When you’re a celebrity, every little thing you do is watched by the masses. Whether you’re photographed with a gorgeous actress or hang out with your friends, every little detail is followed and documented. With so much attention comes a lot of speculation – what is Robert Pattinson’s next move? Let’s take a quick look at his schedule to find out what is next for the Hollywood heartthrob.

The Tour Bus

Like any other celebrity, the most recognizable feature of Robert’s day-to-night life is his tour bus. The pop culture site TMZ caught up with the actor while he was on a movie set in New York City and got the low-down on what exactly makes the bus so special. For those who don’t know, a tour bus is exactly what it sounds like – a vehicle used to tour the sites nearby. What makes this bus different from other models is that it is fully decked out as a home office with a computer, a printer, and even free Wi-Fi. According to the actor, this is because he travels with a “small team of people who work remotely as a unit.” So instead of wasting time on the road, he can work while he’s driving. Genius!

Last Dance

One of the most anticipated films of 2021 is the highly anticipated dance extravaganza Last Dance, starring the adorable Robert Pattinson and directed by renowned choreographer Rob Marshal. Rob worked with the “Twilight” star on his previous film, 2019’s Pattinson, and the two seemed to have a good time making the movie. During an interview with Variety, the choreographer called the movie a “celebration of love and partnership.” We can’t wait to see what this dance movie is like – it’s been a while since we’ve seen an award-winning dance performance!

Carpool Karaoke

If you’ve ever heard of or seen Carpool Karaoke, then you know exactly what this is. Each episode finds a guest driving with the presenter, usually a popular singer or music artist, to meet people and make new connections. It’s basically like a long, soul-searching ride with an amazing voice, and it’s one of the most popular segments on TikTok. After his appearance on Season 1, which aired in early 2021, Robert was approached by the platform to appear on Season 2. The first episode is due to drop any day now.

A Concert

We’re also hearing rumblings that Robert will be spending some time this year on the road. While the exact dates have not been announced, we do know that he will be touring Europe in spring 2021. The concert film, More Than Meets The Eye, is a collaboration between the creative team behind the Broadway musical Once on This Island and the Oscar-winning director Sean Bobbin. On This Island is based on the New York Times bestseller by Nicholas Sparks and tells the story of a grieving husband (Paul Rudd) and father (Joel Edgerton) who find comfort in their relationships with their children. The film stars some of the most gorgeous Hollywood stars, including Robert Pattinson and Jessica Chastain. We can’t wait to see what this movie is about – it’s based on a classic Nicholas Sparks novel!

An Exhibition

While we wait for these exciting events to unfold, we can follow along by keeping up with the latest news and stories about Robert. One of the most interesting developments is that he will be exhibiting work from his personal collection of vintage automobiles at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Summer 2021. The exhibition will feature a diverse range of cars – from English wheels to Italian designs – and will be open to the public. It sounds like such an amazing opportunity to see an iconic car from every angle and up close. It would be an incredible feat to showcase a collection this impressive in an art gallery. We’re especially curious about the design of this museum and how it will affect the layout of the cars inside.

The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Las Vegas is another example of an innovative and inspiring space that will no doubt influence how people view cars in the future. It was designed by the renowned German architect, Hannes Wernicke, and the iconic car designer, Dietrich Claussen. It will be the first museum in the country devoted solely to showcasing the work of car designers, as well as boast one of the largest car collections in the world. We can’t wait to see how this beautiful space will affect the way we look at cars. It will no doubt be a feast for the eyes!