While most of the world was still digesting the last hurrah of the summer movie season, a brand new blockbuster hit was released in IMAX theaters across the country. Pattinson’s ‘The Rainforest’ was an ode to nature, featuring spectacular visuals and a performance by the ‘Twilight’ actor that was touted by critics as a masterpiece.

‘The Rainforest’ is the tale of a legendary Englishman named Errol, who travels to the Amazon rainforest to hunt for trophies, while his film company commissions fellow explorer and renowned scientist Dr. Robert Harvett (Pattinson) to film a series of nature documentaries in the area.

The film marked a stunning visual and narrative return to form for the 57-year-old actor, whose résumé includes acclaimed performances in the likes of ‘Sideways’ and ‘Water for Elephants’, as well as a turn as Sherlock Holmes in ‘The World’s Greatest Detective’. But it was Pattinson’s portrayal of eccentric billionaire and renowned art collector John Paul Getty, Jr. in ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ that truly established him as an international superstar.

Pattinson’s knack for playing unique and larger-than-life characters made him the perfect choice to don the mantle of Getty, and the movie turned out to be one of the highest-grossing of the year, making over $400 million worldwide.

But who is Robert Pattinson’s Mom?

Pattinson was born in London to fashion photographer parents. He spent his early years in Paris, before returning to the UK to attend university. He subsequently moved to Los Angeles to study acting, and it was there that he began his professional acting career. He then spent a brief period back in London before relocating to New York City once again, where he currently resides.

Pattinson is well-known for keeping a low profile, so it was somewhat of a shock to discover that the man formerly known as ‘Robbie’ had a family. He kept his personal life and his family’s private life separate as far back as he could remember. He shared that he chose not to marry or to have children because he felt that he did not deserve to settle down. Instead, he dedicated himself to his work, making a determined effort to be the best actor possible. He often attributed his success to his ‘inner strength’ and his ‘work ethic’, adding that he believed in “staying true to yourself and acting on instinct”.

When it comes to his personal life, some of Pattinson’s closest friends and family members know that he has been in a relationship with actress and model Kristen Stewart for over five years. They became an item while filming ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ in 2011, and since then they have remained inseparable. They were first spotted holding hands at an ‘Eclipse’ premiere in 2013, and they have since been married twice, with civil ceremonies both in New York and in Los Angeles.

Kristen Stewart Is The First To Appear Onscreen As Robert’s Wife

It was previously rumored that Stewart would play a major role in ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’, but her appearance in the movie was actually quite limited. She is only seen once in a brief scene dressed in the red dress that she wore when she and Pattinson wed, and her scene was ultimately left on the cutting room floor. For the remainder of the film, Stewart is completely absent, which undoubtedly frustrated audiences and angered some ‘Sci-Fi’ fans, who felt that Stewart was a major part of the film and had the potential to add some much-needed charisma or romantic interest to the already-lovable Robbies. The scene where Robert finally meets Stewart’s character for the first time, who is portrayed by actress Vera Farmiga, was one of the most highly anticipated moments of the entire movie. Farmiga’s performance as a controlling and domineering woman was greatly received by critics and audiences alike.

There is also conflicting information as to whether or not Stewart and Pattinson plan to have children. In 2014, a story surfaced that claimed that they had decided not to bring any more human beings into the world, although they did not rule out the possibility of fostering children. Since then, Stewart has kept a low profile, limiting her public appearances and refusing to speak with the press. She has also continued to eschew questions regarding her personal life, with the exception of a rare interview with Marie Claire, which appeared to settle the question of whether or not she and Pattinson would have more children. In the interview, Stewart stated that she and her husband were “just enjoying each other’s company” and were not actively pursuing a family. When asked what she would do if she and Pattinson decided to have a child, she responded, “I think that we both want the same thing. We want a good relationship with each other and I think that having a kid would just make that more special.”

Kristen Stewart’s Beauty Is Beyond Fashion

Although Stewart has maintained an air of mystery regarding her personal life, she has not been afraid to step out of her shell, often wearing exquisite and unique pieces that she designs herself. These outfits are often the product of major collaborations with high-profile designers such as Tom Ford and Vera Wang. But her most famous red-carpet look was born out of a friendship with Nicola Formichelli, the famed make-up artist behind the likes of Kate Bosworth, Eva Mendes, and Gisele Bündchen. As Stewart and Formichelli became closer friends, the actress began to rely more and more on his expertise, eventually asking him to create a look that she could use at the 2014 Golden Globes. The ‘Makeup as Art’ trend that he helped to inspire has since been adopted by other beauty and fashion stars.

While most people were still trying to process the ‘Twilight’ phenomenon, which had captured global attention and surprised filmgoers with its unprecedented popularity, Stewart was hard at work perfecting a look that would become her all-time favorite. She credited the film’s costume designer, Catherine Smart, with helping her to realize her vision of a ‘50s housewife, complete with floral print dresses, polka dots, and white gloves. This iconic fashion moment, which she performed at the Golden Globes, is often credited with boosting her public persona as a fashion-forward, intelligent woman.

With the exception of a few highly coveted outfits that she has worn on the red carpet, Stewart has chosen to keep most of her fashion moments private. But these events, along with her collaborations with designers such as Vera Wang and Tom Ford, have ultimately served to enhance the mystery that surrounds her. She has never been one to do interviews or talk about her personal life, preferring to keep her public appearances focused on fashion and beauty, while still allowing her to maintain her privacy.

Robert Pattinson Is A True Renaissance Man

Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about Robert Pattinson is that he is a true Renaissance man. Not only does he possess an unparalleled talent for acting, but he has also dabbled in almost every creative field, from directing to sculpture, painting, and dance. Many of his collaborators have gone on to become household names in their own right, including Jane Campion, who became an Oscar-winning director after working with him on ‘The Piano’; Michelangelo Antonioni, who enjoyed a successful career as a writer and director after working with him on the critically loved ‘Red Desert’; and Danny Boyle, who went on to direct several films including ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘28 Days Later’.

As well as directing, writing, and acting, Pattinson has also exhibited his photographic skills, amassing a sizable collection of his own. He has also designed album covers and single artwork for popular artists such as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, as well as for himself. While he has done work in sculpture, most of it on a private basis, his most recent foray into the realm of public art saw him collaborate with fashion illustrator and artist Chip Kidd to create a life-sized sculpture of Napoleon, which was featured on the cover of the British GQ.

Pattinson is clearly not your typical Hollywood star. But his creative spirit, inquisitive nature, and maverick fashion sense, have arguably made him an even greater attraction to audiences around the world.