It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, which could not be more accurate when referring to Rob Pattinson and the amazing transformation he has undergone to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in the The Dark Knight Rises. With each new picture that is released, fans have more and more reason to be paying attention to the British actor, and not just because of his acting skills but also his unprecedented physical transformation. It seems that the more we see of Rob, the more we realize how absolutely perfect he is for the role. So much so that it is hard not to compare him to the original Bruce Wayne as they both have remarkably similar heights! This is a remarkable feat considering that this is the first time in history that the two leading men in a superhero movie have been played by absolute giants (at least relative to each other). While most people may be more familiar with George Clooney’s Batman, it is Rob that truly deserves all the praise for his acting and for reinventing the role of Batman in a way that has never been captured on film.

No Other Actor Could Have Played Batman So Well

It is no secret that Christian Bale’s Batman was the driving force behind the whole movie industry’s take on the Caped Crusader, but many people forget that Rob’s performance was just as good if not better. In fact, some scenes, like the one where he is flipping through a catalog of different types of bats, are almost exact reenactments of what we saw in the trailers and in the comics. Even the fight scenes with Christian Bale, who is 6’4″ and practically plays himself, were surpassed by the intensity of Rob’s performances.

He Makes The Caped Crusader More Human

Just like Clark Kent becomes Superman, Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne/Batman alters the perception of the character in a way that makes him more understandable and relatable. Gone are the days of the stiff, cold knight in black, replaced by a man that is constantly tired and in need of a break. In the words of one reviewer, “Even when he is at his darkest hour, Bruce Wayne/Batman is still a man that you can relate to, a man that you can ask for help.”

He Fits Perfectly In One Scene

One of the things that makes Batman such a fascinating figure is that he is always doing something in the shadows — either alone or with his butler Alfred — so that the person he is trying to protect doesn’t notice him. That is why it is so stunning when, at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Wayne finally speaks to the police, revealing his identity to them. Because up until that point, he has been mostly observed by the camera in a scene entirely without dialogue, we had no idea what he looked like. And when he finally opens his mouth, all we see is a perfect set of teeth, which serves as an image boost to remind us of just how terrifying Batman truly can be.

He Is Changing Popular Culture For The Better

While it is true that we have always had superheroes in popular culture, none of them have ever quite matched up to what we see in The Dark Knight Rises. Up until that point, the closest comparison would be the 1966 movie Batman, which coincidentally also starred Robert Pattinson (in the role of “Robin”, no less). However, while that movie is mainly known for its campy feel, The Dark Knight Rises is much more serious in its approach, which is certainly a good thing, considering what a tragic figure Batman is supposed to be.

The Dark Knight Rises is a bold move on the part of director Christopher Nolan. Not only does it continue the story of Batman’s crusade against crime in a way that is arguably more exciting than the original trilogy, but it also asks questions about what makes a hero and sets a brand new standard for what makes a “perfect” superhero movie. If you’ve never heard of Batman or never bothered to watch any of the previous films, then it would be hard to justify spending £12 on this one, as it won’t offer you anything new. But if you are a Batman fan and have been waiting for a movie that perfectly captures the gravity of the character, then you will not be disappointed. This is a perfect example of a superhero movie crafted with meticulous care by a team of filmmakers that know exactly what they are doing.

So what is Rob’s secret? How is he able to play such a complex character with ease and perfection? The answer is actually pretty simple: he really is perfect for the role. From the very beginning, when we see him towering above Christian Bale’s Lex Luthor in the opening scene, we know that he was born to play Batman. His height alone would fit perfectly with the role, but he also has a gorgeous head of hair and a charming, dimpled smile that immediately captivates the audience.

While Christian Bale’s Batman is a complex character in his own right thanks to his history as the hero known as “The Dark Knight”, who is now officially retired and has taken on a new identity, Rob’s Bruce Wayne is much more conventional. However, that is why we should all be paying attention to his height. Because just like Christian Bale, Rob is a 6’4″ giant, which is practically unheard of these days. In fact, only three other actors in cinematic history have ever matched this height combination — Charlton Heston, Spencer Tracy and Paul Muni. So naturally, it is only fitting that we pay close attention to their heights, just as we would with any other unusual phenomenon.