A celebrity’s house, no matter the size, always follows the same general formula; it is an extension of the person who owns it. This can be seen in the homes of several famous people including actor, Robert Pattinson who shares his house with his boyfriend, French director, Louis Vuitton Mallet. The two-story home is filled with the couple’s bespoke furniture and interior design touches together with the occasional luxurious knick-knack or decorative element which are the hallmarks of their style. One would expect this from a leading man in films; however, this is far from being a unique occurrence. The home is an embodiment of romance, featuring countless romantic touches from the photographs lining the walls, to the cosy couple of spoons sitting upon the ceramic shelf above the kitchen island. One of the house’s highlights is undoubtedly the garden which spans across the back and is filled with tropical foliage, winding gravel paths and an indoor-outdoor pool. In the summertime, the setting is idyllic and perfect for a pool party.

Style And Sophistication

From the outside, the house appears to be an unassuming structure, described by some as a ‘boutique hotel’, located on one of the most fashionable streets in London. One might be forgiven for mistaking the house for the set of a film, due to its complete absence of street art and graffiti. The style is classic and understated, with clean lines, smooth surfaces and neat, well-balanced composition. The architecture is a wonderful example of the Art Deco movement with its smooth, sleek surface and use of pale beige as the dominant colour.

A Touch Of French Chic

The couple’s taste in interiors is very French styled, with elements of both classic France and its more contemporary style called “New French”. This is most prominently seen in the dining room where an exposed brick wall, original flooring and built-in cabinets give the room a refined yet cosy atmosphere. The couple are both passionate about design and take great delight in sourcing and creating bespoke pieces which they then arrange with great care and attention to detail.

Pattinson’s Hobby

The interior design is certainly of the highest quality but it is the sourcing of quirky, interesting pieces which really makes this house stand out. Several items in the house are the result of Robert’s passion for vintage fashion, be it shoes or accessories. Several pieces of furniture are also the result of a romantic journey, with Louis Vuitton Mallet designing and making the couple’s bed, seating and boudoir for them. The fact that these elements were all designed with such unique and loving touches is what makes this house a real labour of love.

Spacious Walk-in Closets

The bedrooms are on the more luxurious side, with walk-in closets, custom wardrobes and spacious bathroom suites. The master bedroom, for example, is very “Lily Pond”, with its soft, soothing green tones, organic material-based textiles and handmade quilts. It is also quite spacious, with a huge closet, walk-in wardrobe and en suite bathroom featuring a large bath, two vanities, a separate shower and a jacuzzi.

A Stunning Garden

The garden is a wonderful sight, filled with tropical foliage, winding gravel paths, an indoor-outdoor pool and plenty of seating, both formal and informal. It is a stunning space, filled with the couple’s bespoke touches, designed and crafted by Louis Vuitton Mallet. There is also a noticeable style split, with the outdoor area largely focused on the use of bamboo with tropical foliage while the indoor pool area uses marble and travertine.

Romantic Touches

The romance here is certainly evident in the many romantic touches which grace the house and its garden. It begins with the photos lining the walls, which are a testament to the couple’s commitment to each other and willingness to share their special day with a few close friends and family members. One of the more unique and wonderful touches is the ceramic spoons placed above the kitchen island. The pieces are actually modeled on the couple’s faces, with the handles shaped into the word “LOVE”.

There are also several other smaller details which are filled with meaning and symbolism. The framed botanical prints on the bedroom walls are for both of them, as they both love flora and plants, together with stones and crystals. They also like to sit and eat together, in the garden, by the pool and in bed, so the bedroom is also filled with several eating places, including a dining table for two, an armchair and two stools.

An excellent bottle, labelled “Darling”, is also placed upon the table, as well as a couple of classic Bvlgari roses, as these flowers are always a symbol of love. There is also a vase filled with tuberoses, placed on a nearby table. These flowers represent friendship and beauty. The setting is ideal for a picnic, with plaids and cushions scattered around to make it cosy.

Whether or not one agrees with the choices made by the couple, this level of craftsmanship, style and romanticism is something to behold. In addition, the walk-in closets, spacious en-suites and large wardrobes in the bedrooms make it clear that this is a place which contains the couple’s pride and joy and which they intend to keep pristine and uncluttered as an expression of their love and devotion to each other.