It’s about time to meet the newest generation of superheroes. After years of teasing us with cameos, the Caped Crusader is poised to make his grand entrance in theaters. While the teaser trailers haven’t revealed much, they’ve got us pretty excited about the New Batman Movie.

Based on the characters from the Dark Knight Trilogy, the New Batman Movie will put a modern spin on one of the most iconic superheroes in comics. If the early buzz is any indication, Batman may very well be the next big thing, and not just in theaters.

With Batman’s popularity soaring, it makes sense that Hollywood would jump on the opportunity to reboot the franchise. Though the idea of a Batman without his trademark caped crusader may seem daunting, Warner Bros. is confident they can deliver on the promise of a new, exciting Batman.

Here are three ways in which they plan to make the Dark Knight legend live again.

New Theme

Though there have been a few small tweaks here and there, the Dark Knight Trilogy is practically the gold standard when it comes to superhero movie soundtracks. With each sequel and prequel, the music grew in complexity and significance, evolving with the times while also holding up as timeless classics.

Warner Bros. has revealed that the upcoming New Batman Movie will feature an all-new theme song, composed by Harry Gregson-Williams. This is already causing a stir among fans, given that the soundtrack to The Dark Knight is one of the most important and influential in film history.

What’s more, it will be the first time since 1989’s The Dark Knight that we won’t be getting the iconic Christopher Nolan theme. Whether you loved every minute of the Oscar-winning director’s work or found parts of it grating, there’s no denying that this theme has become an integral part of the Batman experience. As one of the most recognizable film themes in history, it’s safe to assume that Harry Gregson-Williams’ theme will prove to be just as influential.

New Costume

Even the most diehard Batman fans may be surprised to learn that the Dark Knight doesn’t always don the traditional superhero outfit. Especially after the success of The Dark Knight Rises, it’s clear that Batman has become more of a ‘90s superhero, favoring jeans, t-shirts, and cool-looking shirts. Though he rarely dons anything but a t-shirt and jeans during the day, at night he likes to change into a darker, more mysterious outfit.

The New Batman Movie will give fans of the popular Dark Knight series the chance to see their favorite superhero in an all-new outfit. Though it’s not yet been officially announced, fans already have their eyes on the highly anticipated new costume. Based on the final scene of The Dark Knight Rises, Batman will be wearing a black ski mask, which covers the upper part of his face. The iconic ‘cape’ is also back, with the Dark Knight opting to go for a hood instead of a helmet. Since its inception in 1939, the Batman outfit has always been a combination of these two items. Some may see this new costume as a departure from the Dark Knight’s traditional look, but considering the importance of this character in pop culture, this is probably for the best.

New Setting

Another way in which the New Batman Movie will reinvent the Dark Knight is by setting the film in a different location. Though it’s been seven years since the last entry in the series, The Dark Knight Rises, the world still mourns the loss of Harvey Dent, whom Batman swore an oath to protect. Unbeknownst to the people of Gotham, this is actually part of a secret plan by mastermind villain Bruce Wayne to stir up chaos and destruction in order to reignite his company’s popularity. It’s a dark, gritty reboot of the Batman franchise that draws inspiration from the comics while still staying true to the elements that made the character so appealing in the first place.

Though fans of the Dark Knight Trilogy won’t want to admit it, this new Gotham City is actually a more dangerous place than we’ve seen the legendary caped crusader fight against crime for almost a century. With Bruce Wayne at the head of a vast multinational corporation that controls almost all aspects of society, it won’t take much for him to manipulate the police, the press, and even the public itself. What’s more is that Wayne’s businesses and properties are interconnected, meaning he can control all of Gotham without ever leaving his mansion.

This new Gotham City will be more sophisticated and predatory than ever before. Though he continues to fight for truth, justice, and the American way, Batman may ultimately lose his battle against Bruce Wayne as the world prepares for a new Dark Knight era.

Even without the all-new theme song, the all-new costume, and the all-new setting, it’s still about time for Batman to shine again. After all, it’s been nearly 40 years since the last entry in the series, and the world still awaits the return of the dark knight. Whether he’s saving Gotham or the world, the day is drawing closer…