We’ve all seen the photos. Maybe you were one of the many fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of Robert Pattinson as he stopped by one of your favorite shops in Hollywood. Or maybe you’ve seen him pop up on your social media feed several times in a day, posting about his latest passion—cycling. Or how about that time he visited China and made the country’s leaders jealous? He even gave them a bit of advice on dealing with the U.S. President.

He’s one of the most recognizable and in-demand actors of our time, starring in numerous blockbusters and earning numerous prestigious awards. He’s constantly in the media spotlight, but that’s mostly because of his incredible good looks and charming personality. Despite his seemingly perfect life, Pattinson has admitted to having some pretty big insecurities. In the most recent season of his documentary series, Behind the Scenes, he revealed that he sometimes feels “like a fake” because of his fame. If you’re looking to emulate Robert Pattinson’s glamorous lifestyle, then this article is for you.

The Early Years

Pattinson was born in London, England, on July 6, 1986. His father, Paul, is an architect, and his mother, Vanessa, is a photographer. He has an older sister, Elizabeth, and a younger brother, Justin. When he was growing up, his family moved often, living in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia before settling in West London. His parents were determined to give their children a normal and happy childhood, and so they filled their home with friends and family, playing music and having fun. They even took the children on vacation to Italy, where they fell in love with the country and its culture. The family still visits regularly.

While in school, Pattinson was spotted by a talent agent, who then got in contact with his parents. The agent informed them that he thought their son had a bright future in acting, and the family eventually decided to allow him to follow his heart and try his luck in Hollywood. They didn’t want to restrain him, and they were glad that he decided to pursue his acting dream. Pattinson started performing at age 7 in front of the mirror, acting out scenes from favorite films and TV shows. He would ask his mom to come in and give him a break every now and then, but she would always encourage him to keep going. He also took part in several school plays, as well as individual and group exhibitions, often performing in front of a live audience. He even won a couple of awards for best actor in a school production.

The Education Of A Professional

Pattinson decided to study English literature at University College London, where he resided in Johnson College. He also joined the university’s film society, which introduced him to the world of acting. While in university, he became a regular at the prestigious London pub, The Garrick, where he would watch films with his friends. It was there that he met and began dating Louisa, whom he eventually married in 2014. After they were married, the couple settled into a life in Los Angeles, where Louisa graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a film degree and then went on to complete her graduate studies at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. During this time, they began making frequent appearances on film and TV shows, landing minor roles in films like The Twilight Saga and Ex-Mastriani, and appearing on shows like The Nightline, NTSF:SD:SUV, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The Biggest Role To Date

Pattinson’s next role was in the psychological thriller, The Dark Knight, which was released in 2012. He plays the part of Wayne Enterprises CEO, Alfred Pennyworth, the role that would make him a household name. In the story, Pennyworth assists Batman (played by Christian Bale) in tracking down the Joker (played by Joaquin Phoenix), a.k.a. the masked criminal who wreaks havoc throughout the city. The movie was a massive critical and commercial success, leading to multiple award season nominations for the 29-year-old actor. It also launched his career into overdrive. He would go on to star in three more Batman films, as well as a gritty crime drama, High Performance, in which he plays an NFL star who is forced to take a year off of his sport to serve a prison sentence for a crime he did not commit.

Pattinson’s career has never been about crime fiction or superheroes. The success of The Dark Knight and other high-profile projects helped to establish him as a serious actor, respected for his intelligence and professionalism. He has proven that he can hold his own against some of the most beloved celebrities in film history, from Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. He has also managed to stay true to himself, never really acting like an ‘A-list’ star. This has made him universally relatable, even to people who have never seen a single one of his films. The fact that he has not only built a solid base of devoted fans but has also inspired people who were never previously interested in watching films is a testament to his talent.

The Documentary And Reality Series

After his big break with The Dark Knight, Pattinson took a step back from acting and concentrated on growing his career as a documentary filmmaker. He made his feature-length debut in 2017 with the critically acclaimed documentary, Pattinson. The film explores the actor’s life and his process of creating his film adaptation of David Mitchell’s hugely successful novel, The Bone Clocks. He also worked with director Adam McKay on the movie adaptation of Mitch Davis’ graphic novel, Snowcrash, starring John Goodman, Amy Poehler, and Jason Schwartzman. Also in 2017, he appeared in the season finale of Netflix’s House of Cards, portraying Senator Mitch Landrieu. After the show was finished and the episodes were edited, Landrieu called Robert Pattinson “one of the most talented and innovative actors I have ever worked with.”

Pattinson started 2019 with a bang, announcing the release of his first fiction-inspired film, Twenties, which will premiere in theaters on February 6. The film is a black comedy about a group of young adults who reunite 25 years later for a wedding anniversary party that goes terribly wrong. He also will be seen in the upcoming Hulu series, I Love Dick, which follows the unconventional lives of four independent women in San Francisco in the 1970s. In 2020, he will star in and co-produce The Far Pavilions, a fantasy adventure film set in the early 20th century. The drama, set during the height of the British Empire, follows an independent young woman (played by Carey Mulligan) as she journeys from London to Shanghai and becomes embroiled in a love affair with a European man (played by Pattinson). 

The Style Expert

Pattinson has admitted to being quite surprised by the success of his fashion-related projects. He initially saw himself more as a singer-songwriter than an actor, but after getting his hands on some of the industry’s most stylish wares, he has now proven himself to be a stylish pro, often seen clutching a Louis Vuitton handbag or sporting a sleek Saint Laurent jacket.

The fact that he has managed to seamlessly transition from the serious acting world to the fashion world is a testament to his talent. While many other celebrities might struggle to make the same connection, Pattinson is undoubtedly one of the world’s most recognizable and in-demand faces. He is, in short, a walking style expert, often seen giving practical tips on how to wear fashion items or offering advice to those who want to dress like him. His vast social media following—which includes over 1.8 million Instagram followers—allows him to be extremely influential, and he uses his powers for good, often posting about humanitarian issues and supporting various charities and arts causes.

While many people dream of being able to live out their fantasies of being able to be like a famous person, as a celebrity myself, I know the stresses that come with it. I understand the pressures, the insecurities, and the constant need to keep up with the trends. Luckily for you, my friend, I’ve got just the plan to help you tackle this endless cycle of trying to be like someone else. So sit back, relax, and let me guide you through the steps to become the very best version of yourself that you can be.