On December 31, 2018, Robert Pattinson was in Hong Kong for some New Year’s festivities. As midnight struck, he and his family were relaxing at the hotel’s swimming pool when a stranger named Johnny approached and demanded cash. In a video that’s now going viral, Pattinson is seen looking confused and asking, “What’s happening?” As events spiraled out of control, the hotel staff and the police raced to save the day. The stranger took off with Robert’s credit card. Before anyone knew it, several more people jumped in and joined the frenzy. One of them was Robert’s father, Tim. As the elderly man fought for his life, the crowd swelled and the chaos spread.

The Robbery

According to one of the hotel employees, the group of men surrounded Robert and then one of them covered his head with a bag. Another man shoved a handgun into his back. They made off with his bag while he was still screaming. Fortunately, the employee managed to grab the handgun away from the thief, but that didn’t stop the men from continuing to rob the hotel of items and clothing. The employee added that some of the items they took included watches, jewelry, and luggage. One of the men was also jogging with the bag, running away from the scene. It’s not clear if the jogger was one of the men who jumped on top of Tim.

What Happened To Robert’s Father?

Hours later, Tim, who according to one of the employees had been in a fight with one of the men over a cellphone, flagged down a police officer in a nearby market. He told the officer that his son had been kidnapped and that he’d been the victim of a robbery. The officer sent an emergency message to the hotel. In response, security guards and the police rushed to the scene. While the guards were searching for the perpetrators, the police found Tim with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head. He was taken to a nearby hospital, but he never regained consciousness. His death was declared a homicide.

Who Was Responsible For The Robbery?

According to police investigations, it was a team of robbers who broke into the hotel. Two of the men were later identified as Johnny and a youth named Kyle, who is currently 18 years old. They were both charged with murder and are awaiting trial. Police also noted that the men had robbed at least four other hotels in different parts of Hong Kong. It’s not known if the men had any connection to Robert’s case, but it seems likely. According to a police source, one of the items stolen from Tim’s hotel was a handgun that he used to shoot the other men in the group, including Johnny and Kyle.

What Does This Mean For Robert?

In the video, Robert is seen looking confused and frightened as he calls out to his family for help, desperately trying to understand what’s happening. According to people who know him, Robert is a well-mannered, kind person who wouldn’t hurt a fly. This kind of thing is clearly devastating. While it’s not known what happened inside the hotel room where the robbery took place, it’s clear that something terrible did. Tim, who was only 63, suffered a massive stroke due to injuries sustained on New Year’s Day. He was left paralyzed and unable to speak. It’s not known if he’ll ever be able to walk again.

This unfortunate incident has had a profoundly impactful effect on Robert’s life. People who know him have said that he’s tried to put his life in order and protect himself from further tragedy. It’s said that he’s become a really private person and doesn’t go anywhere without a security detail. This was clearly a terrible loss for the family, not only in terms of what happened but also because they had to endure the public scrutiny that comes with being a celebrity. The fact that Robert is a well-known vegan makes things even more tragic because it’s not clear what happened to Tim’s health after the robbery. Did the men who attacked him follow his dietary restrictions? It’s not known. All we know for sure is that his health has seemingly declined since the day of the shooting. It’s a terrible tragedy.

One of the people who knows Robert well told BuzzFeed News, “It’s devastating to see someone you care about go through something like this. There was obviously something terrible that happened, but you have no idea what it was. It’s like a bad dream.” The person added, “He’s still such a kind person and it’s so awful that this happened to him. He’d never hurt a fly in his life. It’s just so sad.”

It’s not clear what motivated the men who carried out the robbery. Johnny was already facing charges for other robberies when this happened. It’s possible that he felt that he was due some retribution for what happened to his friend and decided to even the score. Whatever the case may be, it’s a sad reflection of our times that this kind of thing could happen. While there are several high-profile celebrities who’ve been the target of such crimes, this is the first incident of its kind that’s taken place in Hong Kong. Clearly, this is a city where people can feel safe enough to let their guards down and have some fun, but it’s also a place where very dangerous criminals can thrive. It’s unclear if this incident will make the city’s residents safer, but it’s certain that it won’t be the last.