‘Harry Potter’ is one of the most popular series of books ever written and was first published in 2001. The main protagonist is Harry Potter, who lives with his muggle parents in the UK. As well as attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry is also head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation (D.I.M.C.), which is a part of the International Confederation of Wizards (I.C.O.W.).

In 2012, British actor and singer Robert Pattinson was chosen to play the role of Harry Potter in the film adaptation of ‘Harry Potter’ which was later that year named after him. As a result of this, fans of the book have been eagerly awaiting the release of the first ‘Harry Potter’ movie in several years, especially since it had been a while since they last saw Harry in a movie. The wait was finally over when ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2’ hit theaters.

In the two-part finale to the ‘Harry Potter’ saga, Harry finds himself up against Voldemort, who has returned from the dead and is leading a new army of Death Eaters. Finally driven to his wit’s end, Harry takes refuge in the last remaining piece of magic he has left: the Elder Wand. However, Voldemort learns of Harry’s ruse and manages to steal the Wand away, leaving the fate of the heroic wizard hanging in the balance.

The Elder Wand is one of the most powerful wands in existence and is said to have been used to slay countless people and monsters over the years. In order to protect the last bit of magic left in the wand, Harry has to go on a quest to find the one and only remaining heir to the wand’s legacy. Along with his best friend Justin, who bears a striking resemblance to Harry, Robert Pattinson’s character sets off on a journey to regain the Elder Wand and save the wizarding world as we know it. This is the ultimate prize for any self-respecting Potter fan and Robert Pattinson is determined to keep his new role a secret until the very end.

The Search For The Heir

The ‘Harry Potter’ franchise is filled with magical creatures, stunning set designs and beautiful dresses, but it is the characters who give the series its heart. Since the beginning, fans have been able to connect with Harry, his friends and his adventures due to the protagonists’ relatable qualities.

Harry is a young man who is determined to prove himself and fight against the odds, just like his father Harry Senior, a former Auror who was persecuted for being a wizard. Justin, Harry’s best friend, is also fighting to prove himself on a personal level after his mother’s tragic death. Both Harry and Justin’s journeys are heart-breaking, but they end in glorious victory, with Harry gaining the respect and admiration of his fellow wizards and Justin gaining the love of a beautiful and strong-willed young woman by his side.

Harry’s best friend Ron Weasley, played by Welshman John Cleese, is also a fan favorite. Like Harry, Ron is determined to prove himself to the wizarding world and help his friends find happiness. However, his dream is to become an assistant to the Minister of Magic, while Harry wants to use his fame to fight injustice and take down Voldemort and his Death Eaters. This makes for some very awkward conversations between the two, but they always end in laughter. And for Cleese, playing a part in a film series is already an accomplishment, as his role in the ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ marked his debut as an actor in a Hollywood production.

Another key protagonist is Hermione Granger, played by Englishman Emma Watson. Hermione is a brilliant witch whose ambition is to become the greatest wizard of all time and to use her incredible intellect for the greater good. However, after losing her parents in the tragic death of the Lord Voldemort, Hermione’s dreams of grandeur disappear and she becomes headstrong and determined to prove herself capable in the face of adversity. Hermione’s story is one of the most heartbreaking in the entire series, as she is forced to grow up far too soon after the tragedy of her parents’ murder and is determined to exact revenge against the person or persons responsible for their deaths. This makes her the ultimate badass female protagonist, who chooses to embrace her inner strength and feminine wiles rather than rely on physical prowess or magical spells to get what she wants.

However, it is not just Harry, Justin and Hermione who get to save the day in ‘Harry Potter,’ as the entire series is filled with exciting battles and spectacular set-pieces. The two-part finale to the series is packed with action scenes and is absolutely riveting. Watching the ‘Harry Potter’ movies is like eating popcorn while watching a particularly thrilling installment of ‘The Avengers.’ There is simply no other series quite like it. And just like how ‘The Avengers’ is filled with characters we have come to love and respect, the ‘Harry Potter’ movies are filled with memorable characters who stick out in our minds as distinct individuals.

A Wanderer’s Tale

The last several years have been filled with triumph and tragedy for Robert Pattinson. The breakout star of ‘Twilight’ went on to become one of the world’s most recognizable faces, playing romantic leads in four major motion pictures. After the phenomenal success of ‘The Twilight Saga,’ Pattinson decided to take a step back from the spotlight to focus on his personal life and live a low-profile existence. However, the worldwide acclaim the 39-year-old actor has achieved since playing Edward Cullen three times over earns him a place among the elite of Hollywood. The list of movies he has starred in is impressive:

  • ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’
  • ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’
  • ‘Twilight Saga: New Moon’
  • ‘Twilight Saga: Shadows of the Past’

The wand-wielding wizard became a Hollywood mainstay in 2012, when he was cast in the highly anticipated adaptation of ‘Harry Potter.’ Since then he has appeared in several other major motion pictures, along with smaller indie projects and a plethora of music videos. And while he may not be as well-known for his acting as he is for his romances with the ladies, it seems that having a good time is the best way to ease the pain of losing touch with your fans. Pattinson has been a busy man since taking on the ‘Harry Potter’ role in early 2012 and has not had the time to commit to a single Hollywood project, let alone make a concerted effort to promote one. As a result, he has had to promote multiple films as they came out, never concentrating on one endeavor for too long. This may explain why he has been so cryptic about what actually happens in the ‘Harry Potter’ series, aside from the fact that the films are inspired by the books. But it has also made it much harder for the general public to keep track of all the changes that have happened over the past several years. But regardless, as long as Robert Pattinson continues to act and produce music, we will continue to connect with him as an individual and a lover of all things magical.