for years, and neither of them ever officially declared their romantic intentions towards one another. However, ever since the engagement was officially announced, fans have begun speculating that they might be an item. It seems that Robert Pattinson and Howard Stern are the perfect match!

Though the two are clearly a great fit, and it’s apparent that they have a lot of fun together, they’re yet to officially confirm that they’re an item. As far as we know, they’ve been keeping their relationship a secret, and haven’t discussed it with the press. Perhaps they’re waiting for the right time to make it official? With both of them approaching forty and on the verge of superstitions, it’s clear that they’ve both received and heard rumours about whether or not they’ve settled down. We suppose it’s only a matter of time before the truth emerges.

What’s Next?

With rumours about their engagement flying high, it was only a matter of time before the media turned its attention to this exciting development. Though it was sad to see these two great talents’ happy ending go to waste, it’s clear that they’re made for each other. It’s been a while since any pairing between an actor and a comedian/radio host had captivated audiences. Will Robin and Howard Stern make for a perfect, match-winning couple? Let’s just say, we have our fingers crossed!