Most people probably know British actor and singer Robert Pattinson as the handsome lead in the Twilight films, but his talent spans far beyond the silver screen. Popular on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, fans often show their love and support for the actor via cute and funny shirts and hoodies he’s featured in.

Known for his dramatic and romantic performances, the former Mr. Pattinson is currently filming the indie film Valmont and will next be seen as Quillan in the highly anticipated new James Bond film, Skyfall. With so much media attention and a loyal fan base, it’s no surprise that his shirt and hoodie choices capture the imagination of fans worldwide.

On-Screen vs. Off-Screen

While the actor isn’t immune to choosing funny or silly shirts and hoodies, he usually opts for more on-screen-appropriate attire when filming. When he’s not acting, however, he often chooses outfits that are a little more outlandish, demonstrating his versatility and charm. Twitter and Instagram users have taken note, and the actor’s on- and off-screen looks have been compared and contrasted by some fans, which has led to quite the debate.

While many commenters believe that he makes an excellent dramatic actor and that his on-screen personality often translates to his off-screen behavior, others feel that his off-screen charm and good looks overshadow any dramatic talent he might possess. What do you think?

Robert Pattinson’s Top Picks For Comedy Shirts And Hoodies

Here are some of the best Robert Pattinson comedy shirts and hoodies drawn from his Instagram feed.

Dress to Impress

One of the most popular shirts and hoodies Pattinson has posted to Instagram features the actor in a classic Tim Burton pose, complete with black and orange rainbows and huge red lips. The shirt itself is a simple black T-shirt with big red lips and orange rainbows across the front.

Pattinson posted the picture to his 44.8 million followers with the simple but elegant caption, “Dress to impress. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, you shouldn’t be wearing anything at all.” The comment section was quickly flooded with compliments, noting that the shirt made him look “sophisticated yet approachable”, “like a classy clown”, and more.

The post went viral, and now thousands of people are wearing this hilarious shirt to work, school, or social events, proving that beauty and brains can indeed coexist.

A Gentleman In Trousdale

One of the most popular shirts and hoodies of Patton comes in a classic tuxedo with white dress shirt and black tails. The outfit makes him look like a gent in a tupestryt or a three-piece suit, complete with pocket watch and tie pin. Some people have even dressed up as if they were about to attend a gala where they would wear a fancy dress and a tie pin. Of course, we don’t really know how the actor prepares for his roles since he generally doesn’t discuss his process with the media, but the casual yet precise fashion choices he makes for these pics are enough to convince us that he takes his fashion inspiration from his on-screen characters.

A Little Less Talk, A Little More Dope

Pattinson posted a pic of his character Zed Shaw from the television series Breaking Bad to his Insta story, along with the simple yet effective caption, “A little less talk, a little more dope.” The shirt and hoodie, which are both blue jeans with white T-shirt and hoodie combinations, are designed by JOVANI with the actor’s mug shot printed on the front in white ink. We can also see that Shaw is holding a small white bag, possibly containing a kilo of meth, the drug which he frequently deals and is sometimes known to reek of.

The show was inspired by real-life drug lord Pablo Escobar, and while some fans think the shirt and hoodie are cool and clever choices, others feel that it’s a terrible choice that promotes illegal activity and drug use.

A Modern Day Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes shirt and hoodie, which are both black dress shirts with red trim and white collar, were inspired by the famous detective’s famous deerstalker hat. The shirt and hoodie were designed by ROARK and feature a modern day interpretation of the deerstalker, with a modernized silhouette. Sherlock Holmes was one of the most stylish and highly intelligent detectives to ever live. The fact that he often wore a deerstalker hat has led some fans to believe that he was able to singlehandedly solve crimes just by using his brains. While it might be fun to play dress-up and see how you look like Sherlock Holmes in a deerstalker hat, we think it’s best to leave this one to the professionals.

A Token Of My Affection

Pattinson’s affection for his fans is evident in many of his posts, and he regularly shares pics of himself in humorous or sweet poses with his followers. One of the most endearing and unique photos he’s ever posted features the actor in what he called a “token of my affection”.

In the pic, we see Pattinson wearing a white gown and posing with a heart-shaped box that’s been decked out with ribbons, fake flowers, and a love lock, a symbol of unrequited love that has been popularized by Urban Outfitters, the brand has launched a clothing line inspired by the symbol.

The symbolism of the box isn’t the only thing making this photo so special. When you consider the fact that Pattinson is seen here as a prisoner, forced to wear the gown and the heart box as a sign of his ‘affection’ for other inmates, it becomes even more poignant. In an era where costumes and props can often be bought cheaply from sets, to make something like this is almost certainly a challenge. Imagine how much work went into that one photo alone, how many fittings and how much trial and error until the gown finally looked just right.

This photo isn’t just a beautiful display of affection between the two actors. It’s also a potent symbol of the harm that mass incarceration has inflicted on LGBTQ people. The fact that prisons are some of the most dangerous places for queers simply because of the overwhelming majority of prisoners that are there, is a fact that’s been repeatedly demonstrated by statisticians and by first-hand experience.

For a more detailed history of the heart lock and why it’s such a potent symbol of unrequited love, read this New York Times article from 2016.

While we can’t speak for all of Patton’s fashion inspirations, we can say that his love for his fans is definitely evident in the choices he’s made for his Twitter and Instagram accounts. The fashion choices made by the actor for his on-screen and off-screen selves are often polar opposites, but his support for and affinity towards the younger generation is evident in both cases.