Ever wonder where all of the stars hang out when they’re not on the red carpet?

Since leaving his band, The Twilight Saga, in 2015 to focus on his acting career, Robert Pattinson has been spotted at several Hollywood haunts. From attending premieres and award ceremonies to lounging around town in jeans, the actor’s versatility and comfort level in various social scenarios has made him a sought-after commodity in the entertainment industry.

The Actor’s Favorite Bars

While attending a premiere in a suit and tie last year, Pattinson was mobbed by fans and photographers alike. The actor later admitted that the experience was something he’d always wanted as an actor, but didn’t really know how to achieve. He later told Entertainment Tonight, “I’ve always wanted to be in the middle of a crowd of people and not be able to see them, but still be able to recognize faces and have a connection with people. That’s what this [Premiere London] is. It’s about having fun and meeting people and just being in the moment.”

Pattinson has since kept busy with film work, notably appearing in Quentin Tarantulinu’s The Hateful Eight alongside his Beasts of No Nation costar Naomi Watts. The actor will next portray renowned graphic designer Igoróchoid in the Steve Jobs biopic, Walking Dead Season 7, which explores the life of Apple’s cofounder. The role will mark the first time Pattinson has played a character outside of his native England. But while he may be busy with acting, the 28-year-old Englishman still finds time to indulge in his love for Hollywood haunts. Here, we dive in to examine the locations that the actor visits most often during his spare time.

The Pool

The first and probably most popular location that Pattinson visits when he’s not working is the pool. The English actor has seemingly perfected the art of swimming cool and casually in the Hollywood actor’s cool. It would seem that Pattinson’s laidback attitude rubs off on the cast and crew of his movies and TV shows, too.

The Splash actor was first noticed during the filming of the 2005 film version of The Great British Summer when he casually swam across the pool while filming a scene. Since then, he’s been spotted at several Hollywood pools, often accompanied by his entourage or a friend. While most stars would be embarrassed to be caught on film awkwardly splashing around in a pool or getting wet in general, Pattinson seems to have found a way of embracing his status as Hollywood outsider.

The Cocktail Bar

Another bar that attracts many celebrity faces is the cocktail bar. If you think that bars are only for drinking, think again. Celebrities love to hang out at bars, especially if they’re populated with other famous people. Being in a situation where you’re among friends is a great way to relieve stress and unwind after a long day.

Pattinson has been spotted at several bars in Los Angeles. The most notable of these is, perhaps, Il Buco, the medieval underground restaurant in the city’s Historic North Hollywood. Located beneath the streets of the city, the restaurant’s name translates to “The Hole” in Italian and there’s no doubt that it is a perfect example of a Hollywood bar. It has a rough medieval atmosphere with wood beams and stone walls that create a romantic ambiance. The room is lined with dark wood tables and has an open fireplace, too.

You wouldn’t usually expect to find a cocktail bar in the middle of Hollywood, but the area has embraced the trend in recent years with several upscale eateries and bars opening up in the neighborhood. If you’re in Hollywood on a warm day, you might want to head to the roof terrace at the InterContinental Hotel for a drink. The hotel’s bar is one of the best spots in Los Angeles if you’re looking for a romantic night out or just want to catch a sunset.

The Hollywood Palladium

If you happen to be in the neighborhood and spot a large group of people in the park across the street, don’t be alarmed. That’s probably just a PR camp for the Hollywood Palladium, the venue that hosts the Tony Awards each year. The park is directly adjacent to the Hollywood Palladium and it’s not unusual to find campers set up there during the awards season. But even when the cameras aren’t rolling, the scene across the street still manages to be quite the spectacle. It seems that the area around the Hollywood Palladium is a favorite hangout for Hollywood’s elite during awards season. In fact, it often serves as a set for films and TV shows, whether it’s Black-ish or The Handmaid’s Tale films shooting there or the Tony Awards themselves held at the venue.

The Hollywood Palladium has held several historic premiers and award shows, including the Academy Awards in 1953 and 1988, the BAFTAs in 1954 and 1973, the Golden Globes in 1962 and 1980, and the ALMA award nominations in 2015. It opened its doors in 1927 and was the home of the original Academy Awards show back in the day. Nowadays, the venue primarily hosts arts events and live performances. If you visit during the week, you might even see some of Hollywood’s biggest stars there, dining or drinking in the VIP room. You wouldn’t usually expect to find a cocktail bar in the middle of Hollywood, but the area has embraced the trend in recent years with several upscale eateries and bars opening up in the neighborhood.


Located in the heart of Hollywood, overlooking the magnificent fountain, is L’Ermitage. The French-owned eatery opened in 1927 and is one of the most luxurious restaurants in the area. Its cuisine is often associated with Restaurant Pierre in Paris and the menu features dishes like filet mignon and foie gras. It’s an absolute classic that never really goes out of style.

The location has been featured in several films and TV shows, including Sex and the City and Friends (where Phoebe and Rachel meet for lunch before the show). If you happen to be in Hollywood on a sunny day, lunching at L’Ermitage is one of the best ways to soak up some much-needed sunshine. And if you need a quick and easy way to get to the top of the hill, the restaurant’s outdoor movie night, projected on a large screen, is a summer tradition in Hollywood.

El Capitan

Theater fans will know that the El Capitan is both the name of Walt Disney’s original 1950s movie theater in Anaheim and the gorgeous, exuberant creature that inhabits it. Built in the shape of a star, the El Capitan has been the setting for many memorable movie scenes. It has served as the studio of a mad scientist in Doctor Strange, given a makeover in Black Panther and been the location of a zombie rave in Walking Dead S7.

While we’re on the subject of Walking Dead, it’s worth pointing out that the AMC hit TV show isn’t filmed in a typical Hollywood location. Instead, the bulk of the action takes place in Atlanta with some select scenes shot in Savannah and Southeast Texas. The show’s creators and the production designer, Kim Rollins, have stated that this was done to explore the issues surrounding race in America today. While this may be true, it doesn’t hurt that the show is so visually stunning and that the zombies are a sight to behold.

The Roosevelt Hotel

If you happen to be in downtown Los Angeles, on Holiday in Spring cleaning or just looking for somewhere scenic to grab a coffee before continuing on with your day, you might want to head to the Roosevelt Hotel. The grand old hotel, which has seen more than its share of notable guests over the years, now offers room service, making it a meal option for those who are still starving after InterContinental Hotel or L’Ermitage. If you happen to be in Los Angeles for an awards show or festival, such as the Baftas or Golden Globes (as we mentioned before), you might want to spend the evening there.