Robert Pattinson’s new movie Hot Dog has a theatrical trailer! The highly anticipated film will be released in US theaters on August 2. The movie is loosely based on William Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing. Production on the movie began this year in Los Angeles and will wrap up later this year.

In Much Ado About Nothing, rival gangs fight over a woman while dodging the police. But in Hot Dog, a hot dog stand is the battleground, and the two gangs aren’t fighting over a lady, but rather over who gets to sell the most franks.

While there are no confirmed plot details, here are the highlights from the trailer.

The Cast

The cast of Hot Dog is pretty awesome. Besides Robert Pattinson, the movie features a strong supporting cast, including Fred Berger, John Leguizamo, and Michael Madsen. You may know John Leguizamo from his memorable supporting role in Heat. Michael Madsen, on the other hand, is most recognizable for his role in the Reservoir Dogs and Taxi Driver movies. The film also reportedly stars Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) as the female lead, though this is not confirmed yet.

The Scene

The trailers for Hot Dog give us a glimpse at what is expected to be a funny and entertaining movie. The shots of the streets are quite dramatic, showing off the beautiful script by Charlie Sanders. There is also some shady business going on behind the counter, as you can see by the looks on the faces of the customers. It’s clear that this is going to be a comedy. In the first trailer, you’ll even see a dog walking beside a camper truck.

What Is It About?

For those who have never heard of Much Ado About Nothing, here is a short description. William Shakespeare’s original play Much Ado About Nothing is the story of two feuding families who are driven to fight after the death of a kinsman. The dead man’s brother Lorenzo has been appointed by the king to adjudicate their dispute. Much Ado About Nothing was first performed in London in 1598 and is now considered to be one of Shakespeare’s four great comedies.

The film Hot Dog is said to be inspired by Shakespeare’s play and focuses on two rival hot dog stands, one owned by a Latin American and one by a German. The owners of the two shops constantly bicker with each other and sometimes even fight. But since they are both struggling to make a go of it, they have to deal with a common enemy: a ruthless dogcatcher hell-bent on shutting down both their businesses. 

While some viewers may find the movie Hot Dog to be whimsical and laugh-out-loud funny, others may see it as simply vulgar. This is mostly a matter of opinion, so it is recommended that you see it for yourself.