While some people are happy to settle for life in suburbia, Hollywood star Robert Pattinson yearned for more. With an affinity for fine arts and a creative drive, the actor pursued a career in modeling before embarking on a film adventure that would take him around the world. In between gigs, Pattinson established himself as a wine aficionado, hosting dinners and tastings for friends and family, and engaging in lengthy correspondence with the sommeliers of the world in an attempt to learn more about wine. He’s not your average joe, this fella!

For fun, the English actor enjoys cooking, designing, and adventuring in the great British countryside. Here, he shares his top luxury hobbies.

Matching Box Sets And Tasting Notes

Pattinson’s dedication to wine saw him establish close relationships with major winemakers, and over the years, he amassed an impressive collection of box sets that reflect his varied interests. The actor is a big fan of ITV’s popular POLDARK series, and his love of British history sees him add many sets from the popular Agatha Christie collection to his home. The actor is also a big fan of the Bronte sisters, and he has added several of their titles to his bookshelf, including Wives and Daughters and The Man in the Brown Suit.

Pattinson is a serious collector, and he will often go through multiple boxes of letters or package sets to find the perfect match. This is a hobby he enjoys with his wife, FKA Twigs, and they collect boxes and boxes of correspondence, filling their home with the joy of the postal service. (They even have an entire section of their library dedicated to the Royal Mail!.)

Whether it’s luxury goods, antiquarian books, wine, or matchbox cars, Pattinson loves to delve into his passions and spend his money on hobbies that interest him. And he’s not alone – his friends and family share his passion for collecting, so much so that he built a vault to house all of his expensive purchases!

Riding And Dressing The Rolls-Royce Ghost

Pattinson is a renowned bon vivant and loves nothing more than to indulge in his passions. He is the owner of a fleet of luxury vehicles, most notably a collection of Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. The English actor is also a big fan of the gentlemen’s club, Dressing Room Doors, and he pays handsomely for the privilege of wearing their bespoke tailoring. (If you’re looking for a suit fit for a king, you’ve come to the right place!)

It’s not just suits that Pattinson enjoys dressing in – he’s an avid fan of elaborate outfits and will often sport dresses and gowns for special occasions, most notably black tie galas and formal dinners. He has dressed some of the most famous faces in Hollywood, from Hugh Grant to Kate Winslet, and his personal style has seen him call upon the best designers to lend him their clothes and accessories, including Valentino, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, and many more.

Adventuring In The Great British Countryside

Pattinson’s adventures in the great British countryside are legendary. He is a keen walker and enjoys taking his dog, Bogie, on long hikes around the countryside. The actor also has a fondness for camping and loves nothing more than to rough it in the great British countryside. (There’s even a hashtag on Twitter dedicated to his excursions – #pattinsonwildlife.)

The English actor has been known to buy whole forests, which he then planted with exotic trees and shrubs. He has also built tree houses in the woods nearby and even has a collection of organic vegetables that he grows himself. The celebrity has even ventured into underwater photography, and he has a photo album to prove it!

What do you think are Pattinson’s favourite luxury hobbies?