One of the first images we are likely to see of Robert Pattinson is almost certainly going to be him walking towards the camera. It is likely that this is going to be the case for his upcoming film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The actor had to have his picture taken for his student ID, and you can bet his publicist had to have her camera ready.

Although we have grown accustomed to seeing the actor in motion on screen, it is still somewhat of a novelty to see a film character walk. We have all seen the odd scene where someone flicks their fingers, or flaps their arms, but for the most part, characters in films have tended to walk in a fashion that is more befitting of a museum. But that is all going to change as we see in the upcoming films.

Robert Pattinson’s character in Eclipse is described as having ‘spindly’ legs, and judging by how he moved while filming, it is clear that a spry, active lifestyle is something that the 32-year-old covets. And what is more, he is going to do more than talk the walk – he is going to flaunt it. So, let’s take a look at how tall is Robert Pattinson and how high can he jump.

How Tall Is Robert Pattinson?

According to several sources, Robert Pattinson’s first two movies, Pride and Prejudice and Water for Elephants, were based on Jane Austen’s novels, and it is clear that the British author had a significant influence on his portrayal of Bennet, the ‘stuttering hero’ of Pride and Prejudice. Much like Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Robert Pattinson’s first movie is populated by arrogant, condescending men, who make condescending, arrogant remarks about the women they meet. In fact, one might even go so far as to call him “the modern day equivalent of Mr. Darcy” – a man who treats women with arrogance and disdain. And who is Mr. Darcy? If you guessed Robert Pattinson, then you would be correct. The proud owner of spindly legs has been compared to the ultimate bachelor of modern literature. Even his most ardent fans have to admit that Mr. Darcy is a bit of an enigma. But while we are on the subject of mysteries, how tall is Robert Pattinson’s twin brother, Charlie? We are yet to hear an answer to that question.

Can He Jump High?

Let’s get one thing straight – Robert Pattinson is not Superman. No matter how much you may want to worship at the altar of the Hollywood star, he is still human, and therefore he still has the same limitations. The fact that he is able to stand on the set of a Hollywood movie and effortlessly flick his wrist is not going to change the laws of gravity. The same theory applies to his jumping. Although we have seen Robert Pattinson scale great heights in the past, he is still firmly planted on the ground and therefore unable to execute any ‘cadre’ jump. Like most other mortals, Robert Pattinson is limited by human frailty, and for that reason, he will never match the vertical leap of a gazelle.

Of course, that does not mean that he can’t try. Just like any other fitness-obsessed individual, Robert Pattinson is always on the lookout for new ways to improve his lung capacity. And what is better than a good ol’ fashioned push-up? A good old fashioned chin-up! A pull-up! Or perhaps a squats-and-bounds experiment gone wrong? We will probably never know. What we do know is that Robert Pattinson is not a quitter, and he is always looking for ways to evolve his playing style. One thing is for sure – he is not going to remain static for long. Just like any other industry darling, Robert Pattinson is on a relentless quest for improvement, searching for that one trick that is going make him a household name. Just like any other Hollywood starlet, Robert Pattinson’s entourage is going to be bursting at the seams with workout partners and physical trainers looking to make the actor stronger and more capable. So rest assured – even though Robert Pattinson may not be able to jump as high as a beanstalk, he is going to find a way to make you believe that he can. And in the meantime, his legs will be spry enough to carry him around all the necessary tables and chairs.