There is no question that Robert Pattinson is one of the most interesting and popular stars currently on the planet. His combination of good looks and charisma make it almost inevitable that he will ensnare the attention and interest of whoever crosses his path. This includes celebrities, fans, and even complete strangers! Here are my top 5 reasons why I find Robert Pattinson so fascinating:

His Mysterious Past

If you think that Robert Pattinson’s current popularity has something to do with the success of the Batman movie, then you’d be right. But, beyond that, his history is pretty interesting. The young star was born and raised in the United Kingdom, and had an incredibly traumatic childhood. In an interview with GQ Magazine, he revealed that he witnessed his parents’ divorce when he was just a kid, and then suffered immensely after the passing of his father when he was still in his teens. In an effort to try and take care of his mother and two brothers, he dropped out of school and took on menial jobs, which he hated. Although he made some celebrity appearances in his early 20s, he mostly kept his private life under wraps, and continued to live a fairly normal existence.

His Controversial Interviews

When the first Twilight movie came out, Robert Pattinson was only 23 years old. That young age made him a bit of a wildcard in Hollywood, and he certainly did not disappoint. His interviews and choice of words were often controversial at the time, and still draw plenty of attention today. In a 2011 interview with Interview Magazine, he described sex with his wife, Katy Perry, as “like having a wet dream.” Although he has since apologized for the comment, it is quite the opposite of what most people thought it meant. He’s also had countless other controversial quotes and statements throughout his career.

His Dark Alter Ego

If you have seen even a single episode of the TV show Black Mirror, then you know exactly what I am talking about. The anthology series examines modern society through the eyes of a cynical, and sometimes frightening, android. Specifically, the season 1 episode, “Homesick,” perfectly encapsulates everything that is amazing about Robert Pattinson. The actor plays Kevin, a talented professional who travels to the country house of his best friend Kyle (Anthony Mackie) for a vacation. As soon as they arrive, though, they realize that something strange is going on. Most of the housemates have disappeared, and only a couple of dogs remain. When Kevin investigates and finds a young boy in a bear costume in the attic, he realizes that he has come to the wrong place. The holiday season is over, and Kevin must return home. The episode is incredible not only for its setting and characters, but also for how it uses a classic horror movie plot to comment on contemporary society and modern technology.

His Adventurous Career

If you saw the trailer for the movie Pattinson, you would know exactly what to expect. The film follows the young actor as he travels to Italy for a role in a movie. While there, he has adventures that are both funny and sweet. The film also shows his versatility as an actor, as he is able to play both comedy and drama to perfection. Most impressively, he creates one scene that is both hilarious and hauntingly gorgeous. In general, this film is a great example of why I think so many people are fascinated by Robert Pattinson.

His Fashion

Besides being talented and charming, Robert Pattinson is very fashionable. He often wears luxury brands and high-end goods, and constantly experiments with different looks. It is always interesting to see what he will wear next, as he is never afraid to experiment with bold looks. As a result, he is often compared to a fashion superstar just like former-boyband member Justin Bieber. Like the Canadian pop star, Robert Pattinson is famous for his signature style and always wears something that will make you stop and stare. His unique blend of high fashion and low-fashion often leaves his fans and fans alike wondering, “What will Robert Pattinson wear next?”

It’s been an incredible 18 years since Robert Pattinson made his acting debut. The Hollywood A-lister has since amassed an incredible amount of popularity and success, portraying movie icons and famous personalities. His charm, his fashion, and his choice of roles make him one of the most interesting and popular stars currently working in Hollywood. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name once again.