Rocking the role of Hollywood’s famous bad boy, Robert Pattinson, in the upcoming film, Bel Ami has raised plenty of eyebrows with his recent weight loss and transformation. While we know that most of the attention is surely on his character’s escapades, it is interesting to pinpoint and analyze Robert’s own physical changes behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera.

Here is a list of some interesting facts about the actor’s body size and how he got where he is today.

How Tall Is Robert Pattinson?

In the past, the actor has put his height at 6’2″ and he has stated in an interview that he sometimes feels like a 7’2″ giant. In fact, when it comes to films, he usually stands a little above his height which makes him look more like a classic movie star rather than a Hollywood bad boy. As a child, Robert was always a little on the shorter side, with a reported size 3 shoe, and he found it difficult to grow taller than his mother. It was only in his teens that he developed into an adult and eventually started to tower over his peers.

The Twilight actor’s last recorded height was 7’2″, which he measured during a promotional event in Tokyo for his Twilight film, Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Since then, he has kept a low profile and hasn’t been seen in public without his protective helmet. During one of the final press tours for Twilight, he even refused to remove his helmet in case it slipped and got damaged in transit. So, in reality, it’s been ten years since we’ve seen Robert in an unguarded moment and today, even in Hollywood, he is still considered a giant. Maybe one day, he will rise up to the occasion and prove everyone wrong.

What About His Weight?

With his newfound dedication to fitness and a lifetime of being overweight, Robert has undoubtedly changed. After years of playing the bad boy, the role of Edward Cullen may have matured him and inspired him to take on a healthier lifestyle. So much so that today, he is much slimmer than the last time we saw him on the big screen. For the past two years, it has been a battle for the actor to keep his weight low and maintain his muscle definition. He admitted to Oberloire magazine that staying fit has been a lot of work but he is certainly glad to have reached a point where he can continue doing so. As a child, Robert was often picked on for being chubby and he suffered from depression due to his weight. With the help of his good friend, Dr. Menton, he has managed to transform his life and today, depression is not an issue.

Speaking of Dr. Menton, it was he who first spotted Robert’s potential and helped him prepare for a career in acting. The psychiatrist has said that the reason why Robert has always been able to act so naturally is that he has a good imagination and is very intelligent. It was also thanks to Dr. Menton that Robert was first introduced to acting, when he was 16 years old. After a year of working with him, it became apparent that the teen was much more mature than his years would suggest. Especially in matters of relationships, he was able to express himself in ways that would make even the staunchest ally blush.

While we have yet to see an official statement from Robert, we do know that in Bel Ami, he is playing a much older man than his 20 years and that his character is a complete opposite of his true self. In fact, in an interview with Vogue, Pattinson said that he had to shed nearly all of his baby fat to play Marcel, the wealthy heir to a French pharmaceutical company. So regardless of whether this new role suits him or not, it is interesting to see Robert Pattinson’s continued transformation from boy scout to man of the world.